Out of my League

He's popular. She's not.
She wants him. He doesn't even know who she is.
Since grade 5, Caroline Richards has loved him.
Harry Styles, the guy who everyone adores. He's perfect in every way, except for the fact that he doesn't have a single clue who Caroline is. Until one day, they're assigned for a class project together.
Can Caroline finally get the guy of her dreams? And can Harry get past of how it's not "typical" for a guy like him to date a girl like her?

ON HIATUS- Movellas is bugging extremely and I'm unable to publish chapters. Will update asap


2. Nice to Meet You After 6 Years

"Oh... U-um yeah I did." I respond. How can he not remember? I was in his class.

"Oh, well thats cool. Who's class were you in?" He asks.

"Mrs. Peterson."

"Really?" He says surprised. "I was too!"

"Yeah...", I look down "I know" I try to laugh it off.

"Oh! Whoops sorry!" His face turns pink of embarrassment. I chuckle.

"It's okay." There was an awkward silence after, then finally the class ended.

I rush over to Wendy's locker, excited, but nervous, to tell her about my encounter with Harry.

"Woah there!" She says as she see's me running to her, "Caroline you okay?" I start to panic. Should I even tell her? Wait of course I should. Caroline get a hold of yourself!

"I have to be partners with Harry in English and we're going to his house this weekend and i don't know what to do I can't talk to him without almost hyperventilating what do I do??" I say, very fast then take a large breath. I cup my face in my hands.

She puts her hand on my back. "It's okay Caroline." She reassures me, "Hey you never know! Maybe this is your chance to finally get closer to him!" I nod.

"Maybe you're right..."

"Of course I am!"


When lunch time came around I sat with my usual friends. Lunch is really the only time, during school, when I can almost "be myself". If that makes any sense.

I look over across the lunch room and notice Harry sitting at his lunch table with some of his friends. One in particular I despise. Louis Tomlinson. He's such an arrogant jerk who thinks he can treat people to however he pleases. And not to mention he's a man whore...

As I'm staring at Harry, I can't help but to rest my chin in the palms of my hands. He's just so perfect in every way imaginable. In the middle of my daydreaming I feel a nudge on my shoulder. I look over and it's one of my other friends, Niall. "Hm?" I say, still halfway into a daze.

"Watcha thinkin about?" He says whilst mimicking me by putting his chin into his hands. I roll my eyes playfully and shove him slightly.

"Just the chem test," I lie, "I have a feeling I didn't do so well on it."

"Oh... do you need some help on it?" He asks with sympathy, "If you want maybe this weekend we could work on it at my place?"

"Oh... Actually this weekend I'm going to Harry's house" As soon as I say that, I see his expression change.

"You mean Harry Styles?" He says with shock. I chuckle.

"Yes but it's for a school project." His face lightens back up. Weird.

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