Out of my League

He's popular. She's not.
She wants him. He doesn't even know who she is.
Since grade 5, Caroline Richards has loved him.
Harry Styles, the guy who everyone adores. He's perfect in every way, except for the fact that he doesn't have a single clue who Caroline is. Until one day, they're assigned for a class project together.
Can Caroline finally get the guy of her dreams? And can Harry get past of how it's not "typical" for a guy like him to date a girl like her?

ON HIATUS- Movellas is bugging extremely and I'm unable to publish chapters. Will update asap


3. Knowing Me

Finally, it's the end of the day. And let me say, it's been a rather weird one...

I get into my car to head home as I feel my phone buzz.

Unknown: Hi Caroline! It's Harry(:

My heart kinda speeds up, for literally no reason... 'He just texted you Caroline, calm down' I think to myself. I text him back.

Me: Alrighty

I then put my phone away and drive home.


Once I get home i immediately look at my phone to, obviously wanting to have Harry text me.

Harry: My address is 28204 Hartfeild Lane

That's somewhat close to where I live... I wait a bit to text back, trying not to sound like I'm looking at my phone, waiting for him to text (even though I am).

Me: Ok.

I then turn my phone off, and head upstairs to do my homework that I have.

Ug math, my absolute worst subject. Sometimes I have no clue on how I haven't got held back according to my math grades.

I hear the front door to my house click open. My dad's finally home. I walk downstairs and smile. "Hi baby girl" He says hugging me.

"Hi dad!" I say hugging him back.

My dad is pretty much the only family I have. I'm an only child and my mother died when I was about 10 years old. Ever since then it's just been me and my dad, and I don't know what I would do without him. "How was your day?" He asks me.

"It was okay," I respond, "just like any other day." Again, lying. "Yours?"

"Good. Work was long."

"I imagine. Well I gotta go finish up my homework. I'll see you in a bit." I say while walking to my room.

"Bye pumpkin."


I flop onto my bed. Finally, I'm done with my homework. Took long enough! I look at my clock and see it's only about 5:30. I look at my phone, anticipating to text Wendy, when I see a text from Harry.

Harry: So you really like Romeo and Juliet, huh?

I laugh to myself. I honestly wasn't expecting him to text me back, or try and start a conversation with me. I mean, considering he's... him... and I'm, well... me.

Me: Oh yeah. I mean the language in it is kinda confusing, but i really like the whole plot of it.

Harry: Why is that?

Me: Idk really. Just do ig.

Obviously I know why, but I wasn't about to tell him 'because it's so romantic how they can love each other even though their families hate one another'. Like I'm a pretty awkward person, but to say that is kinda cheesy and weird.

Harry: Oh, well thats cool. I hope I'll like it!(:

Me: I bet you will lol.

Harry: Okay well I better go and eat dinner. See you tomorrow at school! Bye(:

Me: Okay bye

And I turn my phone off. Speaking of dinner, I'm actually pretty hungry. I go downstairs and see a plate of chicken on the counter with a note by it from my dad.

'Had to go to a meeting. Be home at around 9-10. Love you.


I eat the chicken and clean up the dishes, just like any other day. I then take a nice, long, relaxing shower. I hate the feeling of not being clean.

By the time I'm done it's already 9:00, and I'm pretty tired, so I head off to sleep.


A/N: Sorry this chapter was really short. My idea for the next day wouldn't have gone well with this chapter. Next chapter will be a lot longer. Thanks!

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