Out of my League

He's popular. She's not.
She wants him. He doesn't even know who she is.
Since grade 5, Caroline Richards has loved him.
Harry Styles, the guy who everyone adores. He's perfect in every way, except for the fact that he doesn't have a single clue who Caroline is. Until one day, they're assigned for a class project together.
Can Caroline finally get the guy of her dreams? And can Harry get past of how it's not "typical" for a guy like him to date a girl like her?

ON HIATUS- Movellas is bugging extremely and I'm unable to publish chapters. Will update asap


1. Notice Me

It was a normal Tuesday morning when I drove into school, parked my car, and walked myself into school. I sat down by my friends, again, a normal day for me. "Hey Caroline.", my friend Wendy says to me.

"Hey!" I respond, "You ready for that chemistry test today?" I chuckle. Her eyes widen.

"Oh yeah thats today!" She laughs to herself and I laugh back.

"Yeah, I just remembered this mor-" I'm cut off by the bell ringing. "I'll talk to you later!" I say while walking away from her.

My first class is English, with him.

Harry Styles.

I mean it's not like i can't actually talk to him, considering i've had feelings for him for about 6 years and I have horrible social anxiety. Not like he would even talk to me anyway, oh well.

I take my seat in the classroom just as the tardy bell rings. Out teacher walks in, "Hey class!" He cheers.

A erosion of mumbles comes from around the class, obviously showing no one is ready for the day.

"Yes yes, I know none of you are ready for the day..." He speaks. "But I've decided that we're going to start a new group project today over Romeo and Juliet ."

I slightly smile to myself. I love that play. Just how the two lovers can love eachother despite their differences in social status makes my heart melt.

"Now I'll be pairing you all up in partners," Yet another storm of groans comes from the room, including one from me.I have horrible social anxiety, and I don't really have any friends in here with me so I'm pretty much screwed. "Now your task is to..." and he explains what we need to do.

"Now for your partners! Julia and Henry. Macy and Reagan." He continues to list off names. He finally gets to my name.

"Caroline and Harry." My eyes widen. No, no, no, no. I can't be with him. How in the world am I suppost to talk to him without hyperventilating?

My eyes dart over to where he's sitting, and he looks confused. Probably doesn't know who I am. I decide to go up to his seat.

"You're Harry right?" I ask, pretending not to know him. Which is obviously a lie. His emerald eyes look up at me. Suddenly my heart starts to speed up just from looking at him.

"Yup! You're Caroline?" He asks, I nod. "Oh! I've never seen you around here?" He says with a puzzling look. Ouch that one hurt.

"Oh, actually... uh w-we went to primary school together." I mutter, giving a slight laugh to cover up the hurt.

"Oh..." He looks down, then back up at me, smiling; his dimples show through his perfect face and my heart melts. "Well do you know the story very well?"

"Yeah," I chuckle. "It's one of my favorites."

"Great, then this should be easy!" He exclaims.

We're interrupted by the teacher, "Ok class, now I'd like you to get to know your partners, considering I paired you all up according to how much I think you don't know one another." He smiles and the class rolls their eyes. Now I see why I got paired up with him. I always try to avoid talking to Harry at all costs, knowing I'll mess something up and make a fool out of myself.

"So for the rest of class, I'd like you both discuss plans to work on the project, since we'll only have a few days or so to work on in in class." So he send us off to discuss.

Me and Harry kinda look at each other awkwardly. He speaks up, "How about this weekend we meet up at my house? I don't think we'll have enough time to get it done in class." I nod my hand, trying to hold back my smile.

"Yeah sounds g-good." I stutter. Crap. C'mon Caroline don't make a fool of yourself! I just can't believe i'll be at his house. Harry Styles house. I mean, i know it's kind of a given because we'll have to work on it. But still, a flood of butterflies erupt inside of my stomach. He smiles at me.

"Okay, here give me your number and I'll text you my address." I nod yes, trying to fund a piece of paper, but fail.

"Uh do you possibly have a piece of paper I can use?" I mutter out.

"Oh you can just write it on my hand!" He says giving me a pen. He holds it out and I grab it. My heart skips a beat. I try not to make eye contact with him, knowing i'll probably blush my ass off.

I write it down and he looks at it, and I hand him is pen back. "Great! I'll text you!" He says, and I smile at him. There's still another 30 minutes in class, and we're still suppost to be getting to know out partners.

He clears his throat and I look up at him. "So you really went to primary school with me?"

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