Behind Closed doors

Since Sean was 7 years old he knew there was something in his wardrobe waiting to get him when he was asleep but Sean never slept. he got really really anxious his parents just told him he was being silly and told him to go back to bed. Nobody believed him but he could hear it trying to lure him to reply but he didn't. Can't think of anymore ideas i hope you enjoyed it sorry guys.


3. The warning

Sean and Daniel were playing Football then it started to rain "Oh no" Sean said Daniel Advised that they should run home as fast as they could before they got soaked. Sean replied "Daniel would you like me to walk you home" Daniel smiled he nodded his head they both started to walk across the green countryside. Sean forgot his football and ran quickly over to where they had left it Sean then went back over to where Daniel was they both started to run again. Suddenly! A old lady came over her hair was grey she had stress lines on her forehead she was coming closer and closer to Daniel and Sean she looked like she knew them but they both knew they had never met her. She had a pink handbag with loads of fivers and then suddenly she spoke


"Sean i have come to warn you of bad things" Sean said "What bad things" The lady said That doll in your wardrobe Sean is evil  is a dead doll she is a dead girl" Sean looked like he didn't believe the old lady Sean said "I don't believe you it's just a doll it can't hurt me it's just a bit ugly"  The lady said "That's what she wants you to think she will make your life a misery. She will cause loads of things to go wrong in your life" Sean said "Your just trying to scare me i don't believe you" 

The lady said "Sean I promise you it will happen i'm not trying to make you give up a birthday present i'm doing it because i care about you alot My name is Shelia and i want the best for you" Sean shouted "Leave me alone it's my doll not yours" The lady then said "Fine don't believe me but your be sorry when she's after you don't say i didn't warn you Sean was fuming how dare she stick her nose into his business it was his doll not hers so she could but out! 


Shelia then turned and muttered something that none of them could hear. Sean was running really fast "Sean come back don't leave me by myself" 

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