Behind Closed doors

Since Sean was 7 years old he knew there was something in his wardrobe waiting to get him when he was asleep but Sean never slept. he got really really anxious his parents just told him he was being silly and told him to go back to bed. Nobody believed him but he could hear it trying to lure him to reply but he didn't. Can't think of anymore ideas i hope you enjoyed it sorry guys.


1. Sean's 7th birthday

It was Sean's birthday it was a beautiful sunny day and Sean was waiting for his mum to wake him up. Soon she did "Sean! come downstairs and open your presents"  his mum said. "Coming mum Sean said it a bit to fast he raced down the stairs he was so excited to see what he had got from his parents and today His best friend Daniel was coming round no day could be better! Sean's dad when Sean got downstairs thrust a red parcel into Sean's hand Sean teared off the paper and inside was a playstation 2 Sean couldn't believe his disappointment he wanted to cry he wanted the xbox 1! His dad saw his face and said "Son we don't have much money that's all i could afford the latest one you know we're poor Sean" Sean Hated being poor all his friends had the latest gadgets but all he had was a rubbish playstation 2 life was just not fair! Sean then went and opened the rest of his presents he got some jellybeans he was so happy Jellybean's were his favourites! "Sean go and get dressed Daniel will be here soon to play football with you in the garden" Sean Raced upstairs he was enjoying his birthday so far all he had hated was a Xbox He was wondering what daniel had bought him.


Soon Sean heard the door ring and he went straight to the door at the same time as his mum Daniel was standing there in a orange football, shirt black football boots and his hair was jelled back Hello Sean i've bought you a present" he said Daniel gave him a present with a red bow and he ripped it opened and inside was a doll it was so ugly.

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