Behind Closed doors

Since Sean was 7 years old he knew there was something in his wardrobe waiting to get him when he was asleep but Sean never slept. he got really really anxious his parents just told him he was being silly and told him to go back to bed. Nobody believed him but he could hear it trying to lure him to reply but he didn't. Can't think of anymore ideas i hope you enjoyed it sorry guys.


8. Operation

Sean was so fed up everything was going wrong and he knew it was all his fault he just wanted to see his dad open his eyes again even a smile from his dad would be good at this point. Sean knew his dad would awaken soon because this afternoon they wanted to operate his dad would probably wake up anytime soon because they would have to stop the morphine so they could speak to his dad about the operation as well as his mum. Sean went over to the armchair right beside the hospital bed his dad was staying in. Then he whispered into his dad's ear "Dad i love you i'm sorry for what i did please wake up" The blonde nurse looked at Sean and smiled "Sean your dad can hear you he will wake up any time now" the nurse was right as soon as she had said that Sean saw his dad smile and his dad reached out for Sean's hand Sean went over and held his hand "So Sean don't worry are make sure i'm not in here long i can't stand hospitals" Sean was relieved his dad wasn't the type of person to make a big deal he hated being ill.

The nurse went over to his dad and changed his drip and said "John you've had a heart attack we need  to operate are you willing to have it" His dad shook his head "No i don't want a operation" The nurse then said "John you'll die if we don't operate"  "I don't care" his dad said. The nurse then said "Guys i'm afraid John doesn't want the operation and he can't survive without it there's nothing else we can do" His mum burst into tears again "I don't want him to die" The nurse then said "Sorry  but it's your husbands choice and if he saids no we can't do anything" "Please go home this is way to upsetting for you and your son. His mum's face was soaked with tears Sean felt terrible that he couldn't do anything to make his mum feel better.

Sean and his mum drove back home and his mum went straight upstairs without saying anything else it was now 5 o'clock and his mum still hadn't cooked anything "Mum whats for dinner" She didn't reply  so Sean went into her bedroom and she was buried underneath her bed covers and she was crying Sean left her he hated seeing his parents like this It was now Sean's bedtime 9 o'clock he dressed into his blue nightgown and jumped into bed he was scared of the dark and his mum always let him keep it on Sean fell fast asleep and at about 12 o'clock Sean heard a evil voice "Sean let me in" Sean's stomach was hurting it didn't sound like any voices he heard before it was coming from the wardrobe and Sean opened it up and in front of him was the doll. It's face was old and Sean was petrified he almost fainted. "What do you want?" Sean said frightened. The doll started to laugh "Sean i've taught you a lesson that you'll never forget for saying i'm not real your dad's now gonna die because of you" Sean said "i'm sorry"  "You should be you really hurt my feelings" the doll replied "But it's alright cause now your paying for it" Sean cried so hard he thought he would burst in the morning Sean found himself on the floor he remembered the dream he had last night it was just a dream right? that was what Sean thought worse things were coming his way. 

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