Behind Closed doors

Since Sean was 7 years old he knew there was something in his wardrobe waiting to get him when he was asleep but Sean never slept. he got really really anxious his parents just told him he was being silly and told him to go back to bed. Nobody believed him but he could hear it trying to lure him to reply but he didn't. Can't think of anymore ideas i hope you enjoyed it sorry guys.


6. I'm sorry Daniel

After Sean had put on his school uniform he went to brush his teeth with some toothpaste the toothpaste tasted like mint and his toothbrush was bright blue his favourite colour. He made sure he brushed every single one of his teeth because he didn't want to lose any teeth and have to have dentures like his grandma. After he  made sure he'd brushed all his teeth he spat it out into the sink.  It made his breath smell really good and Sean loved the taste of it. Sean then went over to his old tatty toothbrush stand and placed his toothbrush and toothpaste back. 


Sean ran downstairs he was pretty sure his mum and dad were there and he was right they both saw him come in and they both began to speak to Sean. "Sean i'm very disappointed in you his dad started. His mum then said "Please never do that again i love you very much Sean but i'm very worried about your behaviour at the moment but to let you know we won't put up with it but we can start again" anyway heres your breakfast she reached for a yellow bowl filled with chocolate porridge it smelled good. It made Sean hungry and Sean tucked in. Sean ate it all in less than a second and his tummy was warm and he began to get packed for school.


He reached for his black skull backpack filled with all his school supplies and he placed  it onto his back his mum tried to give him a kiss on the cheek but he wouldn't let her. His mum looked quite hurt and then she said "Bye Sean have a nice day at school"  Sean replied back "Bye! Sean gently closed the door behind him and he began to walk to school Sean was feeling quite bad about yesterday and he wanted to get to school quick enough to catch Daniel and say sorry for his rudeness yesterday.

Soon Sean saw Daniel walking in school  all by himself Sean ran over to Daniel and grabbed his arm Daniel turned and faced him "What do you want Sean?" Sean replied i'm sorry about yesterday i was just stressed out by that woman" Daniel then said "Oh that's fine i know how stressed you are then the bell went Daniel raced off to his tutor Sean hoped Daniel would want to hang out with him still.


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