Behind Closed doors

Since Sean was 7 years old he knew there was something in his wardrobe waiting to get him when he was asleep but Sean never slept. he got really really anxious his parents just told him he was being silly and told him to go back to bed. Nobody believed him but he could hear it trying to lure him to reply but he didn't. Can't think of anymore ideas i hope you enjoyed it sorry guys.


7. bad news

Sean walked into his school tutor and stared down at the floor below him and as he did he felt a finger poke his chest "Sean your dad is very poorly you must go home at once to the hospital" Sean's heart was burning he started to cry cold icy tears ran down his cheeks onto the cold pavement below him he was so desperate he couldn't breathe. He raced past the pavement he was so worried for his dad's welfare he started to count to 10 thinking if he managed to do that his dad would be alright he knew that was very silly because he was 7 now too old to believe in all that rubbish.

Sean said he hated his parents he didn't even say sorry he felt so bad he didn't mean it but he knew since the words came out of his mouth no matter how he tried he couldn't take away the pain and how horrible that was to say to his parents and he wanted to say sorry as soon as possible. He got home he called "Mum" there was no reply he was so worried that his mum had got killed or a monster was waiting to get him behind those walls. He went upstairs and he heard a muffled cry he went into there and his mum crying with tears streaming down her face she looked awful Sean had never seen her so upset before and he wanted to hug her straight away.


Sean ran over to his mum and hugged her and she held on to him tight and said "Oh Sean your Dad had a heart attack today and he is very poorly we must get there as quick as possible they took him in at work cause he collapsed. Sean and his mum jumped into his mum car and they got to the hospital as quick as a flash. Sean's mum led him through a long corridor it smelt of clean sterile hand wash and sean didn't like it one bit he hated hospitals. Finally they got to where  his dad was Sean wanted to cry the sight was awful his dad had tubes in his nose and he was sedated by morphine. A nice Blonde nurse saw them come in and smiled at them both "Hello there John is asleep the pain was so severe we had to give him morphine and we will have to operate on him to open up the archways but we need yours and his contest we don't do things without contest first or we'd be in trouble. 

"Ok\" his mum nodded her head "I know he needs this so i shall sign it and i know John would want it as well.

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