The lost child (Draco malfoy love)

"She lies at the heart of a white raven"
Meave nightingale, a 6th year ravenclaw has her whole year turned around, as she starts to help her worst enemy, hatred turns to love.

But as the dark times ahead start to take effect on everyone, love and friendship turns to obsession and maipulation.

Can love really overcome all, or would love turn out the be the thing that
Could end everything as she
Knows it

Maybe her father could help.
But how could he after all
She is the lost child.


1. Epilogue

A/n hey i originally have this story on my wattpad account, but wanted to share it with you guys


Meave nightingale hmm well i think thats my last name anyway. I guess my mum mustve told me to make a new one up.

Anyway back to me, im meave nightingale, im in my sixth year at hogwarts school of magic& was happy the day i was placed in ravenclaw.

My mother hates me i mean really hates me, she says that she can see my father in me.

My father is said to be a cruel cold man but those who new him were killed. I never knew him and have no idea of him.

The witches and wizards refer to me often as the 'lost child'.

I love everyone i know its in my heart to love and forgive those despite blood. I love all those except one.

Draco malfoy


I remeber the day i met malfoy, it was at the train station on my first day off hogwarts. "By nancy", nancy was my mums maid, my mum didnt come to send me off at all.

I was alone until a boy , small with blond platinum hair came to introduce himself comfidently.

"The names malfoy, draco malfoy."

"Nightingale, meave nightingale" and i went to shake his hand"

Being the fangirl i was i recognised him from the papers. "Oh my god, your thee draco malfoy, you family are so popular"

He smiled smugly "well a fan , i can tell we'll be great friends". He took me by the arm and this small boy walked me to the train. We were 11 so naive back then.

But then ge bumped into a girl with brown hair. "Oh granger is it hermione granger" draco said in a screwed up face. "Yes" she wimpered. " ahh the mudblood" and two other small chubby lads heard and laughed. It made me instantly change my mind about this boy and what his family were really like

I saw Her books were on the floor so i went to help her. So i tore away from draco and went by her side. "Draco, stop thats mean" i flicked my pigtails around to face him.

"Ha i shouldve known you were a blood traitor& its malfoy to you now" and draco pushed me onto the floor. Full force and i went flying back, Being the young girl i was i held my grazed knee and started to cry infront of this boy.

It hadnt even been the first day at hogwarts yet. "Bye blood traitor" and with that he walked away.

Ever since that day we hadnt liked each other for the past 5 years and now were

starting the 6th.

With me and draco, nothing would ever change.

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