The lost child (Draco malfoy love)

"She lies at the heart of a white raven"
Meave nightingale, a 6th year ravenclaw has her whole year turned around, as she starts to help her worst enemy, hatred turns to love.

But as the dark times ahead start to take effect on everyone, love and friendship turns to obsession and maipulation.

Can love really overcome all, or would love turn out the be the thing that
Could end everything as she
Knows it

Maybe her father could help.
But how could he after all
She is the lost child.


3. Chapter 3

awoken by the thudding and bumping of the train. "Atlast where here" luna said with a sigh of relief. Always a long journey to hogwarts, atleast 3 of 4hours. I looked out the window and noticed it was now dark outside.

"Wow its so beautiful out there" Harry looking euphoric whilst looking at the sight. Although he's in gryfffindor and is part of the famous trio, he sometimes comes and sits with me and we talk, we got talking after we found out my parents knew his parents.

Anyway i decided to look outside to see what he meant "oh my-" it was even more beautiful than the other years, there were so many glistening stars hovering over hogwarts, the trees were blowing in sync with the look of a soft breeze and the lake the 1st years would sail on was flat and a glistening blue/black colour.

Luna leaned to me " come on meave, everyone else is moving, best get going"

"Okay , you go i'll catch up, my suitcase wont budge"

Luna walked away giggling at my struggle, i eventually pulled the suitcase away & walked out the compartment.

The train was fairly empty. I was about the walk of until i felt a tight hand squeeze my wrist keeping me from moving onwards.

"That was pure luck you had back at that station Gale" draco, his voice was cold and vengful

"For the last time my last name is nightingale dickhead, and should teach you too stop picking on girls"

" DICKHEAD???!! You should watch how you adress me you filthy traitor, makes me wonder why your kind exist"

Ouch, what he said really hurt me but i shown now sign of it. I swallowed back my anger "bye malfoy"

I ripped his arm of my wrist and walkled off to a carriage, which took me, luna and harry back to hogwarts.


Me and luna entered the great hall, more excited then ever, the four long tables in position with the proffesers seated up front.

" omg , look up meave, candles, floating candles", "hahaha luna theyve been up there ever since we started".

We both laughed at how unaware luna was off these things. Eventually as we were approaching our seats at ravenclaw, luna would have these random out burst, so we ended up in tears of laughter, earning us a few dirty looks from slytherin.

We sat down at our table

"OMG LOOK AT YOU" lunaaa shouted, so excited, "CHO" , cho is another one of the girls, she finally grew her hair out she looked so pretty, we were so caught up in gossip i didnt even notice dumbledore had started the sorting of the first years.

Gradually getting bored i glanced over to the slytherin table. Draco was staring at me dead in the eye, i shivered from nerves, but too my suprise he wasnt scowling or giving dirts, just looking as though he was thinking, he eventually broke the stare.

"Race you back to the dorms" lunaa ran off fast again, "she really needs to stop doing this" i said to cho as we both ran off laughing back to the dorm.

Draco POV

"Uhh stupid ceromony" too be honest i couldnt care less about what house the first years would be in.

I starting walking approaching my seat beside pansy and blaise.

My thoughts distracted by that silly cow and her friend sqeauling and laughing like children.

I stared at her, watching her actions, she gradually began to stare towards me& i actually took in how beautiful she was her eyes were just mesmerising. Shit. I quickly broke off the stare, what the hell draco , what are you thinking.

"Come on mate, back to dorms"

"Yeah your right blaise get me out of this room"

We both walked back to our room. Great ive got charms first tommorow, bed for me.


I jumped on my four poster bed, finally i get to rest. "Haha i won" i shouted , gloating which made the other two stick there tongues out at me

I started to get ready into my pjamas as us three all had matching ones, yes i know where like six year olds.

"What you have tommorow first thing meave?", i started looking for my timetable

"I have transfiguration" "so do i" cho& luna high fived, i pulled out mine "uhh i have charms"

"I hope someone i know is in that class"


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