The lost child (Draco malfoy love)

"She lies at the heart of a white raven"
Meave nightingale, a 6th year ravenclaw has her whole year turned around, as she starts to help her worst enemy, hatred turns to love.

But as the dark times ahead start to take effect on everyone, love and friendship turns to obsession and maipulation.

Can love really overcome all, or would love turn out the be the thing that
Could end everything as she
Knows it

Maybe her father could help.
But how could he after all
She is the lost child.


2. Chapter 1

"Great" i mumble to myself for the sixth time ive been stood waiting. again i find myself here. Platform 9 3/4.

I sit unpatiently squirming and fiddiling with small locks of hair. I said bye to mother 10 minutes previously, she didnt wait till i was sent of of course, my mother doesnt concern herself with this school buisness, more to do with the fact that we dont have a good relationship, tbh.

As i sit and play with my hair, i cant help but turn my attention to the noise of running towards me, by this time im panicking a little, one of those adrenaline things. Suddenly im alarmed by a noise.. "Booo". That was it i absolutley jumped out of my skinn and onto the floor.

" hahahah get up silly". Too my relief it was only luna, she does this nearly everyyear but she never fails too catch me of gaurd.

" ahah no fair luna" i said. "Its not meant to be meave, well looks like were on our way back to big ol hogwarts eyy".

How could i forget, i thought, its like an endless loop waiting here for that train everytime, the same atmosphere.

" ooo can you just feel that atmosphere meave" she shivered , as did i , i could feel it too.

" i just dont understand why there's always so much tension". I sort of lied , of course i knew why but luna answered me anyway.

" Meave come on, who ever thought it would be a good idea to put hufflepuff, gryffindor, ravenclaw and slytherin waiting on the same platform must feed of unwanted tension", she and i both let out giggle at luna's sarcasm.

We've been friends since we both started, she make me feel wanted she was so beautiful too with her long blonde hair, i was soooooooo jealous.

Finally we both turned as we saw the smoke and fog from the train appear further down the tracks, until we could hear the train pull up towards the platform leaving the whole area smothered in a cloud of fog. Me and luna both covering our noses to hide the smell of machinery.

" I claim bestt seatt" she tagged me and ran off laughing into the fog towards the train.

" oh no i dont thinkk soo" fighting back my laughter i run after , identifying where to go by listening to the sound of luna laughing and shreking through the crowd.

I was running and laughing completley unaware of my where abouts. In my head it all seemed fun and games until...


I had full on ran into someone and i had fell onto the ground with the person i fell onto beaneath, my vision blurred a little and i had held onto my now throbbing and sore head, that would sure leave a mark by to tommorow.

I completley forgot about the person under me until i heard. "GET OF ME YOU FILTHY IMBECILE"

Shit. I recongnised that voice anywhere. Draco malfoy.

I was reluctant to get up, hoping i was crushing him but i had to in the end.

" GEEZ chill out malfoy it was an accident" a very lucky accident it was, finally i had hurt him haha.

" ACCIDENT ACCIDENT , well this is an accident too" he pulled out his wand and was about to shout "stupe-"

Until another student stepped in " back of malfoy and sit your arse onto that train". I looked at the boy who saved me. He was a little bit taller that me and supporting abit of a shapeless body, his face almost like a child and was wearing these circular glasses with a scar above. HARRY, thankkk goddddd.

" leave him harry, the pureblood isnt worth it"

" Shut it Gale" he said curtly, he calls me gale because he belives nightingale is too long to say, lazy twat.

I went to push him but was stopped by harry, " Such an arrogant fool" i said, kicking dirt at his robe

" My father will here about this, blood traitor". I took in details of his face before he turned away and walked towards the train. his face was broadining as we were getting older, his cheek bones so exsquitite, his eyes were large and were a beautiful icy blue and the blue transformed into a silver towards the center. You could say that he is actually quite attractive.

pfffffttttt or nottt, i laughed to myself as i actually considered that for a moment. I too walked away to the train,

Draco POV

Standing at this god forsaken platform again. It made me so uneasy here, the air would surely be infected by the disgusting cute and kindness of hufflepuff. The stupidbravey' of gryffindor half of those idiots are filthy mudbloods and finally the ravenclaw claiming they have 'wit and wisdom' hahaha please. There was another reason why i hate that house soo much. As i stood in thoughts, i heard footsteps towards me then


I felt someone smack into me and fall ontop, they crushed my ribs and making it hard to breave, such an idiot, i looked to see who the fool was and it was none other than that stupid meave nightingale. My blood started to boil.


She finally got off me the fool. She shouted something but i was too busy being angry to notice, i only captures the word ' accident' . Oh yeahh thats the reason why i hate ravenclaw, because of her disgusting presence in that house.

Thats it she's in for it i shouted " accident accident, well this is an accident". I was about to hex her until that stupid potter got in the way.

The two people i hate most in the school, i heard her call me a pureblood as though it was an insult, silly girl.

I threatened her with my father before walking onto the train. I captured her face whilst i was walking away. Her skin was fair and tan, her hair formed into silky long brown locks down her back, he eyes were beautiful, they were just like mine, so blue and radiant, id expect them to be brown for a girl of her colour, you could actually said she was quite attractive.

Pffffffttt or nott , i laughed to myself as i sat in the slytherin compartment. Across the table were the two fat arses crabbe and goyle why i befriended them i dont know. They do everything i say so i suppose its an upside. Next to me was pansy

I looked out the corner of my eye and noticed her staring, for heavens sake i cant stand the girl anymore, doesnt understand the definition of were over.

I looked out the compartment and noticed gale walk past with her stupid friends to there own compartment. "Blood traitor" i shouted as she walked past, she stopped for a second, then walked on.

" well this is going to be a long ride" i said to myself , then looked out the window as the train started to move.

Meave POV

Blood traitor, grrrrr, im sick of it just because im not a stuck up, disgusting twat like himself.

I breathed calmy and relaxed in my seat

"well this is going to be a long ride" i said to myself, then looked out the window as the train started to move.


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