Young Love(Fetus L.H. Fanfic)

Jocelyn Emsell is the daughter of 5 Seconds Of Summer's manger, Matt Emsell. (I was told that that was his name, if I'm wrong, then sorry.) When her father takes 5 Seconds Of Summer on tour, he forces her to come with him. When she meets the boys for the first time, something clicks with one of them. Throughout the tour she and Luke grow strong feelings toward eachother. Will her father let them fall for eachother? Will the band support them? Read this Fanfiction to find out!
(Fetus 5SOS Fanfiction, Luke is around 16, Michael is 17, Calum is 16, and Ashton is arround 18! I hope you enjoy!)


2. Spending A Day With Them

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

"Oh great...", I muttered as I walked into the kitchen with the boys. My dad always tries to make breakfast like my mom did. Where is my mother, you ask? Well, she died in a car accident about 4 years ago and ever since then I've been really I played, quiet, and kept to myself. I may seem bubbly and happy, but that's just me trying to hide the real Jocelyn incise me.

"You guys don't have to eat this if you don't want to, he always burns it.", I pointed out to the boys as they grabbed their plates, said thank you, and sat back down. I don't eat very much, that's why I'm so skinny. And if I do it, it's not very much. Some people think I'm anorexic, but I'm not, I just don't have much body fat, that's all.

"No, no, it's fine...", Ashton said as they all took a bite and finished their meals in less than 2 minutes.

"Holy shit!", I gasped.

"What?", Calum asked, swallowing the last mouthful of his French toast.

"You guys ate that in like 10 seconds!!!", I gaped at them as they smiled goofily and nodded their heads.

"Why don't you boys wait down here while Jocey gets dressed and we could go walk around town or something!", my dad smiled and used my dumb ass nickname he's had for me since I was little, Jocey. ( Pronounced : JOE - SEE , sorry I just had to do that, just incase ) I face-planes myself and walked up the stairs to go get dressed in my room as the boys snickered at me.

I put on my ripped Jean shorty shorts, a thick strapped grey and teal thick striped tank top, black toms, brushed and styled my hair, slid on my black beanie, put some makeup on, and grabbed my sea foam green colored over-the-shoulder bag with my blue iPhone 5c and my other needs like extra makeup, wallet/money, lip balm/gloss, gum, a comb, and all the other regular stuff girls need and put in their bags.
I ran downstairs,"Alright let's move!", I shouted as my father made his way into the living room where the boys were watching TV.
"Ok! We have to take 2 cars!", my dad yelled.

"I'll take Jocey!!!", Michael yelled.

"Oh no, I don't trust you boys with my daughter just yet! I'll take her, Luke, and Calum. Ashton and Michael, you two ride together.", my dad demanded, he's so protective of me, it gets really annoying.

"Fine...", Michael and Ashton puffed and sulked to their black Range Rover that they all took over here together.

My dad walked over to the car and hopped in, as I began to open my door, Luke ran around the car and opened the door for me, I blushed and sat down as he silently closed the door for me. Without a word, he opened his door and climbed in the back seat of the silver Mustang and we drove off towards downtown. With Ashton and Michael following behind us.
The ride was silent, until my dad turned on the radio. Blink 182 came on and I squeaked a little. Luke smiled at me in the rear view mirror and began to sing, the song was my favorite, 'I Miss You' by, of course Blink 182! His voice matched his looks, gorgeous, he had one of the most stunning voices I had ever heard, it relaxes me somehow. For the rest of the song I just lay back and relax, listening to Luke's soft, angelic, voice. The song had just ended by the time we found a parking spot.
"You like that?", Luke asked as I got out of the car. I noticed he was much taller than me, my face was eye level to his chest, he made me look like a midget. I blushed at his remark.
"Y-Yeah...", I blushed even more and stared at the ground beneath me. He let out an adorable little laugh and I smiled up at him.
"Ok, quit flirting, let's go!", Ashton yelled at us over his shoulder as we ran to catch up with the group.
"How are you enjoying LA so far?", I asked the boys as we sat down at a i cream bar with milkshakes in our hands. ( I put them in Las Angeles, LA, California, just because I wanted to, lol. )

"It's awesome!", the boys said in unison as we walked out of the ice cream parlor and slid our sunglasses off of our heads and down over our eyes. They were all the nerdy looking ones, ( If you know what I mean ) mine were black with dark purple zebra print on them, and the boy's were just solid neon colored ones. Luke's were blue, Michael's green, Calum's were yellow, Ashton's were orange. My father was walking behind the 5 of us so it wasn't as awkward.

"Good, good.", I stated. We walked around for a little while longer, then headed home.

"Sleeping arrangements are, Luke, on the couch. Michael on the floor. Calum on the dining room table. And Ashton, underneath the table. That's as best I could do, we will bring blankets and pillows and all that down later when you decide to go to bed. I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. You can stay up no later than 11:45 ok!", dad stated the rules of the evening.

"Yes sir!", we all agreed. My dad walked up the stairs and stopped in front of his bedroom door.

"And no sex, making out, or anything like that! You understand me?!!!", he yelled before entering the room and shutting the door as we all died laughing on the floor.

"Ok!", I shouted as the light from my dads room went off and he went to sleep.

This is going to be a long, fun-filled night...

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