Young Love(Fetus L.H. Fanfic)

Jocelyn Emsell is the daughter of 5 Seconds Of Summer's manger, Matt Emsell. (I was told that that was his name, if I'm wrong, then sorry.) When her father takes 5 Seconds Of Summer on tour, he forces her to come with him. When she meets the boys for the first time, something clicks with one of them. Throughout the tour she and Luke grow strong feelings toward eachother. Will her father let them fall for eachother? Will the band support them? Read this Fanfiction to find out!
(Fetus 5SOS Fanfiction, Luke is around 16, Michael is 17, Calum is 16, and Ashton is arround 18! I hope you enjoy!)


1. Meeting them

Jocelyn's P.O.V.


My dad knocked on my door, waking me up.


"Honey, get up and come downstairs, breakfast is ready!", He yelled through the thick wood of my door.


I moaned and rolled over,"Fine.", I muttered into my pillow, then roll out of bed.


I stood up and walked over to my full-body mirror and looked at my reflection. I pulled up my soft, felt, batman P-J pants and put on a bra and fixed my American flag tank that I always wear to bed. I combed my hair down a little so it looked at least a little decent. Then I slid on my "Ugg" brand tan colored slippers and shuffled out the door.


I moaned and rubbed my eyes, still groggy with sleep, as I shuffled down the stairs. I heard some chairs squeak from down stairs and my father's footsteps into the living room.


"Ahh, and there's m little sleeping beauty!", my dad walked over to me as I reached the bottom of the stairs and but his arm around me shoulders, guiding me through the living room and into the kitchen.


As my eyes cleared, I noticed 4 boyish figures sitting in my dining room chairs. My sight adjusted and I noticed I wasn't hallucinating, the 4 boys turned around in the chairs to look at me as I squealed and ran to hide around the corner.


"Who are they, and what are they doing here, Dad?!", I squeaked from around the corner as I peeked my head out.


"This is the newest band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! They're my new clients!", he smiled at me.


"Y-You're their manager?", I asked as I noticed how stupid I must seem.


"Yes, sweetheart, now why don't you come sit down at the diner table and talk to these nice boys ok?", he smiled warmly at me again and shuffled me toward the empty chair at the end of the table where they could all see me.


I smiled shyly and stared at the table.


"So, uh, I-I'm Ashton, I'm the oldest in the band, 18, and I'm the drummer!", the boy across from me smiled and giggled adorably. He had brownish-blond hair in an emo-style kind of like mine, (look at the cover) he had glasses, one dimple, and he was wearing a olive-colored beanie, a gray ponie T-shirt, black skinny jeans with rips on the knees, and solid black vans. I had to say, he was pretty cute.

I smiled back at him.


"I'm Calum, the bassist, and I'm 16!", a cheeky little Asian-looking boy smiled goofily at me. He had black hair swiped across his face. He was wearing a NASSA shirt, the same skinny jeans as Ashton, and the same solid black vans. I giggled as he waved at me. He was sitting on the left side of Ashton.


"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I'm Michael!!! I'm 17, and I'm one of the guitarists!", a boy with blackish-brown frilly hair stuck his  out at me and made a weird noise. He had he same vans and skinny jeans on as the other 2 boys. Except he was wearing a Nirvana shirt and a red flannel unbuttoned over it.


Then there was silence. All 3 of them looked over to the corner of the table to a boy that I hadn't even noticed was there. He was gorgeous with his stunning blond hair in a style that was a little different from Ashton's, and mesmerizing icy-blue eyes. He had the same skinny jeans as the other 3 boys. A purple, lime green, and black beanie with a lime green pom-pom on the end of it. And a white shirt that had a big yellow smiley face on it with the sleeves rolled up a bit. He also had whiteish-gray flip flops on his feet.

He glanced up at me quickly, then looked away.

 "Come on, talk man!", Michael mumbled and elbowed him in the side. He grunted in pain and glared at Michael. He's awfully shy.

"I'm L-Luke. I'm the youngest of the band, age 16. I'm lead singer and the other guitarist.", He told me, locking eyes with his icy blue eyes and my deep ocean blue ones. He smiled shyly at me and looked back down at the table again.

"Your turn!", Calum and Michael said in unison, both looking like puppies about to get a treat.


"Ok, My name is Jocelyn, I just turned 16 about 3 months ago. I sing a little bit. I can play acoustic and electric guitar, and a little bit of drums. My father is your new manager. And I love pretty much every punk rock band imaginable! And that's about it, to sum up my boring teenage girl, hormone-filled life!", I smiled as they all nodded their heads like I was an acceptable person for a friend.


"Come get your breakfast you little flirts! I made my famous chocolate chip pancakes!", Dad yelled from the kitchen as we all blushed and stood up, walking to the kitchen to get breakfast.

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