The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


9. chapter9

.You decided not to go out on Friday, remembering what happened the last time you went out. Your hips and your pride were still hurt from that day, and you didn’t want the history to repeat itself. It was obvious that when you were drunk, you were not rational when it came to Niall, and lately, you started thinking that that wasn’t the case just when you were drunk, but when you were sober as well. It was really rude of him to just leave you there, but he probably didn’t realize that. He just didn’t know what other people felt because he never thought about it. And that would never change, things like that are a part of who you are, they don’t go away just because you want them to. He would never care about hurting other people’s feelings because there should be no feelings, according to him. He hasn’t got any, so why would anyone else have them? Wanker.
You decided to wear a black dress with small red flowers, a jeans jacket and a black purse when you went over to Niall’s place for studying on Saturday. He always looked flawless and you hoped that this time you would look at least decent, for a change, since you didn’t go out last night and wanted to make up for it. Your stomach churned when you rang the door bell and waited for him to open the door. What if he looks amazing and you can’t resist him? What if he gets really pushy and you give in? You weren’t yourself when you were around him anymore - and it scared you.
There were footsteps inside, coming down the stairs and not long after you first heard them, his blonde head peeked through the door. 
-Hey, you’re early!-he had a big grin on his face, even though he looked tired and had bags under his eyes, like he didn’t sleep the whole night. 
And then you noticed why that was the case. There was a girl standing behind him, you couldn’t see who she was clearly, but she was definitely a girl. Niall took a step back, noticing you were looking at the girl, like he wanted you to see who she was, and you couldn’t believe your eyes when you did.Becky? It was her, that’s for sure, and she was in a party outfit, which meant she shagged him and stayed the night. Slut. 
She looked at the floor, but when she noticed it was you who was at the door, she smiled cockily and said hi, probably thinking you’re jealous of her. Little did she know that you’ve been in her position more than once. You muttered hi back and Niall turned around to face her, his face showing no emotions whatsoever. 
-Yeah, listen, we have to study now, so see you.-he nodded and waited for her to go away, but it looked like she didn’t get the picture, which made you embarrassed. 
You couldn’t believe he was acting so rude towards her, he was practically throwing her out after a night of sex. Poor thing. 
-If it’s not a good time, we don’t have to do this.-you took a step backwards, but he grabbed your forearm and pulled you inside. 
-No, we have to do this.-he said in a raspy voice, looking down at you and you couldn’t not look into his eyes, you didn’t know how to look away. 
-Okay, I’ll see you at college.-Becky cleared her throat, ending the staring contest between me and Niall.-Or you could call me. 
She stepped out and Niall reached for the doorknob, mumbling a yeah to her, but not actually paying any attention to her, and he slammed the door right in her face. 
-Are you always such a prick to girls?-you spat at him, disappointed in him once again. 
-What?-he spread his arms out and grinned.-It was sex, what do you want me to say? 
-Good to know it’s not just me who you treat like crap.-you rolled your eyes. 
He sighed and patted your shoulder.
-Bullshit again, I treat you way better than this one.-he shrugged and led you up the stairs. 
-You don’t even know her name, do you? 
-Nope. I knew it last night, though, but what’s the use? Not like it’s gonna happen again.-he laughed and you felt hate towards him in that moment. 
Was he really that disgusting? You knew Becky fancied him the whole semester and she was probably hoping to get a call from him, thinking that this was more than just plain sex. Poor girl, it wasn’t her fault he was an idiot. And you hated the fact he was so nonchalant about it, he really didn’t think for a second about how she’d feel later. He was probably acting like this after sex with you, and you were very well aware of the fact. Luckily for you, you weren’t as naive as she was, you never expected a call or anything of him, for that matter.
You entered his room and he sat down on the chair, pointing at his bed for you to sit on. You remembered the last time the two of you were here and how it ended. Then you remembered that Becky has been here an hour ago, probably jumping on him, and that thought put you off instantly. 
-So, where were we?-he licked his lips and looked at you as you sat on the bed, and you knew he wasn’t talking about your studying, but you chose to ignore it. 
-Chapter 16, I believe.-you opened your book and found that chapter, but Niall didn’t, he just kept staring at you. 
-What?-you snapped. 
-Nothing, can’t a guy look?-he made a dumb face and reached for his book. 
You both started reading, but after only a page, he closed the book and sighed. Then he snapped his fingers and started fidgeting in his seat. You didn’t want to give him any attention because you knew that was what he wanted. He started rotating on his chair and that’s when you lost it. 
-What, Niall, what is it?-you yelled, and that made him laugh as he stopped rotating.
-I’m bored.-he pushed his chair over to the bed.-Let’s do something. 
-How about we…-you leaned over to him, resting your hands on your knees seductively.-Study because that’s why I’m here? 
-You’re not fun.-he rolled his eyes and puckered his lips. 
You got up. 
-Listen, you begged me to come here to study and now that I’m here, you don’t want to? Fine, I’ll just go.-you took your things, but he stopped you by grabbing your waist and you moved away from his touch. 
-I’m sorry, okay, we’ll study.-he sat back down on the chair.-I just thought we could have some fun, that’s all. 
-You promised there’ll be no innuendos and no talking about sex.-you pointed your index finger at him and sighed -Besides, you’ve had your fun just minutes ago. 
-Alright, alright. Let’s read when you’re so into it.-he looked at his book, completely ignoring your comment about Becky. 
There was so much tension in the air that you just wanted to get out of there, but you knew you couldn’t. He needed help with this, and you needed to pass this assignment as well. 
-So, Y/N, no fun at all? Come on, just a bit?-he raised his eyebrow at you and smiled. 
-None whatsoever, I don’t want you to touch me.-you winked. 
He didn’t seem satisfied with your reply, so he continued to read the book or at least he pretended to. As you started reading the next chapter, you heard him undoing his belt, but you didn’t even want to look his way. However, when you heard his zipper going down, you knew he was up to something. 
-What are you doing?-you asked. 
-Not touching you.-he giggled.
You snorted and got down to reading, completely ignoring him. Not long after you heard a weird repeating noise and you looked over to Niall, your eyes spreading with shock as he moved his hand up and down his shaft while looking directly at you. 
-Niall!-you rose to your feet. 
-What? I’m not touching you.-he shook his head, his hand never stopping.-It’s not like you haven’t seen it. 
You shook your head.-You’re disgusting. 
-That’s not what you were saying when I fucked you.-he winked and maintained the eye contact while his hand moved up and down his cock at a fast pace.-I believe your exact words were “harder, Niall, harder”.
-Gross.-you grabbed your things off the bed. 
-Oh come on, if I can’t touch you, you can touch yourself, and I can touch myself or we could just touch each other?-his voice turned into a whisper and you looked down at the book. 
-Please, stop. 
It was like he wasn’t even listening to what you were saying, he just kept touching himself, making you feel uncomfortable. Mainly because you wanted to, you really did, but he was a pig.
-Come on, you know you want to. You don’t have to touch me.-he lowered his voice.-You want it just as much as I do, you know we can get each other off just by doing this. And we’ll study right after this, just do it.-his voice became soft, but there was no way you could be persuaded into this. 
Niall stood up, his hard cock still in his hand, and walked over to the bed, sitting right next to you and looking straight into your eyes, his jeans falling down his thighs. 
-Don’t make me touch you.-he smiled. 
-Niall…. Don’t.-you looked down, but he lifted your chin up. 
-You say don’t, but I know you mean do.-he chuckled and pressed his lips in the crook of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. 
- Niall, don’t do this.-you tried pushing his head away from your neck, but it was too hard, mostly because you wanted it there. 
-I’ll stop if you start, that’s the deal. 
-No way, Niall. No way.-you shook your head, but his hand was already on your crotch, pressing his fingers against you hard. 
He rubbed you over the dress and your breathing got heavier in a matter of seconds, you were dying for his touch, you wanted to feel his fingers under your dress, digging roughly into your skin as he fucks you senseless, but that couldn’t happen, it shouldn’t.
He chuckled cockily as his other hand got under your dress and started rubbing you over your panties, and the other one was around his cock again. 
-What were you saying?-he looked so proud of himself because it was obvious he had won – you were enjoying every second of it.-Now touch me or touch yourself. 
You just shook your head and closed your eyes as his fingers went up and down your slit, still over your panties unfortunately. But then he hooked one finger inside and moved the knuckle up and down your slit, covering it in your wetness. 
-You say no, but you really mean yes, you’re wet, just like the last time.-he kissed your neck and shoved his finger inside of you roughly and you moaned loudly. 
-No, no.-you opened your eyes and shook your head, not wanting this to go any further.
-You have a choice.-he planted a soft kiss in the crook of your neck and you shivered, but didn’t say a thing. 
When he saw that you didn’t know what to do, he made the decision instead of you by placing your palm on your panties. You didn’t want to do it, but you were really horny and seeing him touching himself and you simultaneously turned you on even more. Niall took one of your legs and threw it over his head, to his side, so that you were now sitting with your legs at each side of his body, your hand on your underwear, his hand moving up and down his cock. 
-Come on.-he gave you a kiss on the lips and you eagerly kissed him back and started touching yourself, your fingers rubbing your clit, your eyes fixated on his hand. 
It turned you on to see him touching himself, the veins on his hand and neck popping out as he ordered you to touch yourself once again. You got out of your underwear and returned to the position he made you sit in, your legs at the either side of him, and you started rubbing yourself, your breaths short and loud as you started longing for him to touch you, but you knew you just couldn’t do that. That’s why you lay down on your back and shoved a finger inside of you, while your other hand still rubbed your clit. Niall got on his knees, so that you could enjoy the show he was putting on. He cupped his balls with one hand and moved the other one at a really quick pace, and you tried to keep up with it. He was mesmerized by your finger which disappeared inside of you quickly, his mouth flew open after a while because he forgot you were watching him. 
A few drops of sweat formed below the place where his hair met his forehead and some of his hair got wet and stuck to his forehead. His cheeks got pink and his breathing got heavy, and just the sight of him was enough to send you in that trans  You added another finger and shoved them roughly all the way, and then curled them up and rubbed yourself from the inside, letting out a loud groan as you imagined those were Niall’s fingers inside of you, rubbing you at all the right places. 
-Oh, Niall…-you moaned and he smiled. 
-I know you wish it was me touching you.-he said in between breaths.-I want to fuck your tight pussy until you scream, you know you want it, too, as much as you pretend. 
You wrapped your calves around his waist, never stopping your hand movements, you were feeling feverish, you were burning, your face was red, and your hands hurt, but you didn’t want to stop. The view you had on Niall’s long fingers going up and down his cock, sticky with the pre-cum that formed was pleasing you a lot more than you would admit. 
-I don’t think so.-you managed to say and giggled as you continued to finger yourself while staring directly into his piercing blue eyes. 
He looked at you angrily. 
-If those were my fingers, they would already be covered with your cum.-he winked and looked down at his cock and sped up his pace, which made you speed up your pace as well. You felt your walls tightening around your fingers and you closed your eyes and kicked your head back. 
Niall suddenly threw himself onto you, hovering over your body, leaning on one of his elbows and knees while still pleasing himself with the other hand. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist. He kissed you gently at first, but then he started to bite your lips and suck on them, and you gasped for air. 
-Say one word and I’ll do it instead of you.-he whispered into your ear. 
The offer was so tempting, but you knew you shouldn’t accept it. It wasn’t right. Besides, you were seconds away from coming and you didn’t want to give in, so you just shook your head. -I want to feel your tight cunt around me cock, and you want it too.-he bit you earlobe after whispering that, but your movements didn’t stop. 
You were determined on getting yourself off, not wanting any more contact with Niall, the one you had already was enough. His chest was touching yours and you were both burning up, still in your clothes, and you kind of wished he didn’t have anything on. No matter how annoying and stuck up he was, he had a reason to be that way. He was so close to being perfect and he was very well aware of it. His forehead was also burning up, pressed to your cheek as you both looked down at your fingers which disappeared inside of you and his long fingers around his cock. You arched your back and groaned loudly as you felt the familiar tension in the lower party of your stomach, your muscles started to quiver and you knew you were coming. 
-Come for me, lemme hear it.-he whispered in your ear and you grabbed his upper arm and dug your nails into is as yyour other hand sent you over the edge. 
Your knees collapsed on the bed finally and your whole body hurt as you lay there, panting, trying to breathe normally. 
Niall grabbed your chin in his hand and kissed you unexpectedly, before shifting up and spreading your legs wide apart. 
His tongue gently moved around your clit and then it went down and did a few turns around your slit, not letting your legs stop shaking. You tangled your hand in his hair and moaned his name and you felt hiis smile against you as he sucked your juices off of you. His tongue entered you and he did circles with it, and then pulled it out to do figure eights on the outter side of your pussy and held onto his hair tightly and he laughed. 
-And then you tell me you don’t want this.-he snorted.-Fucking liar. 
You laughed and closed your eyes as he finally licked you clean. 
-I want this, just not with you.-you winked at him and he gave you a cocky grin. 
-Right, right, you tell yourself anything that makes you feel better.-he grabbed your breast and squeezed.-They’re squishy. 
-Come on, you’re ruining the moment.-you hit his hand and rolled your eyes at him. 
He rolled his eyes back at you and pointed at his still rock hard cock. 
-You’ve got some business to take care of.-he licked his lips. 
You bit your lip and shook your head, telling him he’ll have to take care of it himself, and that displeased him, but he knew he couldn’t do a thing about it. You were just paying him back for not letting you come the last time you did this.

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