The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


8. chapter8

When Tyler asked you about what happened with you and Niall and where have you disappeared that night, you just shrugged it off, but you knew you couldn’t lie to him for long. So on Monday, when he saw you avoiding Niall’s gaze at school, he asked you what happened one more time. You were sitting in class during a really boring lecture, not really paying attention to it. 
-We fucked that night.-you whispered.-But shh.
-For real? Are you kidding me? Is Ashton Kutcher gonna jump out now?-he turned around, making a face which made it clear to you that he was annoyed.-I’m sick of your bullshit. Tell me what happened, what did he do? 
-Why do you think he did something to me?-you were surprised. 
-Had it gone well, you wouldn’t have kept it a secret from me. Spill it out, come on.-he stared at you without blinking.-Girl, you’re riding my last damn nerve right now. 
You couldn’t help but laugh at his annoyance.
-Sorry, Ty, I just didn’t feel comfortable with telling you that any sooner, before I had the time to think it through. You know how I am.
-I’m waiting.-he crossed his arms across his chest. 
-We talked and uhm, we went out and had sex and then he went back inside, and just… Left me there.-you looked down as you said that, feeling like a slut once you’ve said it out loud. 
-Left you? What do you mean, you wanted him to stay or what?-he leaned in closer. 
-I just… I don’t know. We weren’t finished, he didn’t let me come, and he said that he wanted to teach me a lesson or whatever, because I flirted with Dylan and Jake, I guess.-you lowered your voice.-But I kind of wanted him to stay talk to me for a while, because I felt easy this way. 
-Of course you felt like that. You know why? Because you fucked Niall Horan again. That’s how he treats girls. Don’t expect affection from him, he’ll never be able to understand that a girl is anything more than the talking bitchy thing that surrounds the vagina, and it’s time you realize that.-he patted your back and sighed.-I don’t want you to fall for that guy because I’m sick of him and I would love to beat him up. I see him playing his moves on the girls at the gym, he’s disgusting. He’s eyeing you up as we speak, fucking asshole.
-I know, I know that he is. It’s just that I find him really sexually attractive and I enjoy having sex with him, but it can’t happen again because he enjoys sex with basically anyone.-you shrugged.-I just feel like crap for doing this. 
-No, no, no.-he poked you.-You wanted to do it and you did it, and there’s no point in having regrets, okay? You wanted to fuck him and why not? It wasn’t the right thing to do, but fuck it, sometimes the wrong things lead you to something amazing. Not in this case,but sometimes they do. Don’t feel bad about yourself, I know who you are, there’s no need to feel that way. The only slut here is Niall, and not you! 
You smiled at him, but you still weren’t convinced in his words. You weren’t really the most innocent girl out there after all this with Niall.

You were heading towards the school entrance because it was lunch time and you wanted to go out to buy something when you heard a familiar voice behind you, calling out your name, but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of turning around so that he could make fun of you again in front of his friends. You hurried up to get to the door as soon as you could, and once you were outside the school, you started running towards the park, just to get away from him, hoping he wouldn’t follow you there. You couldn’t stand his banter. 
You saw Becky, Tyler’s friend, sitting on the lawn all by herself and you hoped that she wouldn’t notice you, but she did. She waved at you, and you had no other choice but to join her, even though she wasn’t exactly your favorite person in the world. 
-Hey, Y/N! Where are you going?-she asked as you walked over to the place where she was sat at. 
-Nowhere, just wanted some fresh air.-you shrugged.-Mind if I join you? 
-Sit down. Listen, you’ll never believe what happened at the party!-she laughed and grabbed your hand, her eyes wide in excitement.-Niall actually talked to me! I was standing at the bar, and he stood right next to me and ordered himself a drink and I said hi, and he said hi back, and I asked him why does he look so tense, and he said he had some difficulties. 
Difficulties? You’re called a difficulty now? What a bastard. 
-And then I asked if he wanted someone to release the tension, if you know what I mean, but he said he had to go.-she frowned for a second, but then her annoying smile returned.-But we talked, yaaay! 
You tried to force out a smile, but you were so angry. Not at her, of course, she was still in that phase when Niall seemed like the best guy in the world and you couldn’t blame her, you used to be her, for fuck’s sake. You were angry at yourself for falling for a guy who addressed you as a “difficulty“. Asshole. And of course, you were angry at Niall for being himself, a stuck up idiot. 
-Oh my God, there he is!-she grabbed your hand, not noticing that you weren’t excited about anything she said, especially not Niall. 
Niall was standing at the school door, surrounded by some of his friends who were talking to each other, but he wasn’t included in the conversation. He was looking around and his gaze rested on you. He gave you a smirk and started walking towards you two. You wanted to run away, but it was too late. He already spotted you, and besides, what could he possibly do in front of Becky? You knew he wouldn’t come over all by himself to make fun of you, he wanted to do that in front of an audience, and Becky wasn’t good enough of an audience in his opinion. -Hey.-he said as he stood behind Becky, looking directly at you. 
-Hey, Niall, how are you?-Becky asked excitedly. 
-Listen, Jessie, can you give us a minute?-he asked her, but he was still staring at you, straight into your eyes. 
She looked at you confusedly, but then smiled. You felt sorry for her, it sucked to be treated that way, but it was better for her to see who he actually is before spending years on drooling over him, like you did. 
-Sure. And it’s Becky.-she got up and fixed her dress.-Talk to you later, Niall. 
-Yeah, whatever.-he nodded, but his gaze never left your face. 
He sent her off and it probably ruined her entire day, but he didn’t even blink while doing it. 
-What do you want?-you muttered as soon as Becky was far enough not to hear your conversation. 
-I want to talk.-he said and sat down across you without asking you if it was okay. 
And of course that he thought it was okay. After all, he was Niall Horan and which girl wouldn’t want him to sit next to her? 
-I don’t.-you replied. 
-Why are you mad at me again?-his brow furrowed, his eyes giving you a piercing look. 
-Really? You’re really asking me that? You know what you did, and we’re not gonna talk about it ever again. Please, go.-you broke the eye contact and looked at the floor. 
-What do you want from me?-him putting his fingers on your jaw made you look up. 
What was he doing? He just touched your face in the school park, a hundred people from school were around you, anyone could have seen him do it. His gaze was fixated on your eyes, his lips a bit open as he stared. In that moment, he didn’t look like the jerk he was. He seemed like a regular guy around a girl he likes, but you knew him better than that.
-Stop acting like this, I know the real you, the jerk who just leaves you after a lame sex thinking it’s a cool thing to do.-you pushed his hand away roughly.-Don’t talk to me, okay? 
-First of all, don’t lie to yourself, the sex was awesome.-he licked his lips and gave you his best smirk.-And I told you already, I’m not your boyfriend, don’t expect me to act like that. 
-Thank God for that, I would go jump off a cliff if you were my boyfriend. You’re the most conceited person I’ve ever met and please, leave.-you stared directly into his eyes. 
-I think you actually want that, but you’re too afraid to say it.-he said confidently, like it was a fact you both knew, and it enraged you.-It’s not my style, babe. I’m no good at being a boyfriend, I don’t know how to do all these things and I have no intention on being with just one girl, that would be a crime against the entire female population. Gotta please them all, ya know.
-Ha-ha, you’re so funny!-you said sarcastically and glared at him.-You’re a really sad person if these lame jokes make you feel good about yourself. 
He decided to shrug off your last comment. 
-So what, we can’t be like fuck buddies or anything?-he raised his eyebrow. 
-Didn’t you hear what I just said?-you were annoyed. 
-I just heard a load of bullshit, like usual.-he got up.-You know you want it, too. Just realize we won’t be getting touchy feely, but you can touch me anywhere you want. 
-Thanks, I think I’ll pass.
-You know you don’t want to. It’s just time you admitted it.
He winked and left, and you continued to sit there, feeling mad as hell for ever liking him in the first place. No matter how gorgeous or handsome he was, he was this horrible annoying person on the inside and you just couldn’t cope with that. And you hated the fact that he acted like you wanted the two of you to be together, making you sound clingy and into him. He was so full of himself that he thought everyone wants to be with him, but he’s such an amazing guy that it would be a sin for him to be committed to only one girl, and it made you realize how stupid you were for falling for him. He was a prick.

You ignored Niall for the rest of the week, or at least you tried your best to avoid him. He would say hi to you from time to time, and you just nodded back, so eventually he gave up. On Wednesday, though, he talked to you in class.
A girl who was sitting in front of you dropped her pen by accident and you leaned over to get her pen and your shirt lifted, revealing your stomach because of your low-waist jeans. There were still bruises on your v bones from that night you hooked up with him, and Niall, who was sitting across you, noticed them and whispered your name to get your attention.
-What’s that on your hips?-he whispered. 
-Buzz off!-you hissed, hoping the professor wouldn’t hear you two talking. 
-Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to be rough.-he seemed honest, and you just smiled at him. 
But then the moment was ruined when one of Niall’s friends who was sitting in front of him turned around and gave him a fist bump. 
-Classy job, mate.-he said and Niall laughed while licking his lips and shifting his head towards you cockily. 
You rolled your eyes at him and continued to look at the professor. Niall would never, ever change. Just when you start thinking he isn’t a jerk, he does something to make you hate him all over again, and you were getting sick and tired of it. It was always the same with him.
You were leaving the books in your locker later that day when he showed up out of nowhere and leaned on the locker next to yours, one elbow on the locker and the other hand going through his hair in a flirty manner. It was obvious he wanted something, this was the way he acted when he wanted to have his way with people. Seduction was his solution for everything. He’d probably fuck his way out of a war if he was in the position to do it.
-What?-you sighed, already sensing that something stupid would come out of his mouth soon enough. 
-See you tomorrow?-he smiled. 
-Nope.-you shook your head and shut your locker. 
-Oh, come on! Why not?-he raised his eyebrow.-I thought we were okay now. 
-We are okay, that’s exactly why I’m not coming over, we both know that we’ll just end up fighting. 
-Or fucking.-he laughed. 
-You wish. 
-Yes, I do.-he laughed again.-Come on, please? 
You stared at him and sighed again. What’s the worst thing that could happen? But it was Niall. There would be no actual studying done and you knew it.
-I promise I won’t make sex jokes or touch you or anything, honestly!-he put a hand across his heart and smiled. 
-Okay then, see you on Saturday.-you nodded. 
-You can count on that.-he winked.-See you!

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