The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


7. Chapter7

A thousand thoughts roamed your mind as Niall proposed that you two leave the club together. You wanted to say yes so bad, but you were sure you would regret it later, especially because he would let everyone know, being the idiot he is most of the time. However, Niall was keen on persuading you to do what he suggested. He started kissing your neck gently and you closed your eyes. You just wanted to enjoy the neck kissing for a while and then tell him you’re leaving, that was your initial plan and you decided to stick to it. Just enjoy the feeling of his wet lips against your neck and walk away after a while. Niall had something else in mind as he quickly advanced from your neck to your lips and his tongue was inside of your mouth in a matter of seconds, and you gave in. There was no way you could turn him down after he kissed you like that, it felt too good to let go of. As he deepened the kiss, you put your arms around his neck and his arms were wrapped around your body not long after. You didn’t even think about who can see you and what will people say about the two of you, you just wanted to kiss him. He pressed his body against yours and you could feel him getting hard against your thigh and you moaned into the kiss as his hands grabbed your ass and pressed you against him even tighter.
-Let’s take this outside, huh?-he said and smiled and you couldn’t say no so you just nodded, your noses touching, his warm breath hitting your face. 
He took your hand in his and pushed his way through the crowd towards the door, turning around a few times to see if you have any trouble following him. You actually did, because a few guys moved away for Niall to pass, but they didn’t want to move for you, thinking it was fun to mess with a girl. You were caught in between this tall older guy and Niall and as you accidentally ran into the guy because you followed Niall and he stood in your way after letting Niall pass, you yanked Niall’s hand and then let go of it since there was no way you could push this guy out of your way. Niall, however, could and that’s exactly what he did. He pushed the guy aside and offered you his hand and you took it, but the guy wasn’t pleased about it and he shot an angry glare at Niall. 
-What is it, you wanna fight?-Niall asked cockily and as soon as the guy took a step forward, a few of Niall’s friends showed up behind you in order to protect Niall in case of a fight and you were surprised by their quick reaction. 
-Next time you’re dead.-the guy told him, but Niall just laughed it off. 
-Let’s go.-he told you and continued to push his way through the crowd, leaving the others behind. 
You would never admit it to Niall, but you liked it when guys acted protective over you, it turned you on that someone would get in a fight for you, even though you were glad that the fight didn’t take place right then and there because you had something else in mind by then. Seeing Niall angry and prepared to fight this big guy only made him hotter.
You grabbed his bicep and held onto it tightly in order not to lose him. You were soon at the exit of the club, and a few people were sitting at a table near the door. Just like you feared, those were some of Niall’s mates, and you knew they would see you leaving the club together, which would go around college pretty fast, like usual. A few of them shouted at you two, but you ignored it, turning your head away from them. Niall laughed and nodded at them.
-Hey, Ni, come over here, you’ve gotta hear this!-one of the girls waved at him and you couldn’t keep your glare off of her, especially since her boobs were almost showing as she leaned over and smiled at Niall seductively. 
Bitch. She saw that the two of you were leaving, it was plain obvious that you were getting it on, but yet she tried to get him over there next to her. No can do, whore
-Nah, I have something better to do!-he answered back, waving his hand at her. 
You were surprised that he didn’t stop for a second to chat with them. He brushed them off because of you. Okay, not because of you, but because of sex, but he could have had meaningless sex with that girl, as well. 
-Maybe you should stay with your friend.-you snapped. 
Niall stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around to face you. You shivered when you’ve seen the expression on his face. He looked enraged. 
-Can you shut up about other girls? There’s no one else but you and me here, there’s no need to mention anyone else.-he muttered as he pulled you closer.-Now walk, we haven’t got much time. 
The air was really cold, but the alcohol in your blood stream warmed you up, and so did Niall’s hands around your waist as soon as you stepped out. He attached his lips to your neck and you closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling, but it stopped not long after and you winced. 
He moved his lips up to your ear and giggled. 
-There.-he pointed to an alley and you two hurried over there, both anxious to start doing it as soon as you could. 
Niall pushed your back against the wall and his arms were instantly on your thighs, his fingers digging into your flesh as he spread your legs. He pinned your arms over your head and started to give your neck sloppy kisses with an occasional bite and you pressed your legs together again, getting wet already. Niall wasn’t going to let you press them, though, and he squeezed his knee in between your legs and spread them, but you didn’t fight him back. You were enjoying every second of it. His thigh was pressed against your sex and you bucked your hips into it, and it satisfied you for a moment, but you wanted more. His lips were still attached to your neck, his hands squeezing your breasts. One of his hands got under your dress and under the bra and he pinched your nipple and squeezed it, making you moan. He was already making you feel this good and you have only just started.
He kissed you and let go of your hands and you ran them through his hair while returning his kiss, your tongues battling quickly and with each second, you wanted him more and more. 
Niall acted like he was God’s gift to women, and on some occasions, you believed so yourself, especially when his hands would be on your body, exploring it, while he kissed you. 
He grabbed your hand and broke the kiss, only to pull you over to a bench. He unzipped his jeans and smirked at you. 
-Niall, we can’t do it here, anybody could see us!-you protested, but he wasn’t paying attention at all.
-Do I look like I give a fuck?-he snorted.-Whoever sees us will have to thank us for the show. 
-Yeah, ‘cause who doesn’t want to witness drunk people having random sex in a back alley of a club?-you rolled your eyes at him, but he didn’t notice that you were irritated. 
-Exactly.-he winked.-Now bend over. 
You crossed your hands across your chest and pouted. You weren’t satisfied with the way things were going. The girl who gets fucked on a bench behind a club? That wasn’t you and you hoped it would never be. 
-Or I’ll make you.-he put his cold hand on your shoulder and squeezed it. 
-I don’t know, this isn’t such a good id-you were cut off by his hand covering your mouth. 
-We’ll see about that.-his smile told you he was planning something good. 
He kissed you gently and it was surprising because he just wasn’t that kind of guy who would start getting all touchy feely during sex. That’s why you weren’t surprised at all when he cupped your sex and pressed his hand against it as hard as he could, making you moan slightly. You dug your nails into his biceps and continued kissing him, not wanting his hand to stop touching you and it sure didn’t. One of his long fingers got under the hem of your lace panties and started teasing you, he moved it around, getting it soaked in your wetness and you could feel him smile into the kiss. 
-Wet and ready, just how I like it.-he laughed and pulled his finger out of your panties.-Will you bend over now? 
You were hesitating, it wasn’t a good idea, anyone could come back here for various reasons and see you two fucking. But then again, if it’s really quick, maybe no one would see you. 
Niall was getting impatient, so he kissed you again and while kissing you, he made you move backwards towards the bench until you hit it with your bum. He kissed you one last time before spinning your around and pressing his hand against your back, making you bend over the bench. 
-God, what a view.-he said and looked at your for some time, making you feel self-conscious. 
You weren’t exactly bending over for guys every day, but it was Niall and you were so into him that you’d do whatever it takes. Okay, not whatever, but pretty damn close to that. 
He pulled the hem of your dress up over you bum, revealing your underwear and you felt exposed, but you knew he would soon be inside of you so it didn’t matter. He rubbed your butt for a while, spreading it with his large hands and even pinching it a few times. He could really be a kid sometimes, you were aware of that even before, but now he was just being ridiculous. 
-Niall, come on, we don’t have much time.-you complained
-We’ve got all the time in the world.-he laughed and hooked a finger under your panties and moved them aside, revealing your sex completely. 
You pressed your legs together as the breeze hit you. You forgot how cold it actually was. 
You could hear him unzipping his pants, you heard them fall down to a pool around his ankles and you heard him rubbing himself a few times before you felt his tip against your opening. You let out a moan as he finally entered you. 
-I told you you were gonna beg me… You’ll beg me to stop.-he spanked you once, but it only turned you on, instead of hurting. 
You weren’t sure if it was the mix of alcohol and all the sexual tension that was building up inside of you, but Niall’s spanking didn’t hurt you one bit. He wasn’t very pleased with your reactions – instead of screaming with pain, you screamed put with pleasure, bucking your hips against his cock while he spanked you. 
-So you like it?-his voice was raspy.-Do you? 
-Yeah, yeah, it’s great.-you closed your eyes and held tightly onto the bench. 
Niall grabbed your butt with both of his hands and used it for support, in order to pump in and out of you faster. As he did that, you held onto the bench tighter. Your hips hit the edge of the bench over and over again and you were sure there’d be big bruises on your hip bones tomorrow, but you couldn’t worry about that just then, you were too busy enjoying the feeling. Niall thrust harder and harder each time, swearing and telling you how he knew you wanted this as much he did, and how tight you feel around his cock, and it only made you wetter. 
Niall slowed down his movements and removed his hands from your hips, he just pumped in and out of you using only his hips and you decided to help him by bucking his hips into him, making it a lot better for both of you, and a slight groan left his mouth. He never wanted to show that he was actually enjoying it as much as you did, and you hated that. If you moaned and panted and told him how good it was, he could do the same. 
His cock filled you all the way each time it entered you and you couldn’t refrain your moaning, the feeling was too good. The alcohol inside of you just made it better, it made the experience much more intense and you felt yourself getting tighter and tighter around his hard cock which wasn’t slowing down. 
-Is it good?-he grunted.
-God, yeah.-you moaned and opened your eyes. 
-Good.-he said and pulled himself out of you. 
You frowned at the sudden loss and wondered what he was going to do next. He smacked your butt once more.
-On your knees.-he ordered and spun you around. 
You pulled your dress over you butt so you weren’t feeling exposed and did what he said. He didn’t want to lose any time, so he took your chin in his hand and shoved his cock in your mouth with the other while smiling at you. You felt tears forming at the corners of your eyes because of it, but you didn’t want to stop it, and you gagged a few times while he pushed himself into your mouth as far as it could go. You looked up at his face and it was obvious he was really enjoying it – his eyes were half closed and he was biting his lip while looking down at you and moving his hips quickly. He was enjoying all of this now, whenever you gagged, his smile would grow wider and satisfaction was written all over his face as he moved his hips faster and faster, but then he stopped. 
-Open up.-he said as he pumped his hand around his cock as fast as it could go, and you obeyed.-Good girl. 
You poked your tongue out, knowing exactly what he wants you to do and he smirked as you did it, continuing to move his hand. He tangled his fingers into your hair and pulled you in closer, the other hand never leaving his cock as he moved it closer to your tongue, so the tip was almost touching it. He groaned and you saw the muscles of his stomach contracting as he approached his climax. Not long after, you felt the warm liquid hitting the back of your throat and your tongue as he kicked his head back and let out a groan. You waited until he was finished and swallowed it, and he seemed really pleased with that. You were so wet, and your knees were shaking, you just wanted him to finish you, you felt as though you would come as soon as he touches you.
He rubbed your cheek and pulled his boxer shorts and pants up. You looked at him questioningly. 
-No, I won’t let you finish, if that’s what you’re thinking.-he leaned in and whispered.-That’s what you get for playing games with me. 
-That’s not fair, come on.-you grabbed his hand, but he just laughed. 
-Be a good girl, and next time I may give you the time of your life.-he winked and turned around, walking away. 
-Niall? You’re just gonna go?-you leaned on the bench and looked at him in disbelief. 
-What do you want me to do? The party’s not over yet, I wanna go drink.-he shrugged, his arms spread widely, and a grin on his face. 
-Seriously?-you rolled your eyes at him.-You’re such a jerk. 
-Hello, Sherlock, I didn’t know that was you!-he laughed. 
-You’re such a liar. Fuck off!-you yelled as he was already far away. 
-I didn’t lie.-he took a few steps towards you.-I’m not your boyfriend, what do you want me to do, stay here and cuddle? 
He snorted and turned around again and you instantly felt ashamed. You actually thought it would be nice if he stayed there, even for a minute, instead of leaving you like you were a random slut. 
-You’re scum!-you yelled and he disappeared in the alley, leaving you all alone. 
You shivered as you felt the breeze starting to get colder. He actually ditched you. How come you were so naive after seeing him act like a jerk for so many times? You hated yourself sometimes for being such a dumb ass.  Just yesterday you were telling Tyler how you wouldn’t fall for Niall, how you hated him, and you were fucking him ten minutes ago. And the worst part is that he didn’t satisfy you on purpose. He got what he needed and then he dumped you and to top it all off, he returned to the party. Why? To fuck someone else? The thought of him made you sick instantly. You promised yourself that you won’t fall for him ever again. Sex with him wasn’t worth the shame and self loathing which came right after it was finished. He would just have to find someone else to fuck from now on..

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