The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


6. Chapter6

-So wait, he called your mom and asked if he can come over to study and he actually came over andstudied?-Tyler was surprised when you told him how you spent your Saturday.-Wow. Doesn’t sound like him at all.
-I know, he actually thinks that he can get anything he wishes for. You know, like, he wanted to study and it doesn’t matter if I didn’t want that, he did and he was gonna have his way.-you rolled your eyes.-Go figure, calling my mom! Who does that? 
-Yeah, well, at least we know now that he wants you. Not that I didn’t know that already.-Tyler smirked. 
-No, it got me thinking, he actually doesn’t. It’s just about the project. He really needs this and he would do anything to pass the subject, even if that means flirting with the girl he usually wouldn’t even notice. 
-I think you’re wrong, girl, he wants a piece of that.-Tyler winked at you and took a bite of his sandwich.
The two of you were eating lunch at the college cafeteria. 
-He already had a piece of this and he thinks he has me right where he wants me. If he really liked me, do you really think he’d be making stupid sex jokes and telling people they can fuck me too and stuff like that?-you shook your head.-I don’t, I would never do that to someone I liked, it just ruins whatever chance you have with someone. He needs me more than I need him for this project and that’s why he’s being nice, when we’re alone that is. He’s a jerk when there’s a crowd around us. 
-I still think you’re wrong.-Tyler shrugged.-Okay, he does need you for the project, I’ll give you that. But he doesn’t need to flirt with you because of it, he knows you’re gonna do the damn assignment anyway because you want that grade as well. He had you and I think it just turns him on when you’re a bitch towards him because, quite frankly, he doesn’t get that a lot from these ratchet ass skanks in our school. Just look at them drooling all over the guy whenever he’s at football practice or basically anywhere. You represent a sort of a challenge to him and he won’t stop until he gets you completely head over heels in love with him. 
You snorted. 
-No fucking way, Ty, no fucking way. 
-I know, but be careful. He’s got mad skills, you change your opinion on him every day, in case you haven’t noticed, which means he can affect you. If you can go from thinking he’s a jerk one day to thinking he’s actually a good guy the next, he’s got something over you. Don’t let him fool you, stay away.-he patted your shoulder.-I know you want to ride that motherfucker, but he’s not worth it. You had your fun, now move on. I even made up a rhyme! 
You laughed loudly at your friend. 
-Don’t worry, I’m aware of the fact he’s an utter asshole who has ten different faces and he chooses which one to show to whom. He just wants to prove me wrong because I’ve said no to him. He doesn’t want me, he just wants me to say yes to him. And I’m not gonna do that.-you shook your head.
-I know, but still… Why would he tell that Dylan guy that he’s your boyfriend and send him away if you’re nothing to him?-Tyler waited for you answer, but since you didn’t know what to say, he continued.-There was no need for him to do that and we both know it. I think he got jealous because Dylan was a hot, older guy and he knew he stood no chance next to him. He’s into you, but be careful. And here he comes. 
You turned around to see what Tyler was talking about and you noticed that Niall and a few of his mates from the football team and some school skanks were getting up from their table and walking towards the door, which was a few tables away from you and Tyler, meaning they’d have to pass your table in order to get to the door. You turned around to face Tyler again and prayed he wouldn’t notice you. 
But once again, the universe played a game on you.
As they walked by your table, Niall looked at you and smiled politely, but then he noticed you were sitting with Tyler, just the two of you. Then you remembered that he thought you and Tyler had a thing going on because you left that party with him. He glared at Tyler and then reached for something in his pocket. 
You and Tyler both stared at him, wondering what he wants, and everyone was looking at the three of you, his friends stopped and waited for you and the situation was just awkward. You didn’t want him to stand there. 
He grabbed something from his pocket and threw it onto your table, just in front of you and Tyler. You looked down and saw the blue wrapping of a condom. 
-Use this if you two are going to fuck, I don’t want him on my dick next Saturday.-he said loudly and winked at you, then walked off thinking he was so witty and funny, and all of his friends laughed and/or whistled. 
Wow, how extremely entertaining and innovative of him. 
-Okay, I take everything back, this guy needs to get punched in the throat and the next time he so as much gives you an evil look, I’m doing it, I swear.-Tyler lifted both of his hands up in anger. 
-He’s a jerk, get used to it, it’s just the way he does things, thinking he’s cool, let him have his fun.-you shrugged and continued eating. 
-Girl, why are you not upset about this dumb move of his? I’d be pissed if I were you, this asshole is going down!-he hit the table with his fist. 
-Ty, relax, nobody gives a shit about him, no worries. 
-I’m so pissed off right now, he can’t treat you this way and then come over to yours on Saturday and smooth talk his way into this. Jerk!-he folded his arms across his chest and breathed out loudly. 
He was right, you knew it, but you didn’t want to show him you were hurt by Niall’s words. He’d just get angry, and angry Tyler was not fun to be around with. You saw Tyler beat up someone twice before and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Even though Niall was an immature jerk, you didn’t want him to get beaten up because of you. You told yourself you shouldn’t even care about what he says and accepted the fact that he was always going to be the same guy, he was always going to be this kind of guy. Immature, irrational and selfish. That’s the way he was.

You continued ignoring Niall for the whole week, and he did the same. You haven’t even said hi to each other since the incident in the cafeteria and you were fine with it. You didn’t want to talk to him about anything, he didn’t deserve it. So, it came as a huge surprise to you when he stopped by your seat while he was walking towards his own in class and stared at you. 
-What?-you barked at him. 
-See you tomorrow?-he smiled, as though everything was alright. 
-Nope.-you shook your head. 
-Come on, I really need it.-he sat on your desk and looked at you pleadingly. 
-Well, I really needed you to stop acting like a jerk and you did anyway, so – no.-you didn’t even want to look at him as you said that. 
-Really? You’re just gonna ditch me like that? Gee, Thanks.-he got up. 
-You do your part, I’ll do mine, sent it to me over the Internet and I’ll write the essay and we’ll pass it.-you shrugged. 
He nodded and went to his seat. You actually felt bad for him for a millisecond  but then you remembered how different he was towards you when other people were around. He didn’t deserve your sympathy at all. It wasn’t hard being nice to people and he knew it, but he had to keep up his reputation.
-What was that all about? Did he say something rude again? Because if he did, I can easily shut his mouth.-Tyler walked over to you. 
-No, no, he asked me if I’ll come tomorrow to work on the assignment. 
-Girl, if you said yes, you’re about to get bitch slapped.-he gave you a creepy look. 
-I said no, obviously.-you laughed at him.-I’m gonna do the assignment, but not together, we can do it separately. 
-Good thinking.-Tyler sat down next to you.-There’s this amazing party we’re invited to tonight. 
-How amazing? I’ve got a lot of studying to do and I’m not settling for amazing, it needs to be fucking flawless.-you winked. 
-I’m only going to say this one thing – free pint after every shot. What do you say?-Tyler raised an eyebrow and smiled. 
-Is that party in heaven?-you laughed.-Yes, I’m going, I need to get drunk. Pronto! 
-Consider it done, then.-he winked.-The only problem is that the asshole is gonna be there. But I’ll be next to you, so he definitely won’t be coming around.

You expected the party to be awesome, but it was a lot better than that. There were a lot of people and everyone was hammered, everyone. The place was giving out a free beer after every shot and no one ever turns down free drinks, especially not in college. You didn’t see Niall, but it kind of disappointed you. You were really excited about flirting with other people in front of him, especially since you were wearing a great dress. 

It was a great party, but you were in the mood for a little harmless flirting, just to get your mind off of things. You noticed that Dylan was there, but you didn’t know how to approach him or what to say because Niall really crossed the line that time and you thought Dylan was probably pissed at you, and you really weren’t in the mood for apologizing for Niall’s behavior. As you looked around for someone to talk to, you spotted Jake at the bar. Bingo. A little smirk appeared on your face as you thought it was finally payback time. If Niall can play low, so can you, you thought to yourself. You walked over to the bar and you intentionally propped yourself on your elbows while waving to the waiter, just so that Jake would notice you. You wanted to flirt with someone and there was no one better to flirt with than Jake. Partially because you knew he would brag about it to Niall, because all of them were exactly the same. And Niall would mind, you knew he would. He didn’t like losing, even if you didn’t matter much to him. If he let Jake have you, he would be the loser, and there was no way in hell Niall would let himself lose. 
Jake noticed you and nodded at you, making you smile. He pointed at you and then at his shot and looked at you questioningly. You presumed he was asking you if you wanted a drink, so you nodded. And you were right, because he said something to the bartender and you got your shot and a beer soon after. You raised your glass and nodded at him and he winked. 
Someone grabbed your waist from behind and you knew it was Niall just by the touch of his hand, his fingers digging into your flesh over the dress. 
-Don’t even think about it.-you heard Niall’s voice behind your back. 
Why did he feel the need to interfere? You were actually glad he did, but you’d never admit that to him, that would only boost his self-confidence, which was already as high as it could go.
-About what?-you turned around and smiled at him, pretending to be innocent. 
He smirked and licked his lips as he checked you out from head to toe. 
-Don’t pretend you’re stupid, I know exactly what you’re doing.-he leaned in and whispered. 
-And what is that exactly?-you leaned on the bar and smiled at him. 
-You’re trying to flirt with my friend so I get mad and get over here and start talking to you. 
Damn, he was good. 
-Well, didn’t I just achieve that?-you winked. 
Niall looked down and grinned at you, surveying your body from head to toe slowly once more and you could feel him undressing you in his mind. And you were doing the same to him, you had a soft spot for tight white t-shirt and he knew how to wear them.
-You’re good at this, but you can’t be better than me. Why do you think Jake bought you the drink?-he smiled devilishly. 
-I don’t know.-you bit your lip. 
-Do you think Jake would hit on someone I fucked without my approval?-he ran his hand from your hip up to your waist and smirked.-I told him to do this. 
-That’s exactly your style, doesn’t surprise me one bit. Good for you!-you gave him the thumbs up and then downed that shot. 
-Mad again? What’s up with you? Relax, enjoy.-he smiled.-Want another drink? 
You knew you should say no. He was a jerk towards you in front of other people, and this whole charade was set up just so that he could get the grade he needed. There wasn’t more to it. You weren’t special, you weren’t anything other than ordinary and you were aware of the fact long before Niall Horan showed up in your life and you reprimanded yourself for thinking even for a second that it wasn’t like that. This was just one of his many games whose goal was to get him exactly what he needed.
You realized that Tyler was right, you actually were acting like a dumb school-girl. The minute you realized he wasn’t attracted to you, you became even more attracted to him and you just needed to have him. You hated yourself for that. Why couldn’t you just walk away from it when you knew very well how this would end? 
-Why not?-you shrugged and he ordered two shots. 
-So, about the studying… Why don’t you wanna come over?-he put his hands at each side of you and rested them on the bar, so there was nowhere to look at but straight at his face, and you had a slight problem with him being that close to you. 
-Do you really need to ask me that?-you sighed. 
-Are you afraid that history is gonna repeat itself?-he lowered his voice.-I would be very glad if it did. 
-I’m sure you would, so that you can tell all your friends about it!-you winked. 
-It’s not like that.-he rubbed your shoulder and grinned.-You know how the guys are. That doesn’t mean a thing. We always brag about girls to each other and make fun of people, but I don’t have bad intentions, especially not towards you
You laughed loudly and stared at him wondering if he really thinks you’re that dumb. Like you would believe a single word he says.
-Yeah, right, Niall, do you expect me to believe that I’m the only special one and all others are nothing, but I have that something that keeps you coming back for more?-you raised your eyebrow at him.-Really? Do I look that dumb to you? 
He laughed and took a sip of his beer while looking directly to your eyes. 
-No, that’s the catch. You’re not dumb at all, for a change.-he nodded.-That’s it. 
-Right, right, that’s what you’re famous for – being attracted to girls with brains.-you scoffed. 
-Here’s your shot, drink it and keep your mouth shut because you’re talking bullshit and you know it.-he downed his shot right after he said that.-Come on, don’t be uptight. 
-Niall, I hate that you underestimate me.-you shook your head.-I’m being honest because I’ve been drinking and that’s the only way I can be after having so much to drink. Don’t think I’m buying your stupid word play. I’m not. I had sex with you because I was attracted to you for a long time and not because you, I don’t know, swept me off my feet with your smooth talk. It’s not working on me, okay? You can just cut the crap and act normal around me for a change, ‘cause then maybe we could get along a lot better. 
He stared at you for a minute and then burst out in laughter. 
-You’re really something.-he smiled.-Alright, alright, I get you, I’ll be nice from now on. 
You nodded.-Great. Thanks for the drink, I’ll see you later. 
-No, no, no, you’re not going anywhere.-he pulled you in, so your palms hit his chest, your face so close to his, it was tempting. 
-I’m really not in the mood for this.-you looked down, avoiding his gaze. 
-Oh, I think you are. I’m not in the mood for anyone else but you, and I think you owe me one for ditching me last week, don’t you think so?-he whispered into your ear and his lips brushed your neck, making you tingle inside. 
-I don’t think I owe you a thing. Except the condom you threw on my plate the other day.-you looked straight into his eyes and he winced. 
-It was a joke, loosen up a bit.-he poked you in the ribs. 
-Do I look amused?-you frowned at him. 
-No, but you could be if you leave with me right now.-he whispered into your ear and you shivered as his hot breath hit your neck.-The night’s still young and we’ve got plenty of things to do together, what do you say, babe?
You froze for some time, not knowing what to answer. If you say yes, you would throw away everything you’ve been claiming for so long, you would throw away your morals and dignity and you’ll feel like shit tomorrow. But, on the other hand, if you say no, you’ll be missing out on some amazing sex with Niall, and just the thought of him inside you made you hot.

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