The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


5. chapter5

The weekend flew by and you did absolutely no studying. You couldn’t keep your mind off of Niall, he didn’t leave your mind for a second. You just wanted to do it with him at least one more time. You weren’t developing feelings for him, except intense sexual desire, but you didn’t want to tell that to Tyler because you knew him too well. He’d just make a fuss about it and tell you you’re falling for him, but you weren’t. You just wanted to jump on him one more time. Just one!
On Monday, you slept through the first class and after the class was dismissed, you went over to your locker to leave the books from the previous class. Niall and some of his friends were sitting on a bench in the hall, probably ditching some class, thinking they’re the coolest people in the universe for doing so. 
They were all whispering to each other as you walked past them to get to your locker, knowing it annoys the hell out of people. You knew exactly what they were talking about, but you didn’t want to give them any attention, because that was exactly what they wanted.
-Hey, Y/N, what’s that on your neck?-one of them shouted at you. 
You unconsciously covered the love bite with your hand and continued walking. You brushed their remark off, pretending not to hear them.
-Niall’s a beast, you should have known!-someone else said.
Niall licked his lips and laughed loudly, looking so full of himself that it became repulsive. You made eye contact with him by accident, and he smirked at you, showing his teeth in a wide grin. 
You just ignored all of them and went towards your locker. Really? Niall was such a kid. You were in college now, and he still bragged about the girls he shagged. You thought he was over that childish shit. How immature can he actually be at this age?
-Y/N, can I call you, too? I heard you were pretty good!-one of Niall’s friends shouted even though you weren’t near them anymore. 
-No, but you can all fuck off!-you yelled at them. 
They all shut up for a minute, not knowing what to yell back, they were all waiting for the leader of the pack, Niall, to make his move. And he did.
-See you on Saturday.-Niall yelled back and everyone whistled.-No underwear!
-You go, Ni!-someone high-fived him. 
-Or not.-you said and walked to the other side of the hall. 
You were so pissed off. You couldn’t believe he told everyone you fucked. Okay, you could maybe look past this because you’ve told Tyler as well, and you could even look past his friends laughing at you because that’s what they always did to everyone, but him making those comments was just pushing it over the limit. Was he really that immature?
A few minutes later, Niall followed you to the other hall and managed to catch up with you. 
-Wait up!-he yelled, out of breath.
You turned around, glared at him and then continued walking. You didn’t want to tell him a single word, you were that pissed off at him.
-Hey!-he grabbed your arm. 
-Fuck off, Niall, and go make dumb sex jokes with your friends. 
-We were just messing about, come on.-he winked. 
-I’m not amused. Get your hand off of me. 
He did what you told him to and he seemed angry about it, but you really didn’t care about his feelings then. 
-Bye.-you said and stormed off.

You somehow managed to avoid him for the rest of the week, that is, you managed to avoid his comments. If you saw him with a group of friends, you just blended in with the rest of the people and hoped they wouldn’t pick on you again. You were still upset about him being a jerk in front of everyone and you thought it was for the best if you just stayed away from him. Sex with him was not worthy of the public humiliation, no matter how good it was.

Tyler took you to a cool party downtown at the end of the week, it was in a club you’ve never been to before, and Tyler informed you that it was just renovated, so it was a sort of an opening night of the club, but it was there for a long time already and people knew about it. You didn’t, but Tyler and all the other cool people did, so you were sure it’s going to be full. You did the best you could on your outfit and you were satisfied when you checked yourself out in the bathroom. Red looked pretty good on you, especially because it matched your lipstick and you felt like a 50s movie star with your hair all curly. You winked at yourself and left the bathroom.

-Girl, what the hell have you been doing inside for twenty minutes?-Tyler was waiting for you outside the bathroom.-People have had relationships shorter than your trip to the bathroom. Time is money, or in tonight’s case, time is sex. And I’m not wasting mine on you!
-Sorry, I had to check my make-up and everything.-you shrugged.-Let me buy you a drink.
-Oh, you owe me a few for this torture!-he patted your shoulder and moved towards the bar and you followed him, not wanting to lose him in the crowd. 
There were so many people you knew, but there were also people you’ve never seen in your entire life. This was what you’ve always wanted – new people. People who didn’t know you from school, people who didn’t know you drooled over and fucked Niall Horan, people who didn’t know a single thing about you. A fresh start, to be more precise. You were sick of Niall Horan and his friends and all of the college stuff already.
Tyler introduced you to some of his friends who were also at the club, but you got the impression that they were all actually gay, but hey – attention is attention, so you didn’t bother with petty details.
Just as you were getting yourself a drink, a tall dark-haired man walked up to you and introduced himself. Apparently, his name was Dylan and he was 24, but he looked a lot younger and he had that vibe around him, you felt immediately attracted to him, as soon as he spoke to you. You were a bit confused because you’ve never been hit on by an older, good-looking guy, so you didn’t know how to react. How do you even talk to older guys? What do you say that won’t make you seem like a kid? You knew that guys like him usually hit on college girls because they were an easy lay, but you weren’t into that. However, it was really flattering.
Luckily for you, Dylan seemed like a nice guy, and he noticed you were confused about it all, so he did most of the talking and you just stood there and looked pretty, occasionally nodding to what he was saying. He was pretty funny and his jokes, or the alcohol, made you laugh loudly, covering your mouth and you touched his shoulder on a few occasions, ‘cause that always worked for the girls in the movies.
All of a sudden, you felt an arm around your shoulder, a strong arm which grabbed you tightly. You looked to your right side and saw Niall. Dylan was looking at you questioningly and you looked at Niall the same way. He didn’t seem embarrassed by the whole situation, not even the slightest. His cocky grin never left his face.
-What are you doing?-Niall glared at Dylan, who got even more confused after Niall spoke to him that way.
-Nothing, what does it look like I’m doing?-he seemed really angry as well.
-Sorry, mate, it looked like you were trying to chat my bird up and nobody does that. If you were doing nothing as you say, you can go do it over there somewhere.-Niall said threateningly.-Off. You. Go.
-Stop being a jerk.-you muttered to him.
-Yeah, alright, I’ll leave you guys to it.-Dylan turned around and got lost in the crowd before you got a chance to say anything to him.
-Really, Niall, really? How mature of you!-you pushed his hand off of your shoulder.
-I just did you a favor!-he grabbed your shoulder again and laughed.-You said you didn’t like casual sex and he’s a lot older, what do you think he was looking for? He was attracted to your brains? Or your amazing personality? Don’t think so.
-Get your paw off of me. Maybe I wanted him, have you even thought about that? He was looking for the same thing as you, obviously.
Neither of you moved or added anything more to the conversation. You just stood there in the middle of the club, his arm on your shoulder, your faces inches away from one another, his breath touching your face. Niall broke the silence with a laugh. 
-Then you don’t know me at all, babe. 
-Let it stay that way.-you said as you moved his arm away from your shoulder.-See you! 
-Hey, wait, can we just talk?-he blocked your way, pinning you against the bar. 
-No, we can’t. We did all the talking we needed to on Monday, remember? 
-That’s just how things work here, that’s just who we are, it doesn’t mean a thing, don’t take it so personally.-he shrugged.-Why are you getting mad about it instead of just relaxing and enjoying yourself for once? 
-I actually did that and we both know what happened afterwards, don’t we? We’re done here. There are plenty of girls for you to fuck here so you better get to business. I don’t care who you’ve bet against that you’ll shag me again, but you won’t.-you shook your head angrily. 
-What are you talking about?-he seemed genuinely offended by what you said.-Betting? On girls?
Maybe he wasn’t such a jerk after all, he wasn’t one of the guys that would bet on girls, at least something positive in all this conundrum that surrounded him. Maybe he wasn’t as awful as you thought.
-You’re underestimating me. People don’t want to bet against me for girls because, let’s be honest here.-he pointed at himself from head to toe in order to get you to check him out and admire his features.-I always get the girl. 
You took two of your fingers and pretended to shove them down your throat in order to throw up and he chuckled. 
-You know what I’d like to see going inside that mouth of yours?-he leaned in and rubbed a finger against your jaw gently. 
-So not gonna happen.-you rolled your eyes at him. 
-Oh, come on, we both know I could easily change your mind about that as well.-he wrapped his arm around your waist and looked down at you, his mouth near yours. 
His scent filled your nostrils and you closed your eyes as you inhaled. He smelled divine, just like you remembered. 
-I don’t think you can.-you shook your head.
-You’re saying that now, I can’t wait to hear what you’ll have to say after you suck me off.-he whispered into your ear.
As soon as he said it, you visualized the whole scene in your head and it was actually pretty good, but you were aware that it should stay only in your head. That couldn’t happen again, even though he was gorgeous and smelled nice and actually put some effort into this conversation. You didn’t want to be the hot topic on Monday again, and hooking up with him would sure get around fast. He wasn’t worth it. He was hot, he was cocky and you loved it, but he took it too far already.
-There’s Tyler, I have to go.-you managed to move away from his touch somehow.
-Who the fuck is Tyler?-Niall yelled after you, spreading his arms, standing there all confused, but you knew you needed to get away from him. 
If you had stayed there for a minute more, you two would be making out. And that was just not acceptable anymore. Not after his childish, rude behavior.

Tyler and you stayed at the club until early morning, but you didn’t run into Niall again. You presumed he found someone else to flirt with, and possibly fuck later, so he gave up. How typical of him to do so, and of you to actually think that his affection was genuine for once.

While walking home, Tyler asked you what time it was and you checked your phone. It was 4:28 am, and there was a message from Niall. You didn’t say anything to Tyler because you knew exactly how he’d react to Niall sending you texts in the middle of the night, especially this kind of texts. 
Next time I see you flirting with someone else, you’ll be punished until I hear you beg for it ;)
It actually made you giggle, but you reprimanded yourself for thinking it was funny and kind of a turn on. It was the cockiest message you’ve ever gotten, but somehow, it still managed to turn you on because it made you think of Niall doing things to you, making you beg him to fuck you… You shook that thought away and continued your conversation with Tyler, not bothering to reply to Niall.

Since you got home really late or early in the morning, you overslept the whole morning and you were awoken by your mother entering your room and yelling something at you. 
-What, mum, I’m sleeping?-you mumbled under the blanket. 
-Pick up the phone, it’s been ringing for two hours every five minutes, it’s driving me crazy!-she yelled and threw the phone on the bed. 
You didn’t have the strength or the will to talk to someone then, you were just too tired and hungover. Your only hope was that the conversation would be over soon and that you could go back to bed and continue dreaming about you and Tom Hardy on a deserted island.
-Where are you, you’re late?-Niall’s voice was perky.
-What the hell is wrong with you, man? I’m sleeping.-you rubbed your eyes. 
-It’s past noon, you pig, get your fat ass up and get over here. 
You giggled, but then you remembered that you were talking to Niall and that none of his jokes should be funny to you. 
-I’m not coming over, forget it. You do your part, I’ll do mine and that’s it. Talk to you later, bye.-you hung up and turned the phone off. 
You were just getting to that phase when you imagine something and it slowly turns into a dream when your mom started shaking you awake.
-Whaaat?-you brushed her hand off of you. 
-I’m going out, you get up, your friend will be here in twenty minutes.-she stood there with her hands on her hips. 
-Tyler?-you peeked through one eye, the light was blinding you. 
-No, no…. Uhm, Niall, I think? He called and told me to tell you he was coming over for a project of yours. Such a nice kid! Why didn’t you ever introduce me to him? 
No, he didn’t! He didn’t call you on your land line and charm your mom. He didn’t invite himself to your house. He basically got your mom’s permission to be there and he was probably gonna show up, full of himself like usually. 
-Because. Ah, I can’t believe you did this to me, I’m sleepy!-you sat upright. 
-This whole room stinks of alcohol, stop drinking, you’re not a kid anymore, when will you start acting like a young adult? 
-Wait,l let me go get my 12 tattoos, seven boyfriends and a couple STDs, will I be a young adult then?-you glared at her. 
-Ha-ha, how witty and funny of you, lucky me for raising such a comedian.-she threw a cushion at you playfully.-Go get a shower, I can smell alcohol on you. And this Niall sounds cute, you should get ready for him. 
-Mom, he sucks. Big time. 
-Yeah, he sucks because he actually wants to study instead of sleep the whole day. Stop being rude to people, you always ditch the fine boys, like that nice kid that once asked you out. Learn from your mistakes.-she nodded.-Off I go, see you!
You bursted out laughing as soon as she said that about Niall wanting to study. Boy, was she wrong about him.

You took a long shower and went downstairs to get breakfast. You were taking the last bite of your toast when the door bell rang. It was Niall, just like he promised. 
-You’re insane, do you know that?-you said as soon as you opened the door. 
He was wearing a white t shirt which fitted him just perfectly and a blue snapback. You started to wonder if he ever takes the snapbacks off. 
-Good morning to you, too, sunshine!-he laughed loudly. 
-Come on in.-you said and let him pass you and enter the house. 
You didn’t want to take him to your bedroom, there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d get to see it. He’d probably brag about it on Monday at school. And you didn’t want to risk having sex with him again, you two could clearly not be in the same room containing a bed for longer than five minutes without getting it on. 
-Where to?-he spun around. 
-Living room’s right there.-you pointed to the first door. 
Niall sat back in your big sofa and looked around, nodding with approval. He made himself at home without you even telling him.
-I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you here?-you asked him. 
He laughed again, and you stopped for a minute to admire his teeth. 
-I need this assignment more than you know.-he put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward. 
You decided to sit opposite of him because you just couldn’t sit next to him, you were afraid of what you might do. 
-Just read it at home, why did you call my mom? You’re not normal, I hope you know that. How are you even up? You’ve been out last night, too.-you looked at him. 
-I knew you would say no if I asked you, so I just called her, put on a few moves and she was putty in my hands.-he winked.-Anyway, I really need this and I’m shit at these kind of assignments. I need to get an A in this because there’s no way I’m getting an A in the final exam, literally. And I need this A to be able to continue playing for the college team next semester. 
-Oh, so that’s what it’s all about.-you nodded. 
-Yeah. Lucky I got you to do this with me, you’re smart.-he smiled. 
And that’s when the thought hit you – he was only being nice to you and flirting to you because he needed you for the assignment. Things haven’t changed at all and probably never would. You didn’t magically become attractive to him over night, it was the assignment. He needed you to help him pass this so that he could continue to have the life he has now. That’s what it was all about. What a fool you were. 
-Yeah, good for you.-you sighed.-Want a coffee or soda or anything? 
-Yeah, coffee’s good.-he nodded and actually opened the book to get down to reading. 
That’s when you knew it for sure that you’ve been wrong all along. Now that he was sure you were gonna help him with the assignment, he didn’t even make those stupid sex jokes about you two “getting it on“ before studying or flirted or made a pass or anything for that matter. He really was a manipulating son of a bitch. 
You somehow managed to get through two hours of reading with Niall being in the same room. After reading the chapters, you two wrote the essay about them and you actually watched two episodes of How I Met Your Mother together. He was a nice person when he wasn’t busy with being a dick, which was most of the time. Every time he’d laugh at something on TV, you had to laugh as well. His laugh was just too funny. And the weirdest thing started to happen. Now that you knew he wasn’t attracted to you in any way whatsoever, you started to be attracted to him all over again. You surveyed his face as he watched TV and you noticed the crinkles by his eyes when he was laughing, how he would focus on the TV and not be aware of you saying something or staring at him, how lovely his loud laugh sounded and how hot he looked when he would take off his snap back just to run his fingers through his hair. It was still hard for you to believe that last week you hooked up with him, that you had him all for yourself. 
You shook those thoughts off, but didn’t take your eyes off of him. Things were right back where they were a year ago – Niall Horan was way out of your league again.

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