The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


4. Chapter4

After being thrown out of Niall’s house in a way, though you didn’t think of it like that, you went to the cafe you and Tyler usually hung out at and you found him there with some of your other friends, just like you expected to. 
-Hey, Y/N! Aren’t you supposed to be studying with jock boy?-Tyler shouted as you entered the cafe, waving at you. 
-Slight change of plans.-you shrugged and took a seat next to them.-I’m all yours for the day! 
-Hey, Y/N!-Becky pinched your forearm.-Tell me about Niall, what’s he like?
Tyler sighed and rolled his eyes at the same time, and turned around to talk to someone else. 
Becky was a friend of his, and now a friend of yours since you’ve all hung out together at college. You weren’t really close to her, but she seemed nice, although a bit dumb at times. You knew that you would never be friends with her if she wasn’t a friend of Tyler’s.
-Cocky, self-absorbed and sometimes even obnoxious.-you nodded.-But I have to admit he’s pretty hot.
-I know, right? I’ve noticed him the first day of college, so, dibs!-she winked.
You laughed loudly.
-Oh, honey, he’s all yours.-you smiled politely, even though her statement somehow managed to irritate the hell out of you.
First day of college? Bitch, please, you’ve known him for years, so you were the one who could call dibs, but you let her have it. It’s not like either of you could get anything more than a fuck from him.
You’ve talked to all of them for some time, wanting to know what they’ve been up to, and once they’ve started talking among themselves, Tyler pulled you closer by the arm.
-First of all, why aren’t you jumping all over him right now as I predicted? I don’t like to be wrong, it’s just not how I roll. And second, why the hell aren’t you studying?-he hit your shoulder.-You have to pass this shitty class.
-I’ll just do it on my own, it’s not like he was going to make any contributions. He wasn’t in the mood for studying, so we didn’t study.-you shrugged.
-It’s Niall Horan, he’s never in the mood for studying. However, I’m sure he was in the mood for some sex. How come you said no? Have I taught you nothing?-he stared at you, trying to get out something from you.
-I don’t know, I think he had some row with his mom or something, I don’t care.-you shrugged again.-How was the party, tell me everything!
Apparently, you were the only person who wasn’t at the party. It was “the best party ever” according to Tasha, Tyler said “there were a bunch of hot guys”, but Becky had to say that “Niall looked as hot as he possibly could, but he hooked up with someone and we didn’t see him for the rest of the night.”Boo-fucking-hoo.   A couple of lattes and hours later, your phone rang. You didn’t have the number saved on your cell phone, but you decided to answer the call anyway. Maybe it was important. 
-Hey, can you come over? I’m alone now.-the voice was muffled. 
-Niall, is that you? 
-Yeah, yeah.-he said.-So, will you?
-Okay, I’ll be there in twenty.-you said and hung up.-Guys, I have to go!

You walked to Niall’s place feeling really nervous  What was going on? First he practically kicked you out, then he calls you over again. What was going on in this guy’s head? 
You were a bit late, but Niall didn’t seem to mind. He opened the door and actually smiled at you. You followed him upstairs just like that morning, only now he was wearing a white t shirt which fitted him perfectly with some shorts and he looked even better, if that was possible. 
He led you to the bedroom again and told you to sit on the bed. You crossed your legs as you sat on it and Niall got down on his knees on the floor in front of you and started staring at you. It was just a plain awkward situation. You weren’t sure what to do, so you opened the book, not wanting to look into his eyes. They were just too distracting. 
-So, yours are the second five chapters.-you said. 
He took the book from your hand and threw it away. A loud thump was heard as it hit the floor and you shivered. What was going on? 
-I don’t give a fuck about the book right now.-he shook his head.
-Can we not do this right now?-you got up and walked over to pick the book up.
-Why not?-he got up as well and walked over to you.
-We have to study and this whole flirting thing is stupid as fuck.-you looked at his chest to avoid any eye contact.
You just couldn’t function normally when he was two inches away from you.
-Stupid? I think it’s fun. And I think you think it’s fun, but you’re too scared of fun because you don’t know how to have fun.-his arms were on your waist by now, his mouth brushing your neck as he whispered.-You know you want to.
-I…-you coughed.-We have to study in order to pass this, Niall.
-Let’s have some fun first.-he kissed your neck and you sighed as you felt his lips touch it.-You know you want it just as much as I do.
You put your palms on his chest in order to push him away, but then he bit your neck and you couldn’t find the strength to do it, so you let him pull you in closer. He felt that you were surrendering, so he kissed you slowly at first, but it soon got rough.
In a matter of seconds, his hands were in your hair, he was tugging on it gently, his tongue circling around your mouth hungrily. You kissed him back, even though you were taken aback by the sudden change in his behavior. 
He threw you onto the bed and lowered himself onto you. His weight didn’t burden you, it was nice feeling his warmth this close, his mouth on yours, his arms exploring your body. You could feel his hard on poking your thigh and it turned you on instantly. His hand got under your shirt and he cupped your breasts. 
-Shit, I’ve wanted to do this since the first time we’ve talked.-he whispered as he squeezed them harder. 
You could say no or you could say yes, there wasn’t a third option. 
You pushed him off and at first he frowned, thinking you were turning him down. Then he smiled as he realized why you did it. You were taking your shirt off.
He unclasped your bra easily, since he was skilled at it. He started biting your breasts roughly and you were sure he’d leave teeth marks on them, but you didn’t care. You wanted this for years and now it was coming true. He stopped biting you and his teeth were replaced by his soft skillful tongue as it circled around your nipples. 
He kissed his way down to the zip of your jeans and he was in a hurry to get those off of you. You helped him by lifting your hips in the air, and he easily pulled them off of you, along with your underwear. 
He got in between your legs and spread them wide, sticking a finger into you right away. After he did a few circles with his finger, he added another one to it and started to move them in and out of your body fast, making your stomach and thigh muscles clench at the sudden pleasure you were feeling. 
Niall was really focused on what he was doing, he kept looking at your opening, exploring it with his eyes. After he made sure you were enjoying his fingers, he rubbed your clit with two fingers of the other hand and you spread your legs even wider. It felt like heaven. 
You didn’t know which way to look – at his delighted face as he was amazed by the work of his fingers or at your crotch where his fingers did their magic. 
You moaned unintentionally as the feeling grew better and better and he smirked at you, loving it. 
-Are you ready?-he asked, and you just nodded. 
He got up and quickly got rid of his boxers and his underwear. His cock was as big as you always imagined it. Seeing it like this just made you realize that this was all real – it was really happening somewhere else besides your dreams. 
You got yourself off a million times thinking about Niall and now here it was, right in front of you, waiting to fuck you. 
He teased you with his tip, and then decided to just shove it right in. You moaned loudly, not caring if anyone could hear you. Your wildest dream was coming true and it was better than you’ve ever imagined. 
-Yeah, scream for me, scream.-he said in a cold voice, but he was still smiling at you. 
You did what he wanted and not only because he wanted but because you wanted it as well. The feeling he was giving you was amazing. His cock entered you fully each time and almost left your body, but he knew just when to stop, so it stayed in. He’s obviously done this a million times, but you didn’t mind. He was really good at it, too. 
You spread your legs even wider and he pressed your thighs to the bed, so that he could thrust into you more easily. He touched your g-spot with every thrust and your legs were slowly turning to jelly. 
-Shit, Niall, there!-you moaned as he changed his angle and pace. 
He was really good at this. You couldn’t take your eyes off his torso, his muscles contracted each time he thrusted into you, his biceps were tense, he was building up a sweat and somehow he still managed to look flawless. The view of his cock disappearing inside of you was mesmerizing, you couldn’t stop staring at it, it was just so hard to look at anywhere else. You’ve always wanted to see it, just for a second at least, and here it was now, entering your body like he owned it. 
You spread your legs as much as you could and even held them up below your knees and he leaned over and kissed you as he fucked you roughly. There were no emotions there, but it didn’t matter, your legs were shaking, you were getting sensitive and you knew this was just plain sex, but it was so good that nothing else mattered. It was just you and Niall. 
He sank his teeth into your breast again and you moaned as he swirled his tongue around your nipple. You nails dug into his back and his thrusts got faster and faster. 
Niall Horan was making you come, Niall was actually fucking you. 
You knew you would come quickly because you’ve never been hornier in your life than that day, so you started bucking your hips into him, which made him smile. 
-You’re such a little slut, but you pretend you’re not. You should’ve been on top, I bet you’re fucking good at it.-he whispered and sunk his teeth into your neck roughly. 
-Come on, Niall, harder!-you scream and he did what you said. 
He grabbed your hips and continued to thrust into you, pulling your hips against his body. 
-Come for me, come on, I want to hear you scream. 
He hit your g-spot with every thrust and you couldn’t take it in much longer. You wrapped your legs around his waist and just relaxed and focused on feeling him inside of you. Your legs started to twitch as Niall didn’t slow down his pace. You nails dug into his skin and he bit your neck again and you screamed out his name. Your walls tightened around him and his thrusts got sloppier, so you knew he was coming too. Just the thought of making Niall Horan come pushed you over the edge as he thrusted into you roughly. You screamed out his name and he seemed satisfied with it. Seconds later, he came inside of you and laughed as he collapsed on the bed next to you. 
-And then you tell me you’re not into casual sex. Fuck that.-he laughed again. 
-I didn’t say it’s not good, it’s just not my thing.-you said when you finally caught your breath. 
-You’ll never learn.-he shook his head.-I know we should be reading that now, but I really can’t. 
-We can do it later, I can’t get up now. 
-Let’s just take a nap. 
You nodded and closed your eyes. If someone told you last year that you’d be taking a nap in Niall’s room after he fucked you, you’d tell them they were lying. But now, it was true.

-You filthy whore, I knew you’d do it, I knew it!-Tyler laughed over the phone.-You be sitting up there talking about how you can’t have casual sex, girl, who you kiddin’?
You called him to brag about fucking Niall and not getting attached and he seemed pretty happy about it. He always told you to live a little and all that, but it wasn’t your style, you just couldn’t do things with just anyone. So you did it with the biggest jerk of them all.
-I really wanted to, you can’t blame me for that. 
-So, did he deliver? The word’s out he’s good in bed, but is he really? 
-Yeah, he is. It was quick, but totally worth it.-you sighed.-Oh my God, I can’t believe I finally did it! College rules! 
-Be careful, though! Don’t do it again, you’ve tried it and liked it and now it’s time to back off while you still have a choice. There’s so many cool guys to fuck and date and care about!-Tyler giggled like a girl.-You had one ride on it, it was good, now it’s time to move on, honey!
-I know, but I think that if it happens again, it happened. I don’t care, it was great, don’t ruin this for me, come on! 
-I’m a nuisance because I care and you know it. Bitch, good night, I have a date and I hope to return home satisfied like your white ass did. Talk to you laters! 
-Bye bye, have fun!-you hung up. 
You still couldn’t believe you guys finally did it. You’ve wanted to do it with Niall for such a long time that you never really thought it would happen. He was always so out of your league, but now things have changed. 
You were happy that you didn’t get attached to him after this. It was obvious that it was just casual sex, there were no emotions and you were both fine with that. You just hoped it would happen again. 
The only thing you worried about was the bite mark on your neck. It was huge and you weren’t aware of how big it was until a few hours passed. You could hide the ones on your breasts easily, but the one on the neck was hard to hide. Stupid horny Niall and his stupid perfect teeth.

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