The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


3. chapter3

You were late for class on Monday morning because you overslept, and once you got to the classroom, you noticed that the teacher was late as well. You looked for a seat, but all of them were taken, except the one next to Niall. He was wearing a blue polo shirt which really brought out his eyes. Even though he was in class, he had a snapback on, thinking he was cool for being a rule breaker or something. You had to admit it looked cool on him, though. He glared at you as you sat down next to him and muttered hi. Neither one of you was excited to be next to each other, and each of you had your own reasons. You were aware of the fact that he was probably mad at you for saying that at the party. No one hurts his enormous ego and gets away with that.
-Are you mad or something?-you asked when you noticed he didn’t stop glaring at you since you entered the room. 
-No, why would I be?-he rolled his eyes and started to stare at something in front of him, continuing to ignore you. 
-Okay.-you shrugged.-Thanks for the snapback. 
-You have it?-he turned around to face you. 
-Yeah.-you nodded.
-I thought I lost it.-he pretended not to remember your conversation on Friday. 
-Cool.-you replied. 
-Oh, now I remember, you took my snapback and took off with that guy of yours.-he sounded repulsed. 
-Guess I could say that snapback brought me luck that night!-you smiled. 
It was obvious Niall didn’t know Tyler was gay, so he thought you and Ty hooked up. Now you were even – you saw him with that girl and he thought he saw you with Tyler. 
Just then, the teacher entered the classroom. Both you and Niall looked at him, none of you interested in carrying on with your conversation. Was there anything else to say to each other?
-I’m sorry I’m late, class. Please, get down to reading page 13. You’re going to have to work in groups of two for the next few weeks. Instead of chosing the couples myself, you’re just going to do it with the person seated next to you, that way it’s easier for both me and you, a lot less paper work and requests. 
You and Niall looked at each other. Fuck, you were stuck together now. You knew that he was thinking the same by the look on his face. 
-I expect the first two assignments done over the weekend. So yes, you have to meet up during the weekends, but if you ace this assignment altogether, you’ll get an A without taking the final test, so that will save you from studying. 
You squirmed in your seat. This meant Niall was going to come to your place or you were going to go to Niall’s. Which meant you two were supposed to work together, alone, in a room with a bed or a sofa or a floor, for that matter. You sighed, knowing what was surely going to happen. 
-How great.-Niall turned to face you.-I’m stuck with you. 
-I know you’re secretly glad, so stop pretending.-you winked and he smirked at you, but didn’t deny what you said. 
After the class, you saw him leave hand in hand with some blonde girl from the class. Some things never change.

You and Tyler were having coffee at your local cafe when your phone rang. You got a text from Niall with his address and 9am Saturday. 
-Who is it, is it about the party? 
-No, but I can’t go. Niall just texted me. I had to go to his at 9am on Saturday for that English assignment I told you about.-you frowned.-No parties for me. 
-Don’t pretend you’re sorry, you’re probably gonna be dry humping him as I struggle with a goddamn hangover like usual. At least one of us is gonna have fun. 
-I hope not, but who knows?-you shrugged.-He’s hot. 
-Yeah, but a jerk.-he smirked.-Which only makes him ten times more attractive to you girls. I don’t know what your goddamn problem is, the entire female population has gone mad! You always chase the guys you can’t have or the guys that you know will leave your ass hurt when you could have great guys. 
-It’s not that easy. Sometimes you just can’t get attracted to someone who’s too nice.-you shrugged again.-It’s inside of me, it’s not my choice. 
-Well, if you continue to think like that, Niall’s dick will be inside of you by the end of the week.

You were walking past your locker and you noticed Niall’s friends at the end of the hall, they were standing around the coffee machine, messing around. You usually avoided them, except Jake, the guy who invited you to the last party, and that was only because he was nice to you at the party. You knew that he was nice because he wanted to shag you, but isn’t that everyone’s motive for being nice? It’s not like everyone gets to know your personality from one conversation. 
Some guy was putting his books away in his locker which was about five lockers away from yours and you watched him do that, in order to avoid eye contact with any of the jocks. Niall’s loud laugh filled the room as he entered the hall and joined his friends. He probably spotted you, but didn’t say hi, so you didn’t even want to look in his direction. That boy next to you caught you staring at him and he dropped his books for some reason. 
-Oi, you! Don’t stare at her like that, your eyes are gonna fall out!-one of Niall’s friends shouted at him. 
The guy was blushing as he nervously picked the books up from the floor. 
-You’re shit at flirting, mate, you should tell her she’s gorgeous, that makes them feel nice.-Niall yelled and laughed, making the whole group laugh. 
You glared at him and he winked at you playfully, happy that he’s embarrassed the poor lad, who was shoving the books in his locker, wanting to run away from there as soon as possible. 
-Butt out, Horan!-I managed to yell out. 
You couldn’t believe you plucked up the courage to talk back to Niall, but at that moment, you didn’t care. They were being mean to that poor guy and you hated seeing that. If you weren’t staring at him, he wouldn’t drop his books and they wouldn’t be messing around with him now. 
-I’ve got her number, mate, and I’ve got no use for it.-Niall told him, but he was staring right at you as he said it.-You can have it and you can have her, don’t think she’s much of a lay. 
The whole group laughed and cheered as Niall proved he was such a gentleman and a macho man, all in one. Annoying prick. They guy didn’t answer, but he quickly got away to the next hall and probably ran out of the building. You just stood there glaring at Niall, but he was talking to someone already and didn’t even bother to look at you. What kind of a jerk was he exactly? You left for your next class, hoping that somehow you’ll be able to avoid him from now on. You were disappointed in yourself and your poor judgement of people. Why did you spend more than a year drooling over someone like him? The only thing he was good at was making other people feel like shit. Tyler was right, you have really gone mad. Instead of liking someone you could potentially have a relationship with, you liked Niall fucking Horan. How convenient.
You walked into the class and saw that Tyler was saving you a seat and you were thankful for that. He noticed you were mad, so you told him what happened. 
-He’ll never change, guys like that always stay immature players and end up with a beer belly and five children by different saggy ass skanks, spending their nights at the pub cheating on their wife or whatever the hell he calls her.-he rolled his eyes.-You’re better off without him, you could fuck most of the guys here, why him? 
-I don’t even know anymore. He’s hot, but there should be more to it.-you shrugged.-I just realized I literally threw away more than a year on him. On him! On the guy who thinks that he’s cool if he makes rude sex remarks about other people. 
-Don’t make the same mistake again and it’s all good.-he winked.-Girl, you were warned, now move away before you get burned for real this time. I ain’t got time for beating him up, even though I have the will to do it. 
You laughed loudly. 
-Thanks, love!-you winked at him.-Have you read the chapter for today?

Tyler didn’t walk with you from school to the bus stop, he had to meet up with a friend, so you walked alone. Or at least you thought you were alone until someone touched your shoulder and you screamed out loud.
Loud laughter filled the air. Niall fucking Horan.
-Calm down, I’m not gonna rape you!-he laughed again, holding his stomach, as though the joke he made was the funniest thing in the world.
-See this face?-you pointed to your own face.-Not amused, Horan, not amused one fucking bit.
You started moving towards the bus stop again, and he followed.
-Your face just screams fuck me, Niall, I can tell.-he caught up with you and started walking in the same pace.
-Oh, grow up already, for God’s sake!-you rolled your eyes at him.
-Don’t want to.-he winked at you.
-it’s not about what you want, you can’t always get what you want.
-Says who?-he stopped and looked at you like you were talking nonsense.
-Stop being so cocky.
-Once again, I don’t want to.
-Once again, no one gives a shit!
That seemed to be some sort of a trigger for his anger, because in a matter of seconds, his arms were on your shoulders as he pushed you against the wall and leaned his face in, so it almost touched yours. This was weird and it creeped you out, but it was good in a way. Wow, Tyler was right, you needed some help.
-Listen, Niall Horan always gets what he wants, always.
-Riiiight.-you snorted.
His big hand cupped your cheek and pressed your head against the wall and his tongue was soon inside of your mouth, circling it, his lips biting you, his tongue going inside again. One of his hands was on your butt by now and that’s when you realized it was time to push him away.
-Stop it!-you said and looked at his chest.-Are you insane?
-I told you, I get what I want.-he leaned in again and winked at you.-Don’t even pretend you didn’t like it.
He walked away cockily,his head held up high, as some of his friends waved at him from across the street. YOu stood there for some time, trying to realize what had just happened.

When you logged onto your Facebook account after coming home, you had three friend requests. They were from Jake, Niall and someone else from school. Why the fuck would Niall want to be your friend? You accepted the other two requests, but decided to leave Niall hanging. You weren’t friends and you never would be and, frankly, you weren’t in the mood for seeing his dumb statuses and stupid comments on your homepage. A minute after you accepted Jake’s request, you got a message. 
Not going to accept my request? Too scared of me?
Why do you want to have me on fb? 
So that I can jerk off to your pics ;) 
Fuck off .l. 
Jk, we’re partners on the assignment, of course i have to have you on fb
don’t think so
you play songpop and i’m a pro, i could help you ;) 
i will once you accept the request, you know you want to!
how about NO 
i’ve got shirtless pics, you know you want to
my god, what a charming lad
you’re saying that now, wait till you see what i have for you ;)
omg grow up
make me 
I have one for you
not interested, tnx
yeah, right, ruin all the fun, are you a nun or smth?
then you’ve sinned by wanting me, lust is a deadly sin
knock it off
i will once you accept me
here you go

You clicked accept and signed out. What was this? Was he some kind of a split personality or what? One minute he was funny and flirty and the next he was a complete bastard. 
You signed in again just to stalk his profile. You wanted to know what he was doing. 
Of course, he had photos with different girls as his profile pictures, his cover photo was from some summer party, it was him in his bathing shorts and a group of girls that looked like models were around him making duck faces at him. He did post some good songs, though. His statuses were jokes or his sarcastic jokes and some of them were quite funny, but you never thought of liking anyone of them. His ego was big enough already, if you liked anything, he’d start thinking you’re crazy about him.

Saturday was approaching fast and you weren’t in the mood for spending and hour or two in the same room with Niall. You’ve only spent ten minutes talking to him and you thought about jumping his bones, two hours would be too much. And ever since that kiss in the street, you couldn’t get him out of your head. You weren’t planning on acting on your emotions, but you just knew that you won’t be able to say no if he tries something again. In his house. Alone. Next to his bed. On which he could fuck you senseless  You needed something that will put you off, so you went through his Facebook again, just to remind yourself he’s a jerk. Flirty wall posts from ten different girls proved your point. 
Niall opened the door for you on Saturday shirtless, wearing only some shorts. -Hey, come on in.-he said and slammed the door once you walked in. 
His house was a bit messy, some beer bottles and a pizza carton were on the table, but other than that, it was nice. 
-We’re gonna study in my room since this someone didn’t clean up after themselves.-he sounded annoyed. 
You followed him up the stairs into a hall. His room was on the right side and had a nice view on the forest. The room itself wasn’t as messy as you expected. There were some books he probably never even opened on the table, underneath it and around it, some of Niall’s shirts were hung on the chair and the side of the bed. He picked one of them up from the bed. 
-You can sit here.-he pointed to the bed. 
You did as he said. 
-So…-you said and looked at him. 
You weren’t sure just how you were going to write this report while he was standing in front of you shirtless. It was quite an admirable view, and it was hard for you to concentrate on the studying.
-You want to mess around before we get down to business?-he winked and gave you a grin. 
-Are you serious, Horan?-you smirked at him. 
-Okay, continue being Virgin Mary if you like.-he shrugged and sat on a moving chair in front of you.-Where do we start? 
-We need to read first ten chapters from the book and write a summary, explaining why the characters did what they did.-you said.-You read the first five, I’ll read the second five and then we’ll summarize it together? 
-Sure, sounds fair.-he nodded.-Do you want a coffee or something? 
-No, no, don’t bother.-you shook your head. 
-I’m going to make one for myself, so it’s not a problem.-he smiled.-Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back. 
He left the room and you felt a need to go through his things, to see what you’ll find, but you resisted that urge. It wasn’t fair to do that. 
You sat on the top side of the bed and leaned your back on the wall, starting to read your chapters. You got into the book so much that you didn’t notice someone staring at you through the open door. When you looked up, you almost started screaming, but then you realized it was just a kid. 
-Shit, you scared me.-you said and he smiled. 
-Sorry.-he spread his cute little arms while shrugging his shoulders.-Where’s Niall? 
-Downstairs, I guess. 
-Are you his girlfriend?-he walked over to the bed and climbed up next to you. 
-God, no!-you shook your head.-We’re friends. 
-Okay. He’s my brother. 
-I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.-you offered your hand to him and he shook it. 
-Ryan, you too.-he smiled.-What are you reading? 
Just then, you heard Niall coming up the stairs. A minute later, he showed up at the door carrying a tray with two cups of coffee and some cookies. He smiled as he saw his brother next to you and put down the tray. 
-Ryan, come here.-he said and the boy rushed into his arms. 
Niall lifted him in the air and smiled. 
-We have to study, so you can’t be here.-he told him.-Where is she? 
-Mom’s asleep.-the boy frowned. 
-Let’s go wake her up, she shouldn’t be sleeping this late.-Niall sounded bitter. 
He turned to you and said he’ll be back and then left the room. You heard some muffled voices in the distance, probably Niall and his mom talking.
He returned a few minutes later, looking distressed. 
-Listen, Y/N, I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’m not in the mood for this right now, can we finish this some other time?-he looked around the room. 
-Sure, sure.-you got up quickly and gathered your things.-I’ll show myself out, see you. 
-Yeah, bye.-he said. 
You rushed past him and down the stairs, wanting to leave as soon as possible. You were happy you didn’t have to spend more time with him, so much that you didn’t even want to think about what caused the change in his behavior. Seeing him act all caring about his little brother and carrying him in his arms and talking like a kid to him was a turn on for you, it made him seem a better person, and you didn’t want to think that way about him. He was a jerk, he was a jerk, you kept telling yourself that. Just because he’s nice to his brother doesn’t mean he’s nice to other people. Hell, you’ve seen him around others and he was shit to them. No, the imaginary thing going on in your head with Niall needed to stop.

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