The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


22. chapter22


..-I’m really happy your date went well, I really am.-you leaned your head on Tyler’s shoulder and he leaned his chin on your head.
-Thanks, bitch, but don’t get too cuddly with me here, I don’t want the Irish fella to bitch about me later.-he chuckled and looked at the field.-Not like he’s gonna do anything about it.
You two were at the football game to which Niall asked you to come. Everyone you knew from college was there, and you were surprised. You didn’t know people at college were so into football, but you found out when you had trouble finding a vacant seat. You and Tyler were a bit late, thinking there will be just a few people there, but everyone was already seated and waiting for the game to start. Lucky for you, Tyler had a few of his friends there and they managed to scoot over and give you a place to sit. You had a hot dog and a beer and Niall was soon going to run out and look amazing as usual, so it was a good day. 
-He won’t bitch about you, he’s okay with you, I guess. At least after I told him you were gay.-you shrugged.-Why are they five minutes late? 
-The cheerleader act is first, those bitches are probably late or putting on make up or something.-he rolled his eyes.-Jessie’s one of them, we’ll have something to laugh at. 
-That bitch is dead if she so as much lays a finger on him.-you muttered. 
-Somebody’s getting jealous, huh?-he winked. 
-I’m not jealous, I just don’t want anyone to touch him.-you shook your head and looked over to the field again, hoping it would start soon so you get to see him. 
-He’s not yours, though.-Tyler said the truth you were trying to avoid.-Don’t get too attached to him. I mean, I know he’s good to you and that you love spending time with him and all that, he makes you feel great. I just want you to be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt. 
-I know.-you nodded.-I am careful, but it’s hard to tell myself not to get attached when things are going great, he’s never around other girls and he’s nice to me and I really like him, I won’t pretend I don’t. But, you’re right, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. After all, only a week has passed since we’ve started this. 
-Oh my God, that was last week! Seems like a decade!-Tyler exclaimed.-Here come the whores, brace yourself. 
He was talking about the cheerleaders who were taking their positions in the middle of the field and then they did their little routine. All of the guys cheered at them, but you and Tyler weren’t very amused. Just as they were finishing up, Becky showed up and asked you to move a bit so that she can sit. 
-Hey, Becks!-Tyler waved at her as he spoke to her over you.-What’s up? 
-I’m so glad I saw you guys, I came here alone!-she laughed.-I heard that Niall was playing, so I wanted to see it happen. I really want to see him take his shirt off after he scores. 
You sighed angrily and Tyler nudged you with his knee. You just couldn’t understand how come she is still drooling over him after he kicked her out that day after having sex with her and never called her again.
-Yeah, aren’t we all excited about that?-he said sarcastically.
Becky didn’t know about you and Niall because you told Tyler not to tell anyone, but at that moment, you regretted it. You wanted everyone to know that you two were a thing – a fucked up thing, but still a thing. That way she wouldn’t be drooling all over him in front of you. 
When the boys came out from the locker rooms, everyone got up to their feet and cheered, including Becky. You and Tyler stayed seated and you shot him an evil glare. 
-Didn’t invite hear.-he mouthed and lifted his palms up in defense. 
-Don’t care.-you muttered. 
During the entire game, she kept on commenting how hot Niall looks and the thought of strangling her never left your mind. Other girls around you were also cheering whenever he’d get the ball. He scored two goals and you jumped up each time he did it, but so did everyone else. You didn’t even know if he noticed you. He did invite you, but he didn’t know you were there that day just because of him. There were a bunch of people there and you didn’t really stand out. They won with 4:2, and it was all over pretty fast. You hated watching these games, but time just flew by when Niall was playing. Your eyes never left him, you watched his every move. The face he made when he was focused was so amusing, you couldn’t help but stare. When it was done, you stayed seated and let everyone rush down and stay stuck in the dorridors, that’s what you always did. Later, when they leave, it would be easier to just walk out without having to push your way through a bunch of people. 
-God, I wish I was Jessie right now!-Becky laughed. 
-Oh my God.-you muttered and sank lower in your seat. 
-Why the fuck would you want that?-Tyler looked at her with a disgusting expression on his face. 
-She gets to fuck Niall after every game, it’s a tradition, that was the same in high school.-she frowned.-Lucky bitch. 
-Oh no, she doesn’t.-you said angrily. 
-Uhm, yeah? She does!-Becky rolled her eyes at you.-You wouldn’t even know about that, you don’t know them at all. I talk to Jessie sometimes and she tells me these things. 
-Wow. How amazing! I wish I could do that, too!-you said with fake happiness in your voice and Tyler chuckled. 
You just wanted to tell her you get to fuck Niall whenever you want and you get to be with him and laugh with him and hug him and cuddle. 
-That was in high school  Becks.-Tyler shook his head.-Not anymore. Now let’s go, it isn’t so crowded anymore. 
You got up first and walked in front of them, not wanting to hear a single thing Becky says. She pissed you off so much that day that you probably became allergic to her voice. You knew about Niall and Jessie, he told you they used to fuck here and there, but he said she was a whore and that he never cared about her. Besides, Jake did her too. Everyone did her. However, you couldn’t get the thing Becky said about them fucking out of your mind. What if they do it again for old times sake? Would he do it? You were good now, things were alright, and he did tell you that it was just the two of you, and that meant you weren’t supposed to have sex with other people, but what if he forgets it? You knew that it would just crush you. Even though you weren’t official or anything, you started caring for him a lot more than you should have and you got used to him. And if he fucked her, you’d have to call the thing off and lose him. You weren’t ready for losing him. It would hurt, even though you were aware it wasn’t even a real thing. You weren’t together, but you still felt like you were in a way. You wouldn’t tell that to him, but that didn’t stop you from feeling it.
Tyler caught up with you because you have walked away from them quickly, wanting to get away from Becky before you strangled her. 
-Hey, what’s wrong?-he grabbed your forearm.-I didn’t invite her, I swear. I know you don’t like her. She was supposed to come with the others, I don’t know why she was alone, sorry! She just showed up, I don’t know why she sat with us. 
-No, it’s okay, I know you didn’t.-you nodded.-I’m just worried about what she said. 
-About Jessie?-Tyler snorted.-Come on. He fucked Jessie before, big deal! You knew that already, it’s not exactly news. And I really doubt he’s stupid enough to do it again. And if he is, then you’re better off without him. I mean, if a guy chooses someone like Jessie over you, you don’t need him. I don’t think he will, though, he’s not that dumb.
-Thanks, baby.-you hugged him and he hugged back, rubbing your back. 
-It’s fine, you’ll see. Don’t worry.-he kissed the top of your head and then backed away.-Wanna grab a coffee? 
-Yes, sure.-you nodded and walked with him to the college coffee shop. 
You were wondering where Niall was. Some of his team mates walked past the shop and cheered, yelling at each other, having fun, but you didn’t see him. You didn’t see Jessie, for that matter and you couldn’t help worrying. Angela, Tyler’s sister, and some of Tyler’s friends joined you at the table, so you couldn’t keep staring at the exit of the football venue to see who’s going out of there. 
-Hey, Y/N, haven’t you seen you in ages!-Angela hugged you.-How have you been? I keep telling Tyler we should all go out together, but he keeps taking you to some college parties and I don’t get to see you. 
-You know he doesn’t want to us in the same room with him because he gets irritated when we talk about guys.-you rolled your eyes and smiled at her.-How have you been? 
-I’m doing great, actually!-she sat down right next to you.-I can’t wait to get into college! There are so many hot guys out here, you’re so lucky! Just two more years! 
-Yup, college is good for that. Don’t think Tyler’s gonna be too happy about it.-you smirked.-So I take it you’re still single? 
She sighed and rolled her eyes. She always wanted to be older than she was, she tried hanging out with me, but Tyler told her no. He didn’t want her to date guys like Niall, that’s precisely why he never wanted her to grow up.
-All those guys at high-school are so immature,Y/N. And these college guys seem amazing and funny and mature! Oh my God, you’re so lucky!-she clapped her hands happily.-It’s just two years! 
-Don’t get too excited, they’re not that different from high-school boys. They’re just older, that doesn’t mean they’re more mature.-you shook your head.-They’re still after the same thing, so don’t think it’s any different from that. 
-You tell her!-Tyler yelled from the other side of the table approvingly and you and Angela giggled. 
-So, Y/N.-she pulled you in closer.-I hear you have like a thing with that Irish guy? 
-What, who told you that?-you were a bit surprised that she knew about it since not a lot of people did.
-I saw you two together at the party, you were leaving.-she blushed and whispered the other part.-I was there, don’t tell Tyler. 
-You were there? Oh my God, he’d kill you.-you shot her a concerned glare.-I hope you didn’t do anything he’d kill you for. 
-He’d kill me for anything, let’s be honest.-she shrugged and you nodded in agreement.-I didn’t do anything, though. I just went there to see this guy I kind of like. That’s why I’m asking about Niall. 
-Tell me.-you whispered back. 
-I know he hangs out with Connor, and I like him.-she grinned happily.-I ran into him a few times at the coffee shop, he works there during the weekends sometimes and he told me he goes to college with my brother and all that, so I knew I shouldn’t do anything. But he’s really cute. And I know he hangs out with Niall, and I saw you two together, so I thought you could like take me with you to the place they hang out at or something. I can’t exactly do anything while he’s working, I can just chat to him.
-Oh. Shit. I think Tyler would murder me.-you shook your head.-Niall and Connor aren’t exactly so tight anymore, so I can’t find out anything. And I don’t think you should be hanging out with them, like really. I’m not saying that because I’m Tyler’s friend.
-Why is that? You’re dating Niall.-she got a bit upset, but she tried to hide it. 
-Yes, but that’s different. We’re not dating, we’re just friends, and they aren’t exactly the good guys, that’s what I’m saying. 
-I don’t know Niall, but Connor seems great.-she was persistent, so you just shrugged. 
-I never hung out with him, so I wouldn’t know. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, he’s nice, but I don’t really know him.
You noticed Tyler glancing your way a few times, but you decided not to tell him about it. She’d probably get mad at you and Connor wasn’t that bad anyway and they weren’t even together. You didn’t want to get involved at all, you were already too far in. 
Just then, your phone vibrated which meant you got a text. It was from Niall, surprisingly. 40 minutes after the game finished, that was the only thing that was on your mind, 40 fucking long minutes. Where was he during those 40 minutes? His teammates already left some time ago, so if they managed to take a shower and leave, so could he. Was he with Jessie? 
Don’t I get to score for scoring two today? 
Of course it was about sex. You didn’t know why you even expected it to be about anything else other than that. It’s not like Niall was ever going to send you a text saying hey, how are you, or you looked lovely today, or wanna go for a walk. No, it’s always about fucking. You agreed to that, but now you were getting paranoid and all those stupid feelings of being used came back. If he did it with Jessie, you two would be through, you were aware of it, you just hoped that he was aware of it, too. 
I’m not really in the mood today. Congrats! 
It sounded rude and stern, but you didn’t care. A part of you was really mad about the Jessie thing and you couldn’t let it go. The little green monster did its thing and you were feeling jealous all over again. You didn’t want to think about him and her together. It was messing with your head since Becky said it and now you couldn’t even enjoy Niall’s invitation. Now you saw it as a booty call and nothing more. 
Did you go home already? 
You looked at the phone and thought about what you were going to respond. He’d try to make you meet up with him and things would just get weird. You didn’t want him to know you’re jealous, he’d be so proud of himself for that, so you couldn’t ask him about his whereabouts. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d say something about you being clingy when you weren’t. You just didn’t want him fucking other people, that was normal.
No, I’m with my friends. 
Tyler asked you if you were alright and you nodded, not wanting to talk about it in front of others. Angela’s mood was ruined because you turned her down, but you didn’t do it with any bad intentions. You really couldn’t go up to Connor and talk to him about it, you didn’t even know him, and even if you did, you couldn’t do anything behind Niall’s back. Niall would get mad if he saw you around Connor and Jake all alone. 
Can I walk you home?
It kind of took you by surprise when he asked that. It wasn’t exactly his style, but if all he wanted was a walk, maybe you should go with him and find out if anything had happened with Jessie. You couldn’t be a bitch, it’s not like he did anything to deserve it, it was just your mind playing tricks on you since all of this already happened with him. He did have sex with Jessie at that party and it hurt like hell, but back then you didn’t have anything, at least not if you asked him. Now it was different.
Meet you outside
You excused yourself and gave Tyler a meaningful glance and he nodded, understanding where you’re going. You walked outside and waited for Niall. It was sunny, but a bit windy and you sat on a wall, wrapping your arms around yourself because you got the chills. Not long after, the door opened and he walked out of the venue, his backpack hanging over his left shoulder. He smiled at you as he walked towards you with a swagger, as confident as always. You were so different, it couldn’t be more obvious. Whenever you were walking towards someone, you’d smile at them and then look at the floor during the awkward walk towards them. Niall never did that. He stood right in front of you soon, and he smelled like heaven even from that far away. 
-Where were you for so long?-you asked, not giving him a chance to speak first. 
-I was taking a shower because I knew you were here. Didn’t want to stink when I meet you.-he chuckled. 
You knew he was telling the truth because his hair was still damp and his hair was down his forehead, sticking to it and he ran his hand across it, trying to lift it in the air, but with no success. It was still casually hanging down his forehead and you loved it that way. 
-Who with?-you scrunched your eyebrows at him and he laughed. 
-Alone.-he looked at you questioningly.-What’s going on? 
-Are you sure? 
-Yes, Y/N, I’m pretty sure there was nobody in the fucking shower with me. I wouldn’t mind if you joined me, though.-he shrugged and gave you a cheeky grin. 
-Keep on dreaming.-you rolled your eyes.-Let’s go. 
You felt like a prick for attacking him when he clearly didn’t do anything. Being gullible is one of the things you hated about yourself, but you couldn’t change it. You were just too afraid of losing him, so you reacted at everything that had any kind of connection to him. If someone said anything about him, you’d get too careful and bitchy around him because it was easy for you to doubt him. Seeing him walking right beside you, his hand occasionally brushing yours made you realize you were stupid. He’d be somewhere else if he wanted to, but he was with you.
-Did you like the game?-he asked after a while, seeing you aren’t gonna be the first to talk.
-Yes, it was good. You did great, I was cheering for you up there.-you smiled to yourself. 
-I saw you right when I walked out on the field, you were sitting with Tyler way up there.-he grinned again and he seemed genuinely happy about it.-Thanks for showing up. 
-I promised.-you winked.-I didn’t know you were that good! I had fun, I have to say. 
-I’m glad you did.-he rubbed the bottom of your back with his palm for a second, but he removed it quickly, even though you were enjoying it.-And let’s face it, I’m good at everything, why would football be any different? 
-So did you talk to Connor yet?-you looked at him and were surprised to see that he wasn’t upset about you mentioning it this time. 
Usually he’d frown and you could just tell that he was angry because you mentioned any of his friends, but this time, he didn’t seem to care about it. 
-Not yet.-he shrugged and smiled at you, still walking right next to you. 
-Listen, Tyler’s sister is into him and I don’t know what to tell her, how does he treat girls?-you spoke hesitantly. 
This wasn’t something you would usually say to Niall because you used to see him as the guy who made fun of people for liking other people. The old Niall would probably embarrass the hell out of Angela for liking Connor and of Connor for Angela liking him. You saw them do it a hundred times, they just enjoyed humiliating people for those kinds of things, but now you had some trust in him.
-He’s such a good guy that he’s still a virgin, that’s all I’ll say about it.-he shook his head and your mouth flew open. 
-Really? You’re not joking? He’s one of you guys and he’s a virgin and you still talk to him? Talk about a plot twist.
-No, I’m not joking, he’s one of those sensible guys.-he made a disgusted face.-But he’s a good kid, so we forgive him for that.
-Well that’s just great!-you smiled.-She’ll be happy to hear that. 
-Is she hot?-he lifted his eyebrows repeatedly and you hit him on the arm. 
-Tyler would kill you.-you laughed evilly -And yes, she is. But Connor’s hot, too. 
-Stop drooling over my friends, first Jake, now Connor, seriously. 
You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but you took it as a joke. There was no way in hell he could think that you were actually into anyone else but him when it was so obvious you’ve fallen head over heels with him. You literally had eyes only for him and it was worrying.
-Can’t help it, you’re all so hot, I really can’t choose which one I want, you’re all so extremely hot and amazingly smart, oh my.-you pretended to faint and grabbed his arm so you wouldn’t fall down and he laughed.-It would be such a privilege to get it on with any of you, but life’s not fair when you’re too ugly for the jocks. 
-Don’t ever say that again. I’m the only one who should be hot to you.-he smirked.-And I know that I am, so it’s all good.
-Shut up.-you rolled your eyes at him. 
-So, tell me, did you enjoy seeing me all sweaty?-he grinned and looked at you while running his fingers through his hair, trying to get it up.-I know it’s every girl’s dream to fuck the football captain. 
-Oh my God, you’re so right.-you spoke in a girlish voice.-I swear to God I creamed my panties when you lifted your shirt. 
He stopped walking and looked at you, raising both of his eyebrows and smirking cockily. 
-I’m joking, Niall. 
He pulled you closer so your chest was pressed against his and leaned down to whisper in your ear.
-I bet if I shoved my fingers in your pants, you’d be wet, so no, you’re not joking.-he laughed cockily at the end and you pushed him off, laughing.-Don’t lie.
You blushed and shook your head at him. Just having him pull you closer to him was a turn on, so you couldn’t say it wasn’t true. Instead, you decided to change the subject.
-I wanna take the bus, my feet hurt!-you winced. 
-You’re so lazy, I just ran around for 90 minutes and I can walk normally, but you can’t?-he sounded genuinely surprised. 
-I am a lazy bitch who doesn’t do anything, where have you been all this time?-you shrugged and he grabbed your around the waist and threw you over his shoulder. 
-We’re not taking the bus.-he giggled and started carrying you and you wiggled your legs, but you couldn’t move, not even an inch. 
-Put me down! I’ll walk, I swear.-you mumbled through laughter and he did what you asked of him after slapping your ass in the middle of the street. 
As he put you on your feet, his nose brushed your cheek and you froze at the contact. You’ve been wanting to kiss him all day, but didn’t want to be the first one to make a move, but he was so close to you and you didn’t care about who’s going to be the first to start, so you gave him a small peck and he smiled. 
-What was that for?-he asked with a grin on his face and you continued walking. 
-For scoring! 
-I scored two.-he winked and smacked your butt once again, not even caring about other people on the street. 
-You jerk, don’t do that.-you slapped his hand off and he laughed loudly, and it made you laugh too. 
You liked how things were between the two of you, it was nice knowing he was with you instead of going to celebrate their win with his teammates and the cheerleaders, most of which wanted him. He chose you over that, and it meant something. He walked you home, just like he said he would and he didn’t even try to come inside. 
-Thanks for coming.-he sighed.-I was happy you were there. 
Seeing him smile and his cheeks getting pink made you smile as well. These moments were very seldom in the beginning, but you were starting to get used to this Niall, the cute one which blushes when he admits something about his feelings, the one who actually admits he has some sort of feelings. 
-I was happy to be there, I really enjoyed it and I’ll come to the next one, too. 
He frowned all of a sudden, and you thought it was because you told him that you’ll be there. Maybe it looked like you were already making plans for the two of you, and you agreed on not doing that, so you quickly spoke, before he had a chance to. 
-If you want me to come, that is. I don’t have to.-you swallowed the lump in your throat, hoping he didn’t take any of this the wrong way. 
-I’d love for you to be there, but we’re going out of town for the next game.-he looked kind of upset and you wondered why.-We’re leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday night. 
-So you won’t be here the whole weekend?-you raised both of your eyebrows in surprise as you asked.-But that’s when we spend more time together. 
You were hoping you’d get some alone time with him. You couldn’t be all over each other in college, you just talk to each other there and he’d walk you home, but he wouldn’t hug you like he did when you were alone. You wanted to spend the weekend at his, cuddling and cooking together and having sex and going out together, but now it was ruined. 
-No, but I really have to go, I’d let the team down if I didn’t.-he shrugged.-And it’s a big thing, a lot of people are coming to cheer for us, we need three buses to take us there. 
-Well, that’s nice. How come there’s so many people going? 
-The entire football team, the cheerleaders and a bunch of people who pretend they’re into football when they’re actually into going out on Friday and Saturday without any parental control in a city where no one knows us. 
The first thing that ran through your mind was that he could do whatever he wanted to do with whoever he wanted to do it, and you wouldn’t find out. He’s going out of town with a bunch of friends who are idiots and who don’t really care if he’s seeing someone. They’re always telling each other that girls don’t mean anything, they’re all young and should have fun and all that crap. You knew that they would tell Niall to come party with them and he would, because he never wanted to let his team down. God forbid they think he’s not cool. So he’d go out and Jessie and the skanks would come onto him, or some other chicks from that city and you’d never find out if he did anything with them or not. Did you trust him? Yes, but probably not enough. 
-Wow. That’s cool, you’re gonna have lots of fun.-you faked a smile, but all of that was still running through your mind. 
-Not if I can’t get on top of you.-he shook his head and pouted, making you laugh.-I’m joking, it’s gonna be good, but I’ll be back soon. 
You didn’t say anything. Instead, you put your hand on his shoulder and then moved it to his cheek and smiled. You probably looked sad, because Niall looked worried all of a sudden. 
-What’s wrong? 
-Nothing’s wrong.-you shook your head, lying your ass off. 
-If you say so.-he nodded and wrapped his hand around your waist, pulling you closer so your chest was pressed against his.-It’s just three days, and it’s not like we’re together everyday. 
Great, you were the one who seemed like a creeper again. 
-Yeah, I know, it’s okay.-you shook your head. 
He pulled you in a bit closer and kissed you softly, just pressing his lips against yours. You both closed your eyes and his lips started massaging yours and he sucked on your lower lip slowly. His hands wrapped around you tighter and you wrapped yours around his neck and his tongue brushed your lips.
-Y/N, is that you?-you heard your mom’s voice and pushed Niall backwards with force and you both just stared at each other, panicking. 
-Should I go?-he whispered, and you nodded quickly, but your mom was quicker because she opened the front door right then. 
-It is you!-she grinned.-And who do we have here?
Surprisingly, Niall took a step forward and confidently offered her a hand to shake, which she did. You just stood there, not knowing how to react or what to say to her.
-I’m Niall, Y/N’s friend from college.-he smiled at her, and she instantly smiled back. 
Friend from college. Friend. A friend. To say you felt like crap would be the understatement of the year. She saw you kissing and now she would ask you a bunch of questions about Niall and all you could say is that you were friends because that’s what he just told her. She’s going to be so disappointed, and so is your dad. You heard them talking about you sometimes when they thought you weren’t listening, talking about how you don’t have good grades anymore or how you go out every weekend and get drunk and do God knows what, and she’d often say she feels like you’re going down the wrong path and all that crap. You were afraid of disappointing them. And this would definitely be a disappointment. They were high-school sweethearts and they just thought it was easy to meet someone special. Well, it isn’t. 
-A friend?-she cocked an eyebrow at you and then shifted her gaze to him.-Well, you’re really lovely. Do you want to stay for dinner? 
Niall shook his head politely and crossed his arms behind his back. 
-Thanks for the offer, but I have to go home, dinner is probably waiting for me there.-he lied, and nodded to her before turning to you.-See you around, Y/N. He gave you a wink and pinched your upper arm before saying goodbye and leaving. Your mother was staring at him, so you tried to run upstairs before she says anything, but too late. 
-You didn’t tell me about him!-she grabbed your forearm. 
-There’s nothing to say, mom. 
-You’re kissing him on the front porch in the middle of the day, so there’s gotta be something.-she crossed her hands across her chest.-People don’t just do that. 
-Mom, people have sex in broad daylight, we just kissed, so I don’t know what’s so shocking about it. I don’t want to talk about it.-you snapped. 
-Back in my day, things weren’t like that, just so you know. A guy had to try hard to get with a girl, and nowadays you all just run after them.-she shook her head.-You’re not one of those girls, I hope, we didn’t raise you that way. 
-Oh come on! I’m gonna get the sex talk because I kissed someone?-you rolled your eyes. 
-You’re not, you already got it. I just don’t want you to get hurt, and guys can hurt you. If someone doesn’t have good intentions with you, you leave before something bad happens. You know the little Hart kid down the street?-she started whispering as you walked towards the stairs together.-She’s pregnant. Her parents didn’t even know she had someone. I always say, if you can’t handle the consequences of sex, don’t have it.
-I know, mom, I think of that, I’m on the pill, yeah?-you cleared your throat.-And I don’t have sex with, oh my God, I’m not going to talk about this with you.
-I’m your mother, who else are you going to talk to about this?-she looked genuinely offended.-I only want the best for you. I don’t want people hurting you, you’re a sweet kid. 
-Mom, I’m going to my room, I really don’t want to talk about this ever again!-you turned on your heel and ran upstairs, embarrassed.
She did make a good point. What would happen if you got pregnant? It couldn’t happen, but just hypothetically speaking. Niall would definitely ditch you. There was no way he’d ditch everything else for you. Or maybe? No, he wouldn’t. He was too young and too immature for that, even though he did take good care of Ryan. There was just no way he’d be up for that kind of responsibility and it saddened you. He’d ditch you after something so serious and overwhelming. Your mom was right, you couldn’t do that to yourself. Just as if he could read your mind, he texted that same minute. 
I see where you get the good looks from, but you’re still the hottest one in the family ;)
You chuckled and took a deep breath. What were you doing with your life? You always told yourself you’ll be into someone who’ll respect you and who’ll genuinely care for you and that you won’t be one of those girls who just fall for jerks. But here you were, thinking about how cute Niall is, even though he just told your mom he was just a friend when he fucked you almost on a daily basis. If you talked to Tyler about it, you knew what he’d say. Niall didn’t want anything serious. It was all fun and games, but when it came to things getting serious, you weren’t gonna get it from him. Were you really ready to get your heart broken? It may happen soon. He could change his mind and ditch you whenever he pleases, after all, you’re just friends. And now he was going away because of the game and he didn’t have a girlfriend back home, all he had was a friend. A fucking friend.


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