The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


20. Chapter20


That Sunday afternoon with Niall completely changed your feelings towards him. Before that, he was something new and something exciting and you wanted him because you knew you couldn’t have him, there was something about him that you thought was special, but on your way home form his house, you couldn’t keep still, your feelings were overwhelming and you knew things have changed. You started feeling more for him. It wasn’t just a crush, you’d never admit half of those things to a crush. The change in Niall’s behavior was so obvious that you weren’t worried about your “thing” anymore. It was good. It was weird, but he didn’t know anything about relationships at all, so you had to overcome that, but he was really trying. The jerk Niall wasn’t there anymore, or so it seemed, and that was a good thing for everyone, especially for you. There was nothing to worry about, just the way he looked at you told you he has changed, at least when it comes to you. He tried hard to be nice, he talked to you, he listened to your first time story and actually got concerned about you, he was different, and you appreciated that. You got to see that side of him he was hiding so well and you loved it.
As soon as you got home, you went to to take a bath and called Tyler. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing when you told him where and how you spent the afternoon. 
-Girl, I’m still not believing this. What? Niall?!-he screamed out.-I’m so happy for you! There’s so much to process, i don’t know where to start! I don’t want you to get your hopes up just yet, because it was just one day, but it’s a progress, a huge progress. I’m a pessimistic bitch, you know me, but I can’t believe you spent the entire afternoon together, and it was his birthday. And with his brother, oh my God, girl, I’m tearing up here! This is such good news, I’m happy for you! And I can’t believe you had the guts to talk to him about that, I know you have trouble with opening up to people about it, I’m proud of you, I just hope he never lets you down. this could end up great if he continues to act like this!
You laughed loudly and told him to calm down, even though you were excited about it as well. 
-I know, it sounds too good to be true, so I’ll be careful, but I’m happy. This was such a good day, I can’t even explain. I knew there was a good side to him, I’ve always told you that, but today I really got to see it.-you smiled to yourself as you remembered everything Niall did that afternoon.-You should see how much he cares about his brother and how he treats him! He’s a really good brother, you can tell that just by the way he looks at him. I never knew he treats him so well. He cooks for him and takes care of him, and he takes him up to bed and puts him to sleep and he’s careful not to say anything bad in front of him, he’s not Niall when he’s around him, you need to see that.
-I’d like to see that side of him someday, but if he changes again, I’mma cut a bitch. I guess everyone’s just different when it comes to the people they care about, so he’s different around his brother, and you now, I guess. Lucky bitch. And he got protective over you, which is great! You don’t get protective over just anybody, I wouldn’t move a finger for most of my friends, they’re just dumb sluts who know what they’re getting themselves into and they deserve it most of the time, but for you I would. And Niall would, too.-he giggled.-So, what did you agree on, are you together or you’re just fucking or what? I hope you didn’t go back to that old shit thing you had, because you weren’t happy at all and you can do better, don’t forget that. 
-No, we didn’t even talk about it, but I’m happy with this. If he’s not gonna be with anyone else, it’s okay. I won’t either and I’m fine with it. I don’t want to force him to be in a relationship with me, it’s too much to ask, and I don’t even know if I’m ready for that, relationships are a big thing. I don’t want a two week relationship to be my first one, if I’m gonna be in one, it’s gonna be a mature thing. Like, my mom and dad have a perfect marriage and I know they expect me to have that kind of relationship, so I don’t want to let them or myself down, because I expect that from myself, too. I want what they have and I’m aware that Niall isn’t the right guy for that, but then again, nobody I know is the right guy for that, so I might as well enjoy this with him while it lasts.
-Don’t pressure yourself, girl. Your parents are just lucky to have each other, they’re one of the happiest couples I’ve seen. And relationships aren’t like that. They’re an exception, they are special, the way they look at each other is out of this world, and after what, 25 years? That’s amazing, but other people aren’t like that. My parents are just used to each other, that’s all, they tolerate each other presence. It’s like that for most people. Everything else is fucked up and you need to work really hard for the things you want, you know? A perfect relationship doesn’t just happen. A person can be literally perfect for you, but if you’re both not trying hard to keep it going, it’s not gonna go well. Sometimes shit happens, and you have to overlook that and make sacrifices if the relationship’s worth it. And this one is, so don’t give up now. You’re been through a lot with him already, and I know how you feel, you are scared about it, but what’s the worst thing that can happen? It all already happened, it can only get better. And if he screws you over again, you’ll know that you did your best and he was the one to blow it and you’ll be able to move on.-he sighed.-Oh my God, aren’t I the perfect advice giver? I’m so smart sometimes, I totally understand why you hang out with me. I’m handsome, I’m funny, I’m smart and I’m a fine piece of ass! 
You laughed loudly, just picturing his expression and hand movements when he said that. The thing you loved about him was his honesty. There was no way in hell Tyler wouldn’t tell you the truth, even if it was painful.
-That’s why I love you!-you chuckled.-So tell me, how was your night, I didn’t even ask you this morning? All we talked about was me, I’m such a self-centered bitch sometimes. I really want to know what happened to you, did you see that ex of yours? 
-Well it was a busy night for you, so I’ll forgive you. Yeah, he was there, but we just said hi, even though he did look my way a lot. Anyway, you should have seen this slut that tried to make a move on me. Girl, I was so upset! I’m offended that he even thought for a second that he stood a chance, ugh! He was plain ratchet and he came here talking about how I could use a guy like him. Me?-he snorted.-I told him ya nasty and walked out and then I ran into that Connor kid or whatever his name is and he was like Jake and Y/N were in the car, he was spinning it and then Niall beat the shit out of him and took her home and I had to help Jake get cleaned up and then took him home. Basically, the white kid was scared as fuck. That’s when I got really upset, and I called like a zillion times, but you didn’t answer. Uh-uh. Don’t do that to me, girl. Nobody ignores me, bitch, I was so scared!
-I’m really sorry, I was with him and then I went straight to bed, I was in shock. I really couldn’t think straight. I didn’t know you knew what happened, it was all a big blur to me. But tell me, what are your plans with your ex?

You were late for the first class on Monday and you had to sit next to Niall, and this was the first time you were really comfortable with that. He gave you a huge grin as you walked over to your seat and sat down, his hand resting on the back of your chair. He tickled your upper arm with his fingertips as you leaned back in your chair and it made you laugh.
-Hey there.-you turned around to face him.
-Looking good.-he nodded, making you smile again.
You weren’t the chirpiest you in the morning, but that Monday was different. Whatever Niall said made you smile, he was being really nice towards you, so you were nice in return, you had a nice little chit chat before the class started. It was just different than all the other times you’ve sat next to him in class. You two shared some stuff yesterday and now things have changed.
Niall was leaning on his chair, sitting carelessly and you couldn’t believe you had him. It’s not like you had him for real, but the thing you had was so different from what the two of you used to have. It wasn’t weird. If he had acted like this before, you’d freak out because you’d think he is playing you. The change was huge, and it was for the better. The corner of his mouth lifted in a cute little half smile as he noticed you examining his face.
The teacher started talking about your assignments. You handed in your last assignment on Saturday and you were really hoping you and Niall would get an A. Niall was really into sports and the sports season was just about to start. He needed the grade for his average, and you could help him with that in case you don’t pass this, but you had a good feeling about it. And you were right. You two were one of the five pairs that got an A on it, therefore you didn’t have to take that class anymore. Niall was rude enough to ask the teacher if you had to stay till the end of the class, to which he replied that it’s necessary and Niall booed him loudly, making you poke him in the ribs.
-Shut up, he can revoke the decision anytime, I don’t want to be in this class any longer than I have to.-you hissed at him.
-Don’t worry, babe, this is our last time in this boring class.-he chuckled.-Hey, what are you doing on Saturday? 
-Going out, I think. You?-you turned around to face him and he had a big grin on his face. 
-I have a game, wanna come watch?-he put his elbows on the desk and leaned towards you.-You can boast about getting to fuck the best player. 
You laughed loudly which made the professor stare at you. 
-Sorry.-you apologized and then shifted your gaze to Niall’s face again.-I might come, with Tyler. 
-Yeah, don’t bring him.-he shook his head.
-Why not, he’s my best friend? 
-Bollocks. I’m a guy and I can tell you he’s not hanging out with you because you’re a good friend, he’s just acting because he wants to hit that, and he won’t. Trust me, he won’t.-he shook his head angrily and you laughed, realizing he was jealous of Tyler.-Don’t laugh. If he comes with you to the game, all he’ll be thinking about is how to get into your pants. 
-No, all he’ll be thinking about is how to get into the pants of one of your team mates.-you winked and he looked at you in shock. 
-Wait, he’s gay? 
-Hallelujah, Niall, hallelujah.-you laughed.-Your gaydar isn’t working at all. 
-Oh, well then you can hang out with him as much as you can, you can walk around naked when you’re with him, do whatever you want around him.-he laughed. 
He was grinning, but then he suddenly stopped and frowned. 
-No, cancel that, you can’t get naked in front of him, I don’t want him turning straight for you, nope.-he shook his head. 
-He’s scared of pussy, that’s never gonna happen.-you whispered, making you both chuckle.-Let him be, he’s coming with me on Saturday. 
-Deal.-Niall winked.

After that class, Niall had maths and you had something else, and Tyler was waiting for you at the door. When he saw you talking to Niall while leaving the classroom, he smiled happily and you knew he was actually happy for you, which meant a lot, considering the fact that Niall wasn’t exactly Tyler’s favorite person. Niall seemed confused to see Tyler there, but then he smiled as well. 
-Hey.-Tyler greeted you.-Did you bitches pass the assignment? 
Niall chuckled at this and looked at you, and you replied positively, which made Tyler give you a high-five. 
-I don’t think you guys met… The proper way.-you looked at both of them. 
They shook hands and introduced themselves, even though they knew each other’s names very well. You said bye to Niall and walked to the next class with Tyler, and he pinched your waist as you turned around the corner into another hall. 
-Shit, he was actually nice! And he was smiling at you all the time, I didn’t see him act like that in like, years. No, ever!-he laughed.-I’m so happy for you, okay? 
-I don’t want to overreact, but oh my God!-you squeezed his forearm.-I can’t believe I’m this excited about it, what the hell? I need to calm the hell down. 
-Yup, get your shit together.-he patted your shoulder as you walked into the classroom.-Even though he’s really fine.

During the lunch break, you went to the cafeteria with Tyler, and on the way there you were talking about how you both hoped they’re serving something good. As you walked into the cafeteria hall, you noticed Niall hanging around the door, all by himself. You felt sorry that Niall was all alone because his friends were probably all together. Luckily, you still didn’t run into Jake, and you hoped you wouldn’t. You didn’t know what to tell him after that night, he didn’t even say sorry. It wasn’t that much of a big deal, you were more concerned about Niall than yourself. It felt bad seeing him get ditched by his friends all because of you. If it weren’t for you, he’d be with Jake and Connor and all of those other jocks inside making fun of people, but he was there all alone. 
-Tyler, go sit, I’ll be there in a minute.-you told him and he looked at Niall and then at you before nodding and walking inside. 
You sighed and walked over to Niall, who was leaning on the door and checking his phone. 
-Hey, Niall!-you smiled at him.-Listen, do you want to join us for lunch? 
He looked a bit taken aback and his eyes wandered around you, but he didn’t look at your face. He was looking somewhere behind you and you didn’t know why he was avoiding eye contact.
-Uhm, I thought we said this isn’t gonna be the relationship kind of thing?-he frowned questioningly.-We can’t eat together, we’ve never done that before, it would feel stupid. 
You felt like someone smacked you across the face with a shovel. Why was he acting like this when he acted like a normal person just two hours ago? You didn’t do anything bad, the only reason you wanted him to accompany you was because he was alone, and you felt guilty because you knew it was partially your fault. You tried to do something good for him and he made it seem like you were a clingy little bitch who is pressuring him to be in a relationship, but he’s too cool for that.
-Sorry, I just didn’t want you to eat by yourself, but fuck it.-you shrugged.-Won’t happen again. 
With that, you turned around on your heel, and walked inside the cafeteria and joining Tyler, who was waiting at the table. You sat down angrily and hissed. 
-What’s wrong?-Tyler lowered his voice while asking you that, because he didn’t want other people to hear about it. 
-Nothing, he doesn’t want to join us because we’re not in a relationship.-you rolled your eyes.-I don’t even want to discuss this shit anymore, it’s just getting ridiculous. 
-Ugh, this bitch. What the hell is he playing at?-he shook his head angrily.-You were only doing him a favor. 
-I guess I just thought this is going to be more than just a fling to him, but no, it can’t be anything more!-you muttered.-Jerk, jerk, jerk.
-No, that can’t be just a fling, okay? He’s had flings, hell, we’ve seen him have flings, but this is different.-his voice was still low.-He called you over and spent the day with you and his little brother, he defended you, he’s in a fight with his friends over you, it’s obvious he’s into you. I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with him. That dumb bitch. 
You frowned when Niall walked in with some of his friends from the soccer team. Jake wasn’t there, and neither was Connor, and the people who walked in with him were the ones who knew him superficially, from the football team. Of course, the cheerleaders were there too. He’d rather spend his lunch time with them than with you, and you were okay with that. You’d rather eat lunch with Tyler, anyway. You weren’t okay with the fact that he chose such an awful way to say it. He always made you seem clingy, and you weren’t. You didn’t have to eat lunch with him, you didn’t feel the need to do that, you two have never done it before, but the way he said it was just rude. Asshole. You asked Tyler not to talk about it anymore, and he respected that, but you were still thinking about it, and you felt stupid for falling again. 
After the next class, you decided to go home. Niall was what you were focusing on, not the lecture, so there was no point in staying, you were just wasting time. You left some of the books in your locker because you were so upset that you knew there was no way you’ll study when you get home. After that, you tried pushing your way through the bunch of people who were waiting for their class on your way to the exit. Just as you stepped outside, someone grabbed your hand from behind, and you knew it was Niall. That was probably his class.
-What do you want?-you asked harshly, turning around to face him. 
He was wearing his sunglasses and his rucksack was casually hanging over his shoulder. You couldn’t see his eyes, but you presumed he was giving you a mean glare, like he did every time you were rude.
-Where are you going? You have one more class.-he seemed confused. 
-None of your business.-you snapped. 
-It kind of is, but whatever. Why are you so upset again?-he shrugged and leaned on the huge door of the college and you wanted to strangle him. 
-I’m not upset.-you crossed your arms across your chest and glared at him. 
-I’m not stupid. What’s the matter?-he cocked an eyebrow and waited for you to answer. 
-Nothing, see you.-you turned around and walked down the stairs, but he ran after you and continued walking right next to you.
-Where do you think you’re going? 
-With you.-he said it like it was the most normal thing to do. 
-No, you’re not, we’re not together, you don’t want to be seen with me, remember?-you hissed and he stopped. 
-Aah, so that’s the problem!-he exclaimed happily.-I thought it was something else. I didn’t say that because I don’t want to be seen with you. I just had an arrangement already. 
-You could have said it that way instead of ditching me like that.-you continued walking and he quickly caught up with you.-Do you know how lame that made me look?
-I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just don’t want to be one of those disgusting people who make out in the cafeteria, they make me sick, that’s all. I come there to eat my lunch, not to see others sucking their faces off.
-You didn’t say it that way and you didn’t meant it that way, so don’t pretend you did.-you shook your head at him.-Where are you going? Your bus station is on that side of the road. 
-I’m going with you, I told you.-he just followed you around the corner toward your bus station.-And I meant it that way. I was supposed to meet my team mates, I couldn’t come eat with you. We’ve never eaten before, do we have to do that now? 
-Niall, you don’t have to do anything. Nobody is forcing you to do a single thing. Just go back to college. I’m not mad, just go.-you turned around to face him and you just stared at each other in silence. 
-I don’t wanna go, where’s the problem? I thought we agreed on this.-he grabbed your wrist. 
-You’re making me look like a needy clingy little bitch and I’m not. I just don’t like that. You said you won’t be a jerk, but you were. Again. What else to expect? What’s the next thing you’re gonna say?-you removed his hand from your wrists and sighed, shaking your head.-If it’s gonna be like this, then no. 
-Okay, listen.-he grabbed both of your shoulders and pulled you closer to him.-I don’t know what you’re talking about, I never said any of those things. All I said was that we’ve never done it before, so I didn’t see why we should start doing it all of a sudden. That’s all. But if you want us to eat together, we’re gonna sit there together everyday and eat together. Is that okay? 
He looked a bit mad when he said that, he just spat the words out at you and you felt like a complete idiot. Either he was playing you, or you were just overreacting, like you always were. 
-Find a nicer way of saying things, that’s all. And no, I don’t want to eat with you, you have your own friends, I have mine.-you shrugged and he removed his hands from your shoulders. 
-So, we’re okay?-he cocked an eyebrow at you. 
-Yes, we are.-you replied and he pinched your cheek and your skin burned under his touch. 
-Cool. Now, we’ve got the afternoon off, do you want to go to mine and have some fun? 
-Sure.-you shrugged.-I don’t have anything better to do. 
-I hope you can cook because I’m starving!-he squeezed the back of your neck playfully as you turned around and started walking to the other bus station. 
-We were at lunch like an hour ago, what?-you laughed. 
-I didn’t eat, I was looking at you and you were so upset, I could see it written all over your face.-he giggled.-So I couldn’t eat, I knew you were pissed at me. 
-Nice story.-you rolled your eyes at him. 
-True story.-he laughed.

Niall helped you make lunch for the two of you since he was home alone and after you’ve eaten it on the lawn in his garden, you went inside to watch TV. It surprised you that Niall didn’t try to get you into bed yet, it was something he’d usually try to do. You thought that was why he invited you over, like always. But then again, the last time he invited you over was different, he invited you for the company and you were the one who wanted to have sex, so you couldn’t blame him.
Niall was sitting in the left corner of the couch, and you were sitting in the middle, your back leaning against his arm, your head resting on his shoulder. He was watching something on TV, but you weren’t paying attention, you were staring at the ceiling and just enjoying yourself. Things were so good between you two when you were alone, but as soon as you got somewhere where there were other people, it all changed, and that’s what scared you, but you didn’t want to talk about it with him, he wouldn’t understand. 
-What’s wrong?-he asked you after clearing his throat to get you to stop daydreaming. 
-What?-you sat up an leaned on the back of the couch, just like he did, and looked at the TV.-Nothing, everything is cool. 
-Are you sure?-he examined your face slowly, as to see if you were telling the truth. 
-Yes, I’m alright, it’s alright.-you sighed and then smiled at him.-Did you talk to Connor? Or Jake? 
His mood was ruined in an instant, it was clearly visible from his expression. He shook his head, and scratched the back of his head nervously before switching the channel. He didn’t want to talk about that night or about them, but you knew he needed to. It wasn’t okay for him to hold it all in. He must have had an opinion about this and you wanted him to share it with you.
-I didn’t.-he replied.-And don’t try to make me. 
You turned towards him and ran your fingers across his cheek and behind his ear and then tangled your fingers in his hair. 
-I won’t. I just don’t want you to fight with your friends over irrelevant things, that’s all.-you lowered your voice, trying to make him calm down and think about it. 
-No, Y/N, I’m not going to talk to them. Jake is an ass, and Connor is even a bigger ass for taking his fucking side, I don’t care about them.-he spoke angrily and then looked at you.-Can you just drop it? 
-Alright, sorry.-you stayed calm, not wanting to get into an argument. 
He was actually right, he didn’t do anything to Jake or Connor. Jake was the one who did those stupid spins and got all upset, but Niall did cross the line when he kicked him. He did it for you, though, so you took his side. You’d always take his side.
He seemed upset, his forehead wrinkled as his eyes roamed the screen and you knew he wasn’t actually watching the TV, so you leaned in and pecked his cheek. His cheek was somehow cold and he smelled nice, so you did it again, and the third time you went to do it, he turned his head and kissed your lips, and then backed away, smiling at you. You lay down on his lap and looked up at him and he was looking at you, removing locks of your hair from your face with his fingers gently. You giggled as he did that, the hair actually tickled you, but you enjoyed his touch and you enjoyed the way he looked at you and how gentle he was.
-This is nice.-you whispered. 
-Mhm.-he mumbled in reply and continued to play with your hair. 
You closed your eyes and just relaxed as he kept twirling your hair around his finger and if it would fall across your face, he’d remove it and his skin would brush against yours and it would feel so good. 
-I don’t want to fuck this up. I always fuck things up.-he broke the silence and you opened your eyes as you heard that. 
-Why would you think that?-you looked up, creasing your eyebrows in confusion. 
-I almost blew it today, and I really don’t know what I did. I upset you, but I don’t think some things will upset you, but they do.-he shrugged, looking uneasy.-I’m not good with this people stuff, you know. Relationships are something I hate, I never wanted to have a relationship and I never encouraged anyone to get into a relationship, I don’t know how this works. 
You stopped his hand from touching your hair and took his palm in yours and placed it on your chest as you looked at his face. He seemed exhausted and worried, and that’s what bothered you. He kept everything bottled up and pretended to be alright and you knew it wasn’t. It couldn’t be alright. His family life was horrible, he lost his friends, and he had only you, and it didn’t make him all that happy. 
-I don’t know either. It’s not something you need to know, I guess you learn it with time, it comes to you.-you shrugged.-Just tell me what you think, tell me how you feel about something and we’re cool. Like today? You should have just told me you already made plans and that you didn’t want to eat with me because you don’t want things to get weird and I would have said it was okay. Don’t be rude, I’ll take it the wrong way because I’m not rude to you, that’s all. 
He nodded and smiled. 
-Okay, I’ll try. I don’t know how these things work, like what do I do? I feel like I have to start acting a lot differently, so I’m under pressure of doing it right and I just feel strange. But I’ve changed, right? You see it?-he smiled faintly at the end and you nodded. 
-Yes, I see you have. And just do what you were doing until now, I don’t expect anything of you, I don’t want you to change completely, just try not to be a jerk, that’s all. You don’t have to feel under pressure, just enjoy this, I know I am.-you giggled at him and he made a grimace at you, which made you poke your tongue at him. 
-Okay then, I’ll try, but I’m a jerk, you know that.-he laughed.-But, I’ve been good. Have you noticed how I didn’t ask for sex? Not even once! 
-Yes, I have.-you sat up.-And I’ve been wondering why, it’s totally not your style. 
-Just trying to be polite and all that, but it’s getting hard with your head already on my lap.-he chuckled. 
-You can be polite while fucking me, I’m okay with that.-you rolled your eyes at him, and he pulled you up to kiss you. 
-Just for the record, this was you asking for sex again, not me.-he winked.

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