The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


2. chapter2

Of course, Niall didn’t call you at all. You were mad at yourself for thinking for a second that he would. He just tried to score, found out he couldn’t, so he found someone else to fuck for the night, like he always does. After all, you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Him flirting with you doesn’t mean a thing to him. 
You tried to think of the things that made him attractive to you in the first place, but other than the obvious physical appearance, there wasn’t anything else.There wasn’t anything special about him other than his looks and his laugh. He probably was funny, but in a cruel way – he was funny when he was mocking others. He was just a shallow douche bag and even though you were painfully aware of that, you still found him attractive. That was probably a part of his charm, that feeling you mean nothing to him. Every girl has had one of those guys who just used them and it was blatantly obvious to everyone else but them. All the while, they’d think he’s not as good as everyone thinks, he’s just a bad boy, but that can be changed, even though she means nothing, she would change that and mean something to him. Yeah, well, you weren’t that naive. You were aware that guys like Niall never change.
On Monday, though, it surprised you that he recognized you at school and even said hi to you when he passed by your locker. Tyler was standing next to you, so he told you to back off, knowing just how bad Niall was. He always told you he’s no good, even though Tyler didn’t even go to the same high school as you and Niall, and didn’t know how Niall and his friends treated other people. Both Niall and Tyler attended all the parties for cool kids in high school, so Tyler has had more than a few close encounters with girls crying over Niall in a club’s bathroom.
-Girl, you’re gonna get attached so quickly it’s not even funny. And you can’t get attached to guys like that, that’s just not right. The only thing you can get attached is his dick for one night only, but knowing you, that’s not gonna be possible. 
-I could have sex with him once and not develop feelings, I know I could!-you protested.-I’d just like to try it once. 
-Bitch, please.-he rolled his eyes at you.-I know you too well to believe that. 
-Oh come on, you know how long I’ve liked him. I just want to try it out, see if he can back up what he’s saying. 
He rolled his eyes at you again and sighed loudly. 
-The only thing he wants to be backing up is your white ass! You won’t ever learn, will you? You can’t just try someone you’ve been drooling over for years, it’s just not possible. It’s not gonna happen, girl. I’mma tell you what’s gonna happen, though. You’ll get drunk and fuck him at some whack ass party and he’s either not gonna take care of you at all or he will treat you like a queen just to prove to you he’s got some skills. And you know what happens then? Your white ass is gonna start thinking you matter to him, that you’re different, that he is a jerk, but there is something you can do about it, you can change him.-he put his hands over his heart, making fun of you.-Girl, get me a bucket pronto ‘cause I’m gonna be sick all over this place. 
-You are right, but you know what? I’m aware of it, that’s why I’m sure I could do it. I’m not gonna start thinking he’s some sweet cute amazing guy, trust me. I know just who he is and him being nice doesn’t mean that he likes me, he just wants to fuck me, like every other girl he sees.-you shrugged.-But that doesn’t mean I can’t have my fun, right? 
-All the girls he hooks up with lately are mad ratchet and you’re not one of those. 
-I know I’m not and so do you, I don’t care if he’s gonna think that. It’s not like I think he’s anything better than them, anyway. 
-Oh, God! Do whatever you please, but mark my words – you’re gonna come to me crying and I’mma have to go and beat him up like a little bitch.-he laughed.-I’d love that, actually, so I’m not gonna complain about it anymore.

Next week, you were invited to a party again by one of Niall’s friends whom you talked to at the last one. Apparently, a few of them got their eye on you and you knew they probably made a bet about who’ll be the one to get with you or something like that because it was already all over school. Yeah, they were just that kind of guys to make bets about girls. You’ve heard that once at a party they made a bet about who’s gonna get the most girls to suck his cock that night. Supposedly, Niall won. 
Getting invited to parties was something new for you, you didn’t get invitations to such cool parties back in high-school, you just tagged along with Tyler. So far, you’ve made some new friends and they all seemed nice, but from past experiences, you knew that everyone changes after they think they’ve left a good impression, so you were waiting for that to happen. You knew Niall was gonna be at that party as well and you wanted to go just because of him. Tyler was on to you, but he wanted to go to the party just as much as you did because he attended every damn party there was. He promised to keep an eye on you so you couldn’t do anything dumb like fuck Niall’s brains out, unfortunately. 
Like always, Niall was surrounded by a bunch of hot girls when you arrived. They laughed at his jokes as he cockily smiled at each one of them, probably trying to decide which one he was gonna shag in the toilets later. One of his friends greeted you and Tyler, and brought you a drink. As soon as he spotted you, Niall walked over to you. 
-It’s you again. Such a pleasure to see you.-he winked. 
-Thanks.-you replied. 
-Not very talkative, are you? 
-I am when the conversation’s interesting.-you smiled at him. 
-This can become very interesting if you’d only let it.-he leaned in and whispered. 
The smell of his cologne filled your nostrils and it attracted you even more. He smelled so good. He was wearing one of his famous tank tops which revealed his torso and biceps. This time, there wasn’t a snapback on his head, but only because it was on some slut’s head. You felt her glare at you two from across the room. 
-How about you get me a drink and we’ll see what we can do about that? 
You needed him to move away from your neck for now, but it was hard saying no to him, so this was the only thing you could come up with. It worked in movies, so why the hell not? 
-You already have one.-he looked at your hand.-Is this some tactic to make me fuck off or what? 
-By the time you get back, I’ll be finished with this one.-you winked. 
-Fine, don’t run away.-he said and rushed to the other room where the bar obviously was. 
-Girl, what do you think you’re doing?-Tyler grabbed your biceps roughly as soon as Niall walked off. 
-What?-you shrugged innocently, pretending not to know what he’s talking about. 
-Don’t play with me, I saw you flirting like a slut! You did a good job, though.-he winked. 
-I know what I’m doing, trust me!-you tapped his shoulders. 
-I don’t want you to get hurt because you know that this leads to your mascara all over my new shirt, like always! Be careful, not ratchet! 
-Okay, Dad! I’ll just have fun and leave.-you nodded.-I promise. 
-Just be careful, don’t get yourself into some shit. But I’ve been thinking, you should have sex, you’re always uptight, but maybe not with Niall. Anyway, it’s time to live a little.-he smiled.-I’ve seen my ex again and he wants a piece of this, so I’m gonna go find him. Don’t leave without me! 
-Don’t worry, I’m here. Have fun!-you kissed his cheek and he walked off and got lost in the crowd quickly. 
The party was a hit, you saw everyone who mattered even a little at school. Niall came back holding two drinks in his hands, his cheeks flushed.
-I’m off for a minute and you’re already kissing someone else?-he handed you the drink.-Who’s he?
-It’s none of your business.-you took a sip of your drink while staring into his blue eyes. 
He just smiled and adjusted his tank top a bit. 
-Fine. How come I’ve never seen you around?-he got a little closer to you. 
-I guess you just weren’t looking.-you said. 
-I doubt that, I’m an admirer of lovely girls like you.-he grinned. 
-Oh, I thought you were an admirer of sluts, my bad.-you winked at him. 
He laughed loudly showing his straight teeth and then looked directly into your eyes. 
-You’re good!-he said.-Sluts are just something I do in my spare time. 
-How nice.-you said sarcastically. 
-Don’t pretend you don’t have casual sex.-he shook his head. 
-I don’t, not my cup of tea.-you got closer and whispered. 
-You can’t know that unless you try. 
-And you’re kindly offering yourself for that role? 
-Yes, as kind as ever.-he put his hand on your waist as he said this and pressed his fingers into your skin, sending shivers through your body. 
-I think I’m gonna have to say no to that offer, sorry.
He leaned in as though he was about to whisper something to you, but instead he pressed his lips to your neck for a few seconds and then he licked the spot. 
-Are you sure about that?-he whispered into your ear seductively, his fingers still pressed to your skin. 
For a second, you imagined what those fingers could do to you, but you got rid of that thought quickly. It wasn’t smart of you to even think about it. 
-Positive, I don’t even know you.-you shook your head. 
-That can easily be changed, trust me. What can I do for you?-he gave you a wide grin. 
Here it was. You could easily tell him to fuck you and he’d gladly do it. The thing you’ve been desiring for years is literally two words away. But so is heartbreak and disappointment that comes afterwards. 
-First of all, I want that snapback of yours.-you managed to say at last, the thought of him fucking you still in your mind.
-I gave it to someone already, but I have something else for you.-he smirked. 
-Is that my problem?-you raised an eyebrow at him.
He sighed and looked at you, seeing you won’t give up on it. 
-If I get it for you, do I get a kiss at least? 
You shrugged. 
-We’ll see about that. Now go.-you leaned on the bar and watched him go. 
He rushed over to the girl and told her something, probably that he wants the snapback back. She giggled and touched his shoulder flirtatiously, but he just brushed it off and took the snapback off her head. She looked at him with surprise, but he just turned around and walked over to you, handing you the snapback. 
-Your wish is my command.-he winked. 
-I like the sound of that. 
You were thinking about that poor girl. He was probably making a move on her before you arrived, giving her his snapback and using some corny pick up lines on her and now he just found someone more interesting and ditched her like that. She got her hopes up for nothing. If this was high-school, that girl would be you, it was obvious. You knew he’d be ready to do that to you in a second if he found someone who was more interesting. 
-You’d like a lot more if you just let me get… Closer.-he licked his lips. 
-Don’t be vulgar, we were having a nice little conversation.-you slowly shook your head. 
-Wait, don’t I get a kiss for the snapback?-he smiled. 
You put the snapback on your head and winked. 
-Not today. 
-Just a kiss, hey!-he cupped your cheek. 
You felt your skin burn under his soft touch. He was staring right into your eyes, his own eyes slightly closed, his mouth smiling. You could just kiss him, it wasn’t that big of a deal. A kiss never killed anyone, did it? And you got the crazy idea that he may have fallen for you somehow. He came to talk to you at parties two times already and that was two times more than in high-school. He ditched some easy girls because of you, even though he knew you weren’t gonna fuck him. He tried, you had to give him credit for that. 
He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours and you parted your lips. A second later, all the romance was gone as he hungrily pushed his tongue in your mouth and swirled it around. You could taste the beer on his tongue mixed with some other alcohol. This was a desperate horny kiss. His hands grabbed your bum and squeezed it tightly, his fingers crawling under the hem of your skirt, desperate to get into your underwear. You closed your lips and pressed them together and he smiled. How come you were so naive?
-Yeah, that was great, see you around.-you turned around on your heel and walked off quickly. 
-Wait, where are you going?-he grabbed your arm. 
-You obviously just need to get laid and there are plenty girls out here for you. Good luck!-you tapped him on the shoulder. 
-I was having fun with you, don’t be so uptight. 
-Well, I am, and you can’t change that. 
-What the fuck is your problem?-his face got closer to yours.-Relax and enjoy. 
-There’s not much to enjoy, to be honest. 
He was genuinely shocked by your statement, you could tell by the look on his face. You could bet no one has ever told him that before. No one tells Niall Horan they didn’t enjoy his kiss. 
-Is everything okay?-Tyler showed up out of nowhere. 
You looked up and nodded. 
-Yes, I was just leaving. Shall we?-you slipped your hand under his. 
He nodded at Niall and the two of you walked off. 
-What was that?-Tyler whispered. 
You laughed. 
-I just played hard to get and then I transformed into a frigid bitch that I actually am.-you shrugged.-You were right, maybe I can’t just fuck him.

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