The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


19. Chapter19

You weren’t even expecting Niall to say hi at college on Monday, let alone send you a text, but that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. It was peculiar enough that he told you all those things the previous night, and thinking he’d start acting differently would be just plain reckless since you’ve been there already with him and he let you down. After you’ve talked to Tyler early in the morning and checked your Facebook, you went up to your room and took a nap, since you were still tired from last night and you woke up pretty early, so that didn’t really help. Your eyelids were really heavy, but you just couldn’t sleep, so you tossed and turned in bed, just thinking about Niall and trying to fathom his mind somehow, but you got nowhere. Your mom barged in your room at one pm and told you to get out of bed, so you had to get up, there was no arguing with her. You joined her downstairs and ate breakfast and then you checked your phone, and there it was – a text from Niall. 
Hey, are you up yet?
You read the text a few times because it took a while to sink in that Niall had actually texted you. You went upstairs to your room and texted him back, saying you were awake.
Wanna come over?
Short and sweet, as usual. You didn’t know what to say to him. Even though it was probably a booty call, you had to admit that the two of you agreed on that last night. You said you’d have a thing without seeing each other, but that it wouldn’t be a relationship. You were okay with that, it’s the most he could do, and you didn’t want a relationship with anyone else, so you agreed. But, hey, at least he texted. You thought about it for a while and then you realized you had nothing to lose. Your dignity was lost a long time ago, along with your common sense apparently.
Yeah, okay, I’ll be there in 45 mins?
Sure, just walk right in!
You took a quick shower and got dressed. You didn’t want to ask your mom to give you a lift because she’d ask whose house was it and all that and you weren’t in the mood for explaining anything, so you took the bus instead and you were a bit late. Niall told you to just walk in, but you weren’t comfortable with doing that, so you knocked. It took him a while to answer the door. And it wasn’t him, it was Ryan who opened the door for you and gave you a smile. His face and teeth were covered with chocolate, but he still looked adorable as always.
-Hey, Ryan!-you gave him a small wave.-Is Niall around? 
-Come in, we’re eating cake.-he said and let you walk inside before slamming the door. 
-You know you’ve got chocolate on your face, right?-you asked him and he laughed. 
-Niall and I had a cake contest, we ate cake without using our hands and I won!-he grinned again and you couldn’t help but laugh after imagining Niall shoving his face into the cake to entertain his brother.
Ryan took you to the kitchen and Niall was getting some meat out of the fridge and putting it on the counter. You were a bit scared of how the conversation was going to go. You didn’t know how to act around him, it had to be awkward for him and you, and you weren’t good at dealing with awkward situations. And Lord knows that Niall wasn’t either.
-Hey.-you said and stopped at the door frame, leaning against it. 
He turned around and smiled, and you noticed that he had the same smile as his brother. His hair wasn’t up in a quiff like usual, this time he let his fringe fall across his forehead and it looked just as good as usual. He had bags under his eyes and he seemed tired, but he had a smile on his face. 
-Hey! Are you hungry? We’re having a barbecue today!-he sounded excited about it and Ryan cheered. 
-Yeah, sure. Do you need help with that?-you offered, not knowing what else to say, but he shook his head and gave you a serious look. 
-No, no, you’re a guest. Go sit and Ryan will get you a piece of cake while I finish this up.-he nodded at Ryan who walked over to the fridge and struggled with getting out the cake. 
-I’ll help Ryan.-you told Niall because Ryan was having trouble with that cake, he couldn’t get it out of the fridge, so you got it out for him and cut up a slice for both of you.
-Sorry, I didn’t even say happy birthday the other day.-you said as you sat down on the counter and helped Ryan do the same. 
-It’s today, actually.-Niall said quietly as he got continued preparing the meat for the barbecue. 
-Oh, happy birthday then!-you told him and he turned around and cocked an eyebrow at you, and it instantly made you smile. 
-I don’t even get a birthday kiss?-he asked and you chuckled at his cheekiness. 
Was he serious? You thought so, so you got up off your stool and walked over to him. He spread his arms out because they were covered with some kind of barbecue gravy and you cupped his face and gave him a small kiss. His lips were soft and he smelled really good, as he always did, and you wished you could kiss him longer. You just wanted to hug him and breathe in his scent, and feel his arms wrap around you and pulling you closer and him nuzzling your hair with his nose before kissing you. But after that two second kiss he backed away and smiled at you, so you did the same.
-You sure you don’t need help with that?-you asked him because you were starting to feel bad about him preparing everything on his birthday. When you had a birthday, your mom would make you an amazing breakfast and lunch and she’d give you a good present because she would always ask Tyler what you wanted that year. And Niall didn’t get any of that, never apparently, and it made you sad. He probably made Ryan’s birthdays amazing, but no one was there to give him that. 
-No, it’s already done, we just need to go to the backyard and eat this.-he nodded.-Don’t expect much, though, I’m not that good with this. 
-No worries.-you shook your head.-Uhm, where’s your mom? 
He froze for a second before taking the plate with the meat in his hand. 
-You take those plates and the silverware, please. She’s not here.-he shrugged.-Therefore, we’re gonna have a good day. 
And you actually did. You couldn’t believe Niall called you over for company. At first, it seemed like a booty call, but once you got there, you realized it wasn’t. He wanted to spend time with you and his brother on his birthday and that made you happy. He didn’t make any sex jokes, he didn’t touch you at all, all he asked for was that birthday kiss and you knew that was all he wanted because Ryan was with you the entire time. The barbecue went well, you all sat down on the lawn and ate the meat, listened to some good music, and Niall made a fool out of himself by dancing around and making you laugh. Niall turned out to be a pretty good cook, which you knew nothing about since he underestimated himself in that department. You thought he was like that because his mother was never around and somebody had to cook for Ryan. He was an amazing older brother. Ryan was having such a good time, he was laughing every time Niall would open his mouth and Niall did his best to make you both laugh, he did his voice impressions and made goofy faces and talked about dumb things to get you two to laugh. You liked that side of Niall, kind and goodhearted, willing to help. You just hoped it would stay that way for at least some time because that Sunday afternoon was different than any other you two shared. In fact, it was better than anything you shared with any guy before Niall.
At one point, you were sitting down next to Niall and you were watching Ryan dancing around to a random song. Niall’s hand was on his knee and you wanted to hold it, but you didn’t want to make things awkward. You looked at it anyway, and you noticed he had a few cuts from last night. You completely forgot about it. You traced your fingers across his knuckles and he tensed up, but didn’t tell you to stop.
-Does it hurt?-you asked, still looking at his knuckles.
-No, no, it’s okay.-he shook his head.
-You should have put something on it, it could have gotten infected.-you frowned and he pinched your cheek.
-I’ve had worse cuts and nothing happened, it’s fine.-he gave you a grin and then looked at Ryan.-That was great, do you want to do another one?
You hated his mother right then. If you had a cut or something, your mom or dad would at least ask you if it was fine and they’d tell you to put some alcohol on it and a band aid or something. His mother did none of that, and she had two amazing sons who she obviously didn’t care for, ad it was awful.
After you were done eating, the sun was already sinking and it was getting dark, so you walked inside. You helped Niall do the washing up and he sent Ryan to watch cartoons in the living room. 
-Thanks for coming.-he said and handed you a wet plate for you to dry with a rag. 
-No problem, I had a great time.-you couldn’t help but smile at him as you dried the plate.-I didn’t know it was your birthday today, it surprises me you didn’t have anything else planned. 
-I’ve planned a big barbecue, but after last night…-he shook his head and looked at the plate he was washing.-I didn’t want to invite them, don’t want them here. You understand, right? I thought it would be a bad idea.
You looked at him, his brow creased as he probably thought about last night and you realized just how alone he probably must have been feeling then. He kicked his best friend in the face because of you and judging by what you saw last night, Connor was taking Jake’s side, which meant Niall didn’t have any friends left, at least not good friends. His mother wasn’t around on his birthday, actually, she was never around and she didn’t give a fuck judging by what he told you. His dad left and he was the only one taking care of his younger brother, which was a huge responsibility for a guy his age. The only people he currently had were you and Ryan, and it’s not like you two were that close, he had trouble talking to you about anything, and you wanted that to change. You dried your hand and rubbed his bicep and he looked up at you with a smile on his face, so you kissed his shoulder and breathed in his scent. 
-Don’t distract me, hey, I’ve got to get this done.-he joked, but he didn’t move away from your touch. 
-Okay, okay, I’m helping you.-you laughed.-I just think it’s a shame I didn’t get you anything for you birthday.
You said that on purpose, just to get him all worked up. 
-I’d go for sex if I were you, it always works.-he winked. 
-That’s what I was thinking.-you shrugged and smiled cockily at him and he laughed. 
-Ryan’s in the other room, but when he falls asleep, don’t think you’re going anywhere, especially not after teasing me like this.-he grunted the last part and it made you tingle because Niall always fulfilled his threats and you had no problem with that.
It seemed like so much time had passed since the last time you and Niall had sex and you really missed it. His behavior towards you changed for the better and you were happy about that because you thought you two were finally making progress. You weren’t officially together, but it was a huge step for Niall to say he isn’t gonna hook up with anybody else, and you were grateful for making any kind of progress with him. Besides, he invited you here and he could have suggested sex or anything of that kind, but he didn’t. He was polite all the time and you knew that if you went home now, he wouldn’t get upset. That day wasn’t about sex, it was about you two becoming closer.
After you were finished with the dishes and dried your hands, Niall pulled you in and kissed you long and hard, his tongue slowly massaging yours. He tasted like the cherry liquor you two each had a shot of and you didn’t want to stop kissing him. You forgot how good it felt to have him near, his skin touching yours, his big arms holding you and pulling you in, your hands tugging the hair at the nape of his neck. Both of you got worked up about it, you were out of breath. Suddenly, he backed out of the kiss. 
-Ryan’s still awake.-he frowned.-I really can’t. 
-This has got to be the first time you’ve turned down sex.-you chuckled and started walking towards the door to go join Ryan. 
-It’s not, I’ve turned down girls before.-he followed you into the living room.-Just not you. And don’t worry, you’re gonna get some of this later. 
He pointed at his crotch and did a little hip thrust and you really hoped Ryan didn’t see any of that as the two of you were already in the living room. 
-He’s gonna catch him, the bad guy’s gonna get him, shut up, you guys!-Ryan shouted at the two of you and quickly turned his gaze back to the TV, and you both laughed. 
You and Niall sat down on each side of him and Niall told him he’s going to bed after that cartoon is over, and you couldn’t wait for that to happen. 
Niall helped Ryan get ready for bed and he told you to go up to his room and you waited for him there. About ten minutes later, he walked into the room and found you sitting on his bed in nothing except your underwear. 
-Now, that’s what I call a good birthday present.-he winked and walked over to you, taking off his shirt as he walked towards you. 
-That’s what I like to hear.-you smiled at him. 
He was standing next to the bed, and he placed his hands on each side of your head, your eyes on the level of his belly button. You were attracted to every single thing about him, just looking at his stomach and his belly button and his happy trail which led the way down to the waistband of his boxers turned you on. His touch was gentle, he wasn’t forcing anything and he smelled so good, you couldn’t get enough.  
-Be a good girl, will you?-he smiled and looked down at his cock and you nodded. 
You worked your way around his zipper and once you were done, his pants fell down to his ankles and he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. You ran your hand across his cock, which was still covered by his boxers and he got hard as you did that. Just seeing him get hard under your touch made you wet, so you crossed your legs. He noticed you did that, so he leaned down moved your leg to the side before running his fingers across the fabric of your panties, making you let out a moan. Hearing you moan made him smile. He was always happy to hear you moan.
-I know what’s gonna be perfect for my 20th.-he pulled you up to your feet.-A 69. 
You raised your eyebrows at him and kissed him and he kissed back eagerly, wrapping his hands around you in an instant. They traveled across your body, touching you everywhere, he couldn’t get enough. His movements made no sense, he was just groping whatever he could get hold of, and you smiled into the kiss, knowing he missed this, too. Soon his hands were fiddling with your bra because he was tired of touching you over your underwear. You stood still and he got the bra off of you easily and as it fell to the floor, he took a step back and checked you out. 
-Shit, you’re hot. I always forget how good you look naked, but damn.-he bit his lip as he stared at you before taking a step forward and taking both of your breasts in his hands and gently squeezing them. 
He kissed you again and his hands played with your breasts, cupping them and squeezing them before he rubbed your already hard nipples with his fingertips, making you get more wet. His hands were rough and cold and you got goosebumps, but you were enjoying it so much. Since he was teasing, you decided to tease him, too, so you palmed him over his boxers and ran your index finger over his happy trail and you felt the muscles underneath your finger contract as you did that. 
-I think this was enough of teasing for tonight.-he grunted into your ear and hooked his fingers into your panties, taking them off with one quick move, and you did the same to him. 
You looked at him from head to toe and just took some time to admire his body. His role in sports has really paid off, he was perfect. He noticed you were looking at him, so he let out a little giggle, which made you look up at him and give him a kiss. You liked the way things got between the two of you, now you actually did some talking and you were about to have sex, and those are the only things you needed from Niall. He didn’t have to bring you flowers and talk about how much he loves you, you didn’t like that. Talking about love at your age just seemed stupid and unreal. This thing you had could get really good. You ran your hand across his cock a few times and it twitched in your hand and Niall watched you do it, the sight probably turning him on even more. You ran your thumb across his tip, wiping off the pre-cum and he hissed as you did that. He slowly removed your hand after a while and ran two fingers from your clit down to your opening and then back up, as if he was checking to see just how wet you were and he was satisfied with the result. His touch felt so good and you just didn’t want it to stop, but it did. He sat down on the bed and pulled you in between his legs so you were standing, and he kissed you so you gently eased your body onto his and you both fell down on the bed, kissing slowly, your bodies intertwined and rubbing against each other. His skin felt warm against yours and his tongue entered your mouth at last and swirled around it.
His hands were on your bum and he pushed you upwards a bit, just to get you rubbing against his cock and you both smiled as it happened. You wanted more, so you straddled him and sat on his cock, which was lying on his stomach rock hard. He looked at you questioningly, thinking you were gonna ignore his wish about the oral sex and just gonna sit on him, but you weren’t going to do that. Instead, you rubbed your pussy across the underside of his cock, leaving a wet trail and each time you’d move back and forth, you could feel how wet his cock was from your juices, and by the look on his face, you knew he was enjoying every second of it. You moaned out his name for an extra effect, making him grin and he pulled your face down to bite on your lip.
While you were kissing, his hand trailed down between your bodies, and started to rub your circles around your clit and you gasped into his mouth, finally feeling his touch. You propped yourself up on your knees and continued to kiss him, your tongue entering his mouth and fiddling with his own. He smiled into the kiss and stuck a finger between your folds before running it across your slit. You bucked your hips into him and he laughed at your impatience. 
-Na-ah, not yet.-he shook his head. 
-Oh come on, let’s do this.-you kissed his cheek and then his lips and backed away, hoping he’d give in. 
He put his hands on your hips and looked at you. 
-Turn around then.-he said slowly and you halted, but still did what he said. 
It was his birthday and he was acting like he was someone else, and you wanted to do it for him. Also, he blew off his friends because of you, he deserved a 69, so you turned around and put your knees at each sides of his head, a bit uncomfortable with the position, but then you saw Niall looking at your pussy like it was made of gold, so you smiled to yourself and leaned down, propping yourself on your elbows.
Since his cock was already wet from your rubbing against it, you blew air across it and smiled to yourself as you watched it twitch. 
-We said no teasing, eh?-he mumbled and you giggled before puckering up your lips and pushing his tip into your mouth and swirling your tongue around it eagerly. 
Niall’s tongue was licking your clit slowly as his hands held the back of your thighs, preventing you from moving away from him. You could feel how wet his tongue was around your clit which was already getting a bit sensitive, and with each lick, you got more and more wet. As you bobbed your head and took his cock further in, you started swaying your hips against his tongue slightly, anxious for him to get his fingers inside of you.
You’ve never done 69 before because it didn’t really look that interesting, you thought you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on him pleasuring you and you pleasuring him at the same time. You thought you’d either enjoy him pleasing you so much that you’d stop sucking him off, or the other way around, so it would be weird. Now that you were doing it with Niall, you were enjoying every second of it. 
You bucked your hips into Niall and he shoved his tongue inside of you, moving it around and as he did that, you started to suck even faster, wanting to please him just as much as he was pleasing you. It was gratifying to hear him grunt as you moved your head faster and took all of him in, his tip touching your throat every time. And since you were doing it faster, he started to move his tongue faster in return and it was just satisfying that both of you were pleased at the same time. You were usually turned on by sucking him off, but this time he was flicking his tongue across your slit and it felt better than you thought it would, a lot better. 
You started playing with his balls, swirling them around your palm, and took his cock inside of your mouth without using your hands and he started moving his hips upwards, shoving himself into your mouth as you moved your hips to get even more contact with his tongue. His cock would touch the back of your throat each time Niall would buck his hips. Niall’s hand moved from your butt down to your entrance and he eased a finger inside of you and you moaned, your moan sending vibrations around his cock and he grunted and started to move his finger in and out of you and you bucked your hips into his finger, wanting to get more from him. Niall added another finger and he started moving them rapidly so you bobbed your head even faster and then your thighs started shaking.
-You close?-he moved away for in between your thighs and asked in a soft voice, and you moaned in return.
He pressed his tongue against your clit and rubbed it hard while his fingers started moving faster than before and you felt your stomach and thighs shaking, you knew you were coming, but you couldn’t concentrate on that since you had to make Niall come as well. You played with his balls, squeezing them gently while sucking on the tip as fast as you could, and you rubbed your other hand against the part that didn’t fit in your mouth. It felt hard, but the skin was soft, so you were gentle it with it.
-Oh shit.-you stopped sucking him off to groan loudly and then took it in your mouth again as Niall sent you over the edge. 
Your legs were shaking vigorously and Niall tried his best to stop you from shaking and just climax. His fingers were soaked in your wetness and entering you at a mad pace, even though the walls were clenched around them and it was hard for him to do it so fast, but he wanted to see you come. And you did, a few seconds later. You moaned loudly, letting out a half scream and then took his entire cock in your mouth as he licked you clean slowly. You didn’t see anything in front of you, it all became white and blurry, so you shut your eyes and just sucked the best you could as the rest of your body shook. 
Niall started thrusting himself into your throat, but he stopped doing that when his muscles quivered and he rested down, anticipating his release. And it happened not long after, your mouth filled with his juices and you swallowed it and then sucked it all off of his cock. After you were done, you let his cock fall down on his stomach and you moved away and Niall looked at you. 
His face was flushed and sweaty, and his fringe was damp and stuck to his forehead as he gave you a happy grin and motioned for you to come up, so you did. You rested your head on his shoulder and you noticed you were both wet and panting, but you didn’t care, it felt so good. It felt weird lying there with Niall, just hugging each other. His chest heaved up and down until his breathing got back to normal and you just played with his nipple, rubbing it with your finger and watching him get goosebumps and then running your hand across his warm skin. He watched your hand move and a little smile appeared on his face.
-How’s your birthday going so far?-you asked and gave his chest a small peck, your fingers now playing with his chest hair.
-It’s been a good birthday, I liked my present.-he laughed and his chest shook as he did.-You’re good at this. 
-This was my first.-you admitted.
-First what?-he scrunched his eyebrows and gave you a questioning look. 
-First time doing 69.-you replied.-It was nice. 
-I got to be your first something, yeah!-he grinned. 
-You’re my first…-you meant to say boyfriend, but you knew that would put him off instantly.-This thing what we are. 
-Really? I always thought you were the relationship type.-he shrugged. 
-I am, I think. I just never found someone for that, I don’t get along with most people.-you closed your eyes and just listened to his heartbeat. 
-Go figure, I didn’t see you that way.-he said after a while.-Hey, just a question. Who did you lose it to? 
-Uhm, why does it matter?-you blushed and looked up at him. You weren’t really comfortable with talking about your first time, not even with Tyler. 
-I just want to know, like maybe I know him or something. I want to know who’s the guy who got to nail you first.-he sighed.-It’s a big thing for you girls, so I want to know who he is, what did he do to you, did he make you feel good and all those things. I’m just curious, you girls always remember that shit, so I want to know who’s the guy you remember.
-It’s not really important, I don’t even think about it.-you shook your head.-And you? 
-I lost it when I was 15. She was a bit older, I don’t even know where she is now, it was the worst sex ever, I came after only a couple of thrusts, so embarrassing, I just didn’t know how to control it.-he laughed loudly and his chest moved under you head.-But, hey, I’ve had four years of practice, so I think I’m a lot better now. I’m a pro at it, you have to agree. 
You chuckled as he said that. It was true, he was great when it came to sex, you thought he could last long if he wanted to, but you never wanted it to last longer than it did, you were completely fine with the way things were. 
-You’re fine, you’re fine.-you told him and he tickled your ribs making you try to squirm away from his touch, but his grasp around your body was too firm. 
-I’m the love doctor.-he said that in a funny voice and you both laughed at him, but then he got serious again.-So tell me, how was your first time? I told you, you know it wasn’t special, tell me.
You moved away from his chest and laid down on your back next to him. He waited for your reply, and you wrapped your arms around yourself, covering your exposed chest and you felt cold all of a sudden. Your first time was awful and you hated talking about it, especially with Niall. 
-Are you cold?-he propped himself up on his elbow and looked at you, and you nodded in reply. 
He quickly got up and you watched him walk over to the table naked and go through a pile of clean clothes and pick up a big hoodie. He showed it to you as if to ask if it’s okay, and you nodded, so he walked back to the bed and handed it to you. He put on his boxers as you were trying to put the hoodie on.
-Don’t think you’re keeping that one.-he winked when you finally managed to put it on. 
It was big and warm and cuddly and it smelled like Niall. 
-I might! 
-Yes, after you tell me about your first time. 
You were sitting up on the bed by now, your back leaning against the bad post, so Niall lay down on your legs on his stomach, his head resting on your thighs and his eyes looking up at you. It would usually be a sexual position, but it wasn’t that time, you were just talking and he was keeping your legs warm. 
-It sucked, it happened at some party, lasted a long time, but it was horrible, I’m really embarrassed. Anyway, what do you want to do now?-you quickly changed the subject, but he slowly shook his head. 
-Tell me about it, come on. 
-I’m embarrassed, it’s not something I’m proud of, okay? I wouldn’t do it again.-your tone was rude, so you patted his head after saying that, so that he wouldn’t get offended.-I’m more ashamed of it than anything else. It hurt, I wasn’t comfortable and I just… regret it. I wish I hadn’t done it.
-Okay, go on.-he looked surprised.-Now you’re getting me worried.
-I was kind of into this guy for a long time back then and I thought he was into me, because he was acting all cute, texting me, saying we should be together, always trying to feel me up, and I took that as a sign of affection. We were younger so he was just horny, but I didn’t realize it back then. And we weren’t even dating or anything. I thought if we do it, he’d … I don’t know, want to be with me, I was just stupid.-you looked down and you saw Niall frowning.-But that didn’t happen. We just did it in someone else’s bed, he didn’t even care that it was my first time, it hurt like hell and I bled a lot because I was scared so I didn’t get wet at all and it just felt like someone’s stuck a knife in me, but he was like it will pass with time, so he kept on doing it and I just lay there wishing for it to be over, and I cried. You know those tears that just fall on their own even though you don’t want to cry? But, yeah, he didn’t give a fuck. He never talked to me after that, but I heard him bragging about fucking a cherry at the party, and some time later he asked me to have sex with him again at some lame party, but I said no. I honestly thought I’d never enjoy sex, I thought that was all there is to it. 
-I was expecting something awful, like your first time was a gang bang or something and you tell me this?-Niall cocked one eyebrow at you.-This is not something you should be ashamed of, who the fuck is that prick? He can’t do that to girls, not to girls like you anyway. Fucking cunt, I can’t believe he did that. Tell me who he is!
You looked him straight in the eyes, thankful for his reaction. You thought he’d either laugh at your stupidity or tell you you had it coming for thinking that the guy was into you, but this was something you didn’t expect. Was he acting protective? His eyebrows were furrowed in anger as he stared into your eyes, waiting for an answer. He had a furious look in his eyes, and you weren’t used to seeing him like that.
-He’s a nobody, he doesn’t go to college with us, he’s a year older. And even if you knew him, I wouldn’t tell you who he is because he’s nothing special, I don’t know what I saw in him now. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.-you shook your head, remembering just how bad you felt about it back then.-It’s done already, I don’t think about it, you don’t know him.
-I don’t care if I don’t know him, the guy deserves a good beating. I’m an asshole when it comes to girls, but you don’t fuck someone if they’re not enjoying it, that’s just wrong. How can he have his kicks if you’re under him bleeding and hurting? That’s just sick.-he frowned, and he honestly looked repelled by the thought of it.-Did you tell anyone, how old were you then?
-I was sixteen.-you were still uncomfortable because he was angry, even though Niall wasn’t mad at you.-I couldn’t talk about that, I was embarrassed I knew my mom wouldn’t understand that I lost it to someone random, because at that time, I thought he wasn’t just anybody, but right after we did it, I realized he was. And I was ashamed to tell Tyler how horrible it was and how much it hurt, I thought it should be like that. I told him four months later when he brought up the subject.
Niall got up and straddled your thighs, taking your face in his hands and kissing your lips slowly.
-I’m really sorry about that, I wish I knew you back then so I could kick his ass and tell him to leave you alone. I feel like shit now, I was really awful towards you when we first met and I treated you badly, I didn’t know you went through that, you probably felt like I was just using you like he did. I wouldn’t do that to you.
You bit your lip and held your breath for a while, just trying to calm yourself down. You couldn’t start crying in front of Niall, it was his birthday, and that happened a long time ago, you were over it, but the things he said were somehow painful because you wanted it so bad. You wished he was there with you instead of that guy, you wished all that he said could somehow become possible. And you wished that it was true, that he wasn’t using you.
-No, it’s okay.-you said at last.-I knew what I was getting myself into when I had sex with you, I didn’t expect anything from you, and I don’t now, it’s all alright. I know how guys are, so you can’t surprise me with anything anymore. It’s just that before him, I thought that sex was something amazing and that I’ll do it with people I care about and it’s gonna be a bond between me and a guy I love, but after I did it, I just felt like shit because I blew it the first time and I realized it’s nothing like I imagined, so there was no point in trying to find that special someone and all that shit when everyone’s gonna treat me that way. Men care about sex, and I had to adjust to that, I guess.
He breathed out slowly and his sweet breath hit your face.
-I’d never do that, I never fucked a cherry just because I know girls want to remember that, they want to think it was special and I don’t want anybody remembering me because it probably wouldn’t mean a thing to me.-he admitted, scratching the back of his head as he spoke.-But now that I’ve heard this, I wish I was your first. I’d be a lot better than that. I mean, I was sixteen, too, it would probably last a minute, so you wouldn’t be in any pain, but I’d treat you better. Do you know that?
You nodded slowly, because you did. He really meant it, you could see it in his eyes. His gaze was fixated on you, and he looked serious.
-I do. You’re not bad, I know that.-you sighed.-You just have that act, I don’t know why.
-You’ve got me all wrong.-he shook his head and smirked at you.-I’m awful. I just try not to be awful around you because you’re a good girl and I know the difference between girls like you and girls who are going to turn into women like my mother. You know I’m not into this relationship thing because I know I will let you down somehow, I don’t know how to do these things and you deserve someone who knows that. That’s the problem.
-But I want you.
You told him how you felt for the first time and your voice shook as you said it.You didn’t know if that would put him off or scare him away or if he’d take it the wrong way. To your surprise, he took it just fine.
-I want you too.-he swallowed the lump in his throat and got the words out and you wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a kiss and this time, it meant more than just a kiss.
Niall’s tongue slowly entered your mouth circled around your tongue before he pulled it out and bit on your lower lip. Your hands were wrapped around him and his hands were on each side of your face, holdin you still as he kissed you. His scent was all around you, from his hoodie and from his warm body and you just couldn’t get enough. 
The things he had just said meant a lot to you. It felt nice knowing you had someone who was acting protective over you. The thing is, when you told Tyler about it, you didn’t tell him your cried or that you bled a lot because he didn’t know anything about it. He never saw a vagina and he never would, so talking to him about it would just be awkward and he wouldn’t know if it was normal or not. All you knew was that you didn’t feel normal. Everyone was talking about how sex is the best thing they’ve ever experienced, there were so many sluts around, people were doing it all the time, so you presumed it was really good, but your first experience was awful. You were scared and humiliated and you never wanted to do it again, so you didn’t feel the need to talk about it. For some reason, you felt the need to tell all of that to Niall, and you were more than pleased with the way he reacted to all of it. He wanted to protect you and you thought it had to be a good sign. The only person who acted protective for you was Tyler, and that was because he loves you, so Niall had to feel at least something for you, and that thought kept you satisfied. 
That’s why it was so special. You thought that he had some feelings and by then, you were sure you cared for him, so you wanted to make it better than it ever was. You felt like he was yours, even if it was just for that one day.
He was still kissing you slowly, but you got in the mood pretty fast and you wanted to show him just how bad you wanted him. You wanted him to know how much he means, so you pushed him down on his back and pulled his boxers down his legs. Niall was more than surprised, but happy at the same time. He had a satisfied smirk on his face as you licked the underside of his cock slowly from the base up to the tip. He propped himself up on his elbows just so that he could look at you sucking him off. You knew that seeing you doing anything to his cock was a turn on for him, so you decided to put on a show for him this time.
Niall already looked amused as you continued to flick your tongue across his hard cock, but then you moved lower down and licked his balls as your stared directly into his eyes and he grinned happily and let out a grunt.
-You like my cock more than you like me.-he chuckled, but the smile was soon replaced by a long groan as you took his balls into your mouth and swirled your tongue around them, never breaking eye contact. 
-Not a lot more than you, though.-you winked and took his cock into your hand.
It felt silky and hard and you couldn’t wait to get it inside of you, but you had to give him his fun first, so you poked your tongue out and rubbed the tip of his cock against it.
-Don’t tease, babe.-he shook his head and breathed out loudly, already very amused.
-As you wish.-you whispered and took the tip in your mouth and sucked on it as good as you could.
You really tried to make it as good as you possibly could for him. He was the birthday boy and he was a sweetheart today, so you wanted to repay him for that.
You tried taking in more than just his tip and it you slowly eased it in and then bobbed your head and he moved his hips towards you, but you pressed them down to the bed and continued bobbing your head until you felt his tip hit your throat. That’s when you pulled it out and spat on it just so you could slide it in easier. Niall liked what he saw and smirked cockily as you took it all in.
-Shit, I never knew you could deep throat, ah, shit.-he moaned and you smiled as you moved your head backwards and his cock left your mouth.
-This is a one time thing only, just so you know.-you cocked your eyebrow and then started sucking on his tip again and he tangled his fingers in your head while still leaning on his elbow and he tried to push your head down.
-I’m enjoying this so much.-he grunted.-I love it when you suck my cock, and you love it too, I never knew that.
You smiled to yourself and continued to swirl your tongue around his tip and then sucked on it before blowing air against it, making him shiver.
-I’m always saying you’re a good girl, but this time you’ve proved it, oh shit, there there.-he grunted again and you enjoyed hearing that, so you winked as you started bobbing your head again.
You didn’t want him to come yet, not before you came anyway, so took his cock in your hand again.
-Niall, do you want to touch my boobs?-you batted your eyelashes at him and he smiled.
-Always.-he grinned, so you straightened up and took his hoodie off of your body, leaving yourself naked.
-Touch them.-you ordered and he instantly squuezed them.-Now press them together.
He cocked an eyebrow at you questioningly, but did it anyway, and as he did, you squeezed his cock in between them.
-oh my God, yes, yes, yes, is this Christmas?!-he looked bewildered at the sight of his cock moving between your breasts.
-This is for being very good today.-you winked.-And it’s your birthday, bitch.
-I should try that more often then, this is amazing.-h kept on staring at the show that was going on and you smiled at him.-Please, let me fuck you already, please.
Hearing him ask for seks nicely was music to your ears, so you removed his hands from your boobs and straddled him. He placed his hands on your hips, but you removed them and shook your head.
-No, no, no, let me.-you said and took his cock and slowly ran it from your clit to your slit, getting yourself even more wet.
You repeated that action a few more times and you both stared down. When you felt you were wet enough, you slowly eased yourself onto his cock until you were sitting on him completely. You stopped moving and just looked at him and he looked at you and smiled.
-Let’s just stay like this and never move, huh? It feels great.-he kicked his head back and groaned.
-You can’t have it the easy way, babe.-you giggled and started moving up slowly and then back down, you glided and started to roll your hips.
Niall’s breathing got heavier and you rested your palms on his chest and planted a kiss between his ribs before you stared bouncing up and down. This time was different. You were happy and you were satisfied and Niall was making you feel amazing in every way possible and you just didn’t want it to end.
You found the perfect position and his cock his your g-spot every time you bounced up, you couldn’t contain it in any longer. 
-Shit, like that, yeah.-he mumbled and looked at you.-You’re the tightest thing I’ve ever felt.
You stopped bouncing and started to roll your hips forward and you hovered over him. It was slower, but not any less pleasant than the previous position. Niall grabbed your ass and helped you move your hips, his nails dug into your skin, but it didn’t hurt, or you were too ecstatic to notice. You kissed him roughly, and his tongue entered your mouth right away, but you moved your head away and came back down to bite on his lip before you started to move your hips even faster, earning a muffled moan from Niall.
You scratched his torso as you straightened your back and started to bounce up and down his cock again, kicking your head back and moaning his name.
When he heard that, he dug his fingers into your hips and helped you bounce up and down.
-Oh, Niall.-you cried out and it actually sounded like you were in pain, but you were just enjoying it too much, but Niall stopped to check just in case and you laughed.-Oh my God, you’re so good at this.
He put the elbows down next to his hips and put the palms up so you could use them for support and you intertwined your fingers with his. It felt like he was hitting all the right spot, your entire body was tense and aching and you were tingling all over. His cock was wet with your juices, you felt that as you slid down each time and it just felt perfect.
-I’m not doing anything, it’s all you, Y/N, all you…-he grunted and bit his lower lip.-You’re perfect.
Hearing him say that turned you on ever more, so you started to move faster, and then you felt your walls clench around his cock and it got harder to move against his cock, but it was more pleasurable for the both of you. Niall felt you get tighter, so he put his palm on the bottom of your tummy and rubbed your clit with his thumb and you moaned his name out loud.
-You feel so good around my cock, best birthday ever.-he frowned and let out a grunt as you bounced faster and faster. 
You were really close, so you kicked your head back and waited for it to happen and it did, and as it happened, you squeezed Niall’s hands in yours and screamed out, completely forgetting that his brother was in the other room and that he could hear you.
You were sensitive and you couldn’t stop your legs from shaking, but you had to continue bouncing so that Niall would come as well, it was about him that time.
-Finally, I’ve waited for you to come, I was about to come at least four times.-he chuckled and looked at you and soon, his face scrunched and he closed his eyes and shot his load inside of you. 
You did a couple of more hip rolls, and then you got off of him and lay down next to him and he pulled you onto his chest and kissed the top of your head, both of you still having trouble breathing regularly.
-Thank you.-he simply said and you nodded and kissed his chest in return.
-Thank you.-you replied and he chuckled.
-This is the best thing that ever happened to me, I’m not lying.-he shook his head.-You’re amazing, you really are.

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