The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


17. Chapter17

You left the party with Jake just to get Niall’s blood boiling because he fucking had it coming. You couldn’t believe how much of a jerk he could be when he tried. It was his party, yes, but he crossed the line when he walked in on you and Jake talking and sat down with you, like it was just the natural thing to do. Jake got really upset about it, even though you didn’t care about Niall being there. You weren’t planning on hooking up with Jake, so when Niall showed up, you were okay with it, but then he started to get impolite and Jake got angry and Connor was uncomfortable and you got upset. Everyone’s mood was ruined except his and it pissed you off that he didn’t notice that. He always acted like he owned the place and it bothered you, he showed no care for other people’s feelings, unlike you. 
When he hugged you, you just wanted to hug him back and rest your head on his shoulder and feel his arms around you, but that would never happen. Niall wasn’t the type of guy to sit with a girl on a front porch and just talk, Jake was. So when Jake got up and asked if you were coming with him, you said yes. It was better than staying there with Niall who would just want to get you into bed and then leave. You didn’t even know why he did that. He usually didn’t care about you, but as soon as he saw you with Jake, he had to win you over. Having done that, he’d probably ditch you once more, and you wouldn’t be able to stand that again.
Jake was supposed to drive you home, but he wanted to have a few drinks first, and you were scared of him doing that. Drunk driving was one of your pet peeves, you couldn’t hate it more than you did and he was trying to get drunk in front of you. However, you couldn’t blame him, he was upset because of Niall, you could understand that. Nevertheless, you didn’t think of that as a reason to get hammered. Niall walked back in and just stared at you, making you feel uncomfortable. You left with Jake, you were there with Jake, he shouldn’t even be looking at you two. Where were his girls now? 
Jake asked if he could drive you home, saying he’s sick of the party and you accepted the offer, desperately wanting to get out of there. You saw Jessie walking up to Niall and asking him something, he didn’t seem interested in what she was saying, but that didn’t mean a thing. Last time they talked, they ended up fucking and you didn’t know why that night would be any different. It was his birthday, he had to get something, it was the way his mind functioned.
Somehow, you still couldn’t get over the fact that Niall could do anything he wanted with other girls. You knew you could do it, nothing was stopping you, you had no commitment, but you felt like it would be wrong, therefore you couldn’t help but wonder if he ever felt that hooking up with someone else would be wrong. He probably hasn’t, seeing as he told you he can’t feel anything more for you. That’s just it, he can’t do it. He’s not into boundaries and he hates being tied to one place or one person. You’re exactly the opposite and you two couldn’t work out, even if you were both willing to try it. You loved knowing that there are boundaries which you or other people wouldn’t cross. It just gave you peace of mind to think about things that way, some sense of security. That’s what you were thinking about when Jake drove you home on Friday night. Luckily, he wasn’t as drunk as you thought he was, so the ride was safe, you weren’t scared at all. Jake talked to you for a while about the game they were playing next week, but when he saw that you weren’t really interested in the conversation, he turned up the music and focused on the road, and you felt bad about it. It wasn’t his fault Niall screwed you over, it was yours. he didn’t have to be punished for that. The guy was really trying, you had to admit that, and instead of appreciating him for that, you were thinking about Niall
-Well, here you are.-he finally spoke after he stopped the car in front of your house.-I’m sorry you had such a bad time, I shouldn’t have asked you to come there. We should have gone some place else.
You could see he was sincere, he really did feel bad about taking you to Niall’s birthday, and you knew it was partially because the things that Niall said had shook him up a bit. Niall was just selfish, and he never cared about your feelings, but you didn’t know how come he didn’t care about his best friend’s feelings. He cared for Jake, you were sure of that, but still, he would always put himself first, even if that meant stepping all over Jake’s feelings.
-It’s okay, it’s not your fault.-you unfastened the seat belt and smiled at him.-It wasn’t that bad, no worries.
-You’re just saying that to make me feel better.-he smiled and then looked directly into your eyes.-Maybe you and Tyler could come out tomorrow night? I won’t invite Niall, I swear, i won’t tell him where we’re going. 
-Okay, yes, I’ll come.-you nodded, not really sure about it, but you felt like you needed to do it for him.-I’ll see you tomorrow then. 
-Yeah, tomorrow.-he gave you a big grin and he seemed reluctant about leaning in to give you a kiss. 
You weren’t sure you wanted to make out with him just yet, even though it would probably feel nice to get Niall out of your head by getting someone else in your head, but you shook that thought away. You couldn’t do that to Jake. Instead, you just leaned in and gave him a small peck on the lips, which made him smile once more, before you left the car.

-A fucking peck? The guy puts up with Niall’s shit because of you, he treats you like a queen and he gets a goddamn peck?-Tyler snorted and gave you a mean glare.-Girl, if that was Niall, he’d be getting it all, don’t even try to lie to me, okay?
-I didn’t say that!-you pushed him playfully as you crossed the street to get to the bar. 
You still weren’t sure if you wanted to go to the club Jake was going to be at, but Tyler was rooting for it. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to make you do something you didn’t want to, so you two decided to go to a bar, grab a couple of drinks and then, if you make up your mind about it, go to the club to which Jake invited you to. Tyler was really hoping you’d go the club and get it on with Jake, and he didn’t even try to hide that.
-I just don’t want to do anything of that kind with Jake.-you shook your head. 
-What? The guy looks like a Greek god! I mean, Niall’s great, but he’s scrawny in comparison to Jake.-he waved his hand at you, as a sign of you being insane.-I would make Jake strip naked and then I’d just look at him. Literally. I wouldn’t even touch him, girl, I’d just be standing there drooling all over him. But guess what? He’s not gay, he’s into you, so that means you actually get a chance to do that. Why don’t you want to, tell me?
-It’s not about Niall, I know you think it is. I just don’t want to rush into anything. Let’s face it, I’ve rushed into this whole Niall sex buddy thing and look where it got me. I’m not saying Jake’s anything like him, quite the opposite, but I don’t want to develop any feelings just yet, but I also don’t want just sex, because that doesn’t work for me. And if Jake’s not like Niall, maybe he could have some feelings for me and I shouldn’t have sex with him and mess with his feelings.-you sighed.-Man, college days suck ass.
-Yes, they do when you’re into an asshole!-Tyler yelled the last part at you.-I’m so annoyed with you. I understand what you just said, but it doesn’t make any sense. It’s either sex or something serious, there’s no third option, and I think Jake would be up for both of those options. With Niall you only got one, and you wanted the other, and you still can’t see that. Don’t mess this up because of Niall, that’s all I’m asking.
-You’re absolutely right, Ty, you’re right.-you nodded.-It’s over, and this time I get to choose. And it actually feels good! I just have to get used to it.

After you and Tyler got hammered at the bar, he persuaded you to go to the club and give Jake a chance. You weren’t sure about it, but then when you gave it a thought, you realized that you should give the guy one chance. If you gave one to Niall, why didn’t Jake deserve one as well? You were just scared of things turning out the same way with Jake as they did with Niall.
You were wrong about that. When you got to the club, Jake was with Connor, they were drinking at their table. You watched him for a while before going over to say hi and he didn’t even glance at other girls there. Niall would probably be surrounded by girls by the time you got there, but not Jake. He was waiting for you with his friend, and Tyler pointed that out. It was true, he was a nice guy. Tyler made you go over there and say hi and Jake’s face lit up when he saw you. He gave you a bear hug and you couldn’t help but notice he had the same cologne as Niall, the exact same. It didn’t put you off, though, it was a plus. You were drunk, he was cute and he smelled awesome.
-You look amazing!-he leaned in to whisper into your ear. 
-Thank you, so do you.-you smiled at him and he nodded. 
-Do you want a drink?-he asked, but you said you’ve already had too many, so he asked you to dance, and you said yes. 
One of your favorite songs, Wild Ones, came on and you started jumping up and down, not even looking at Jake. You got so much into the song that you jumped high up, spilling Jake’s drink by accident. You stopped dancing and covered your mouth with your hands. 
-Oh my God, Jake, I’m so sorry!-you told him.-Sorry! 
He laughed loudly and pinched your cheek playfully. 
-Hey, don’t worry, you just dance, you’re doing it great!-he winked and took your hand, leading you ever further from their table. 
You started swaying your hips and looking at him and your head got a bit dizzy, but you didn’t mind. You could feel the beat inside of you, every time the bass kicked in, you’d feel it in your chest, so you started moving to the rhythm  and Jake pulled you closer so that you were grinding against him, your back turned to his chest. He was fairly strong and his hands were positioned on your hips and since you were wearing low cut jeans, his fingertips touched your skin and it turned you on a little, even though you didn’t want to admit that. You could feel Jake’s breath on your neck and then his lips brushed your shoulder and neck and you kicked your head back as he kissed your neck, leaving a wet mark. 
You closed your eyes and just enjoyed his touch on your skin, and then he spun your around and you got even dizzier, but you didn’t mind and you didn’t tell him anything. His lips brushed yours and you both smiled and he soon kissed you, his tongue entering your mouth and you gladly returned the kiss with your eyes closed. You could feel the bass running through your bodies and Jake’s hands made their way down to your bum, squeezing it gently and you moaned into the kiss as he pressed you against him. You could feel how hard he was, it was poking your thigh, but you still didn’t even think about it. You leaned your chin on Jake’s shoulder and he nibbled on your ear and when the song shuffled, you opened your eyes and then you thought you saw Niall. The lights were constantly switching, so you weren’t sure it was him. One second, the light were green and just when you thought you were used to it, they change into red and so on, so you closed your eyes. Jake pressed you harder against him and you both moved your hips but you weren’t concentrated on that. You opened our eyes once again and stared at the crowd and that’s when you spotted him again. Niall was there, all alone, gripping the drink he had in his hand and staring at the two of you. Jake was giving your neck bites, but you were focused on Niall completely. 
He was the one who ditched you, but you still felt like you betrayed him. The look in his eyes was so sad, or frustrated, you couldn’t decide which one, but you knew it was because of you. 
-What’s going on, are you okay?-Jake asked when you stopped moving.
You didn’t answer, you just kept staring at Niall, who was still standing still. Jake looked in the same direction as you, trying to see what was getting all of your attention and when he saw that it was Niall, his grip around your hips tightened.
-Son of a bitch.-he said out loud.
Niall turned around and got lost among the crowd, but you kept staring at the spot where he previously stood, wondering what was going through his head after he saw you kissing his best friend. Jake got tense, and he turned around to face you, telling you he’s had enough of dancing. He dragged you to the bar where he ordered four shots, two for each of you. You told them you don’t want to drink, because you really didn’t. You were already dizzy, and now that you’ve seen Niall you were just upset. Jake downed all four, one after the other and then kissed you again, shoving his tongue inside of your mouth roughly and making your teeth collide and you could feel the liquor on his tongue and it made you sick. You pulled away and told him to calm down, to which he just ordered more drinks.
Tyler walked over to you guys and asked if you were okay, probably because he saw the face you made at Jake after he kissed you like that.
-Yes, we are, mate.-Jake shrugged, but his tone was angry.-She just saw Niall.
-Niall?-Tyler raised his eyebrow and looked at you.-I thought we were over that.
Jake turned around to order another shot and Tyler gave you a questioning look.
-You two looked so cute together, you’d be a match made in heaven and you’re gonna screw him over once again because of Niall? Niall?!
You shook your head.
-I’m not. I want to go home.-you said.-I just wanna go.
You felt like crying, your head was hurting and you just wanted to go home and get under the blanket and never get out of there. You didn’t feel safe nor comfortable there anymore.
-I’ll take you home then.-Jake said and Tyler nodded.
-Be safe, guys, and Y/N, send me a text when you get home, I want to know you’re okay!-Tyler yelled after you, but Jake already dragged you so far away from Tyler that you didn’t get a chance to yell anything back.
When the cold air hit you, you started to sober up a bit. You still felt bad about Niall and the fact that Jake got so upset about it. Why was Niall here? Jake promised he wouldn’t tell him you were going there. Jake was leading you towards his car, his fingers wrapped tightly around your wrist. There was a bunch of people on the lawn in front, just chilling and getting some fresh air, and Connor was one of them. Jake just told him you two were leaving and he nodded, but he looked confused about it and he turned around as if he was looking for someone and you instantly thought of Niall. Connor was looking for Niall, Connor told him you were there and he came. He came because of you.

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