The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


14. Chapter14

.You swallowed the lump in your throat as Niall’s hands clasped yours, his touch making you weak in the knees. His grip on your wrists was hard, but you didn’t try to move away from him. Niall wanted this now, and you wanted it, too, but it was against your better judgment, especially because Jake was supposed to be back any minute and he was hoping that there’d be something between the two of you. Hooking up with Niall in front of him would be a dick move, and it’s not something you’d do to anyone. However, you didn’t really want to date Jake. You didn’t want anyone else, either, you just wanted to have fun with Niall. And by the looks of it, he wanted the same. He was standing inches away from you, and his hand moved its way up from your wrist, finally resting at the crook of your neck as his fingertips played with the skin, and his touch felt gentle and his skin rough against yours.
-Don’t do this, okay?-you looked at his chest, avoiding his cold stare. He had a way of making you change your mind just by looking at you the certain way. He knew exactly what he was doing when he was around you, and you were both aware of it, hence his cocky attitude all along.
-Why? Give me one good reason not to.-he whispered and leaned in and you could feel his warm breath on your face, the smell of alcohol hitting you, and you wanted to taste him once again.-That’s all I want, one reason, and I’ll go.
-I think I can name at least ten good reasons why this is shit.-you shook your head and looked directly into his eyes to which he smirked and licked his lips.
-I know one good reason why to do this – we both want it.-he rubbed your cheek with his thumb.-Don’t pretend you don’t, baby.
Hearing him call you baby made you feel happy, even though you wouldn’t show that to him. He was acting somewhat different, you had to admit that, and he was obviously really jealous of Jake. He was that jealous that he sneaked into the room because he wanted to see what you and Jake were doing, and it was flattering. Also, the thing Tyler told you was still running through your mind and it wouldn’t leave you alone. He didn’t want to hand you over to Jake, and that has got to mean something, hasn’t it?
-You know that’s not the problem.-you started talking, but he interrupted you with a peck on your lips and he continued to do it as you talked.-It’s about you, not me. I can’t do it like this, you’re just playing, I can’t. 
-I think sex is a game for two and we’re both playing it right and getting the most of it.-he licked your lips with his tongue, but you didn’t want to give in and part them.-You don’t need Jake for that when you can have me.
-Maybe that’s not the game I wanna play.-you backed away, but his hand, which was on the bottom of your back, pushed you towards him. 
-You know that’s the only one I’m good at.-he smirked again, but you could see he was worried about the outcome of your encounter. 
-I don’t think so.-you shook your head, tired of all the metaphor talk. 
You didn’t understand why he couldn’t just be open about it and talk about your sex buddy thing and relationships and tell you what his problem was. He always mentioned it in some way, so it didn’t seem like he was avoiding it, but still he didn’t clarify anything. 
-You don’t, but I do. I know myself. I don’t believe in anything else other than this.-his hand was now joined by his other hand, and they were both pressed against your back, but yours were still hanging down by the sides of your body, afraid of touching him. 
-That’s just stupid, Niall, you know I can’t do this, why do you want to do this to me?-you frowned. 
-I’m not doing anything.-he said. 
-Niall, don’t play stupid.-you pushed his chest away from yours, but he pulled you back in.-You know what I’m talking about, I’m not gonna do this. 
-I can’t promise you anything.-he cupped your face in his hands.-You know I just can’t do that. We can do this, though. 
-Then we can’t. If I can’t get anything out of this, I’m not gonna do it. I can have great sex with other people as well. 
-Not this great.-he chuckled. 
-Yeah, maybe not that great. But at least that someone wouldn’t just want to fuck me. That’s the problem here, the sex is great, yeah, but I can’t do it anymore because I have feelings, unlike you, obviously.-you grabbed him by the wrists and removed his hands from your back, to which he frowned.-I’m not asking you to care about me, because I know it’s not up to you. If you can’t do it, alright, you can’t! I’m just asking you to stay away from me if you can’t care about me. That’s all. 
-Then I won’t stay away, okay?-he cocked an eyebrow and kissed you roughly, his hands wrapped around your back once again. 
Just hearing him say that made you warm inside. This meant that he actually did care. You told him to stay away if he didn’t, and he stayed, he told you he would. He just acted like an emotionless jerk, but he wasn’t, you knew he wasn’t. This just proved you were right.
His hands were under your butt and he pulled you upwards, you wrapped your legs around his waist. His tongue begged for entrance into your mouth and you allowed it in, savoring the taste of his mouth against yours, something you’ve missed. He squeezed your butt, making you move your hips upwards against his body. 
Niall walked over to the bed, his lips still attached to yours and gently laid you down on the bed. You stared at him as he took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, which made his pants fall down in a pool around his ankles, and he stepped out of it. He noticed you were eyeing him up so he made circles with his hips and gave you a lascivious grin while doing it, making you laugh. 
-You shake it, girl!-you chuckled. 
-Your turn.-he smiled at you, but you didn’t move. 
-You help me. 
You didnt’ have to ask twice because Niall’s hands were already tugging at the hem of your dress and it didn’t take him long to pull it over your head, leaving you in your underwear. He stopped and checked you out from head to toe and then he smiled before giving you a long kiss. His hands worked their way around the clasp of your bra and it was quickly taken off and his hands were on your breasts in a matter of seconds, grabbing them roughly, his nails digging in, and a moan escaped your lips.
-Yeah, moan, I love that.-he whispered in your ear as he left sloppy kisses down your neck.
You’ve missed the feeling you had when you were doing these things with him, you’ve missed having him close, even if it was just for sex. Just the smell of his skin drove you wild, his touch made it even worse, you couldn’t resist Niall even if you tried. There was something about him that made you want him so bad, and not only in a sexual way. There was more to it.
Niall made his way down to your nipple and licked the tip, making it go hard and then smiled to himself as he took it in his mouth and circled his tongue around it while his hand slowly progressed across your stomach to your panties. He hooked his index fingers under the hem of your panties at your hips and in one swift motion, he pulled them down your legs, leaving you naked. You pressed your legs together feeling the cool air against you, but he didn’t want to waste any time, so he grabbed your thighs and spread your legs apart completely, as much as he could and looked up at your face. 
-I can already see you’re wet.-he bit his lower lip and stared at your pussy, and you just wanted him to touch you already.-You love this just as much as I do, I know it. Who can get you this wet just by kissing you? 
He waited for your reply, so you told him it was only him, which made him grin happily. 
-That’s right. Not Jake, alright?-he nodded angrily, but soon returned to his previous horny state. 
He pressed your clit with his index finger, making you gasp, which was apparently his intention because he couldn’t get that smile off his face. Niall looked straight into your eyes as he moved that finger slowly across your slit, parting your folds and getting the tip of his finger wet, but he stopped it near your entrance, not letting his finger enter you. 
-Oh, come on…-you said impatiently, wanting him to finally touch you for real. 
He nodded and parted your folds with his fingers again as much as he could and then he flicked his tongue across it, from your clit down to your entrance, making you moan and and grab the sheets. The feeling his tongue was giving you was so intense because it wasn’t stopping, he just kept on going, his tongue darting across your pussy, leaving you out of breath. He started sucking on your clit, moving his tongue around it, getting you wetter than before, but his piercing eyes didn’t leave yours, not even for a second. The never-ending eye contact turned you on even more, he was looking at you to see if you enjoyed it, and you couldn’t hide your satisfaction. 
-Wait, wait.-you said in between breaths, feeling like you were close already.-I don’t want to come like this. 
He stopped and gave you a questioning look, but you pulled him upwards, making him come to your eye level and lie on top of you. He kissed you once again, shoving his tongue into your mouth this time, and then pulling it out. 
-There, that’s how good you taste.-he winked and you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
-How do you wanna fuck me, Niall?-you tilted your head to the side and smiled at him. 
-Really? I get to choose?-he seemed surprised by your offer. 
-Yes, you’ve been good today.-you chuckled. 
-Get up, I want to do doggy.-he pushed himself off of you and onto his knees. 
You did what he said, you got up, turned around and knelt down on all fours, waiting for him to finally fuck you. You heard him taking off his boxers and soon his fingers entered you a few times, just to get you wet for him again. You moaned when he started moving them inside of you, trying to get you lose enough for sex. 
-Lean down a bit more, will you?-his voice was husky now. 
You did what he asked once again and now his fingers started doing scissor motion, making your stomach turn. 
-I love it when you listen to me.-he laughed. 
Niall pulled his fingers out of you and then he squeezed your butt with his hands, running them across it and then up your back, admiring the view apparently. 
-Niall, please, let’s do this.-you turned your head around and he nodded, getting his cock in his hand and positioning it at your entrance. 
He didn’t give up on the teasing just yet, so he circled your entrance with his tip, getting it wet and then he let just the very tip entered you and when you tried to buck your hips against him, he stopped you by grabbing them firmly. 
-You just relax, let me do this.-he grunted and you stopped moving. 
He pulled you backwards by your hips and his cock entered you all the way, making you moan once again. Niall started to thrust into you lazily, slowly, both of you enjoying each moment. You could hear his breathing getting heavier, and you knew he was probably flushed already and you just wanted to see his face and kiss him, but you knew you couldn’t move from that position and you had no intention on doing so, because the position suited you. Niall did all the work, bucking his hips into you, thrusting into you a bit faster by then, his grip tight on your hips, not letting you move. 
You let out a long groan as he hit your g-spot, and he mumbled you were a good girl. He pulled your hips towards him faster and faster, and he started to move his hips back and forth, and all you could do was relax and enjoy it. 
Your little comfort zone thing was broken when someone tried to open the door, but when they realized it was locked, they started knocking. 
-Y/N, are you okay? 
Shit, Jake. You froze as you heard him calling your name on the other side of the door, you completely forgot about him. Ever since Niall told you he wouldn’t leave, you stopped thinking about everything else and just focused on him.
-She’s more than okay, mate.-Niall said cockily, and Jake got the message and went away. 
-Shit.-you sighed. 
-Worry about that later, back to business.-Niall smacked your butt playfully. 
You arched your back as his movements got faster, you could feel every inch of his cock rock hard inside of you, touching your walls on the way in and out, rubbing you from the inside, and you were already weak in the knees. Niall finally let go of your hips and you started to buck them into his hips frantically, wanting to get you both off as soon as possible, you couldn’t stand it anymore, you just wanted to come. 
Niall placed his hands above your bum, but he didn’t try to stop you from moving your hips, which you were thankful for. You felt his hand gripping your hair and you realized he wrapped it around his fist and he pulled your head backwards, making you arch your back. It was a weird position, but you enjoyed it as much you enjoyed everything else he was doing.
-Yeah, good girl, move like that.-he stopped moving and you presumed he was enjoying the view he was getting of his cock disappearing inside of you each time you moved your hips towards him. 
The grip he had on your hair didn’t ease at all, but you didn’t mind, you actually liked it. 
-You know no one can fuck you like this, huh?-he mumbled and you try to nod, but couldn’t. 
-Yeah, yeah.-you grunted.-Oh God, there…
Niall let go of your hair suddenly and started to pump in and out of you faster than before, his hands moving to the underside of your body, one of them starting to play with your breast, the other one circling your clit and you let out a loud moan as he pressed his finger against your clit. 
-Niall, aah, Niall, there…-you cried, holding onto the bed post as you felt your orgasm approaching. 
Your entire body started shaking, you felt exhausted and weak, but you enjoyed every second of it, and you couldn’t stop bucking your hips even when your walls clenched around his cock, making it tighter for him and you started to moan in between breaths, feeling it in the pit of your stomach. You thighs started shaking and your breathing got uneven and when Niall pumped into you once again, you came with a loud moan which sounded more like a scream and your vision got blurry as you panted and gasped for air. Then Niall did something you would never expect. He kissed your back a few times before pulling you up, your back pressed against his chest and he kissed your shoulder, your neck, your jawline and then rested his chin in the crook of your neck, continuing to thrust into you, trying to finish himself off. 
You were overwhelmed by the orgasm as well as you were by Niall’s newly discovered tenderness towards you, you didn’t know which of the two was better. Once he came, he didn’t pull out. Instead, he wrapped his arms around you and held you like that for a while. Suddenly, he pulled away and pulled out of you, quickly getting on his feet and getting dressed. 
-That was nice.-you said when you regained your composure. 
-Yeah, yeah, it was.-he said quickly, pulling his shirt over his head. 
-You’re going?-you turned around and faced him. 
-Uh, yeah.-he shook his head and looked at you like you were crazy for thinking he’d stay.-I’ll see you around. 
-Wait, seriously? You’re gonna do this to me again?-you pulled the sheet over your body, suddenly feeling exposed and vulnerable. 
Niall stopped in his tracks and just stared at you for a while. 
-I said I’ll see you around.-he said coldly.-And, yeah, ask Jake what he thinks about us fucking, i wanna know. 
He winked and unlocked the door. 
-Hold the fuck up!-you yelled, which made him turn around.-You’re not gonna do this to me, not like this, not once again. I can’t believe I fell for your sweet talk again. I’m probably the only person in the world who thought something good about you, and you just completely ruined it. Good job, Niall, good job! 
You got up, wrapped the sheet around you and stormed off into the hall and started yelling. 
-You were all right, Niall is an asshole and I am just a dumb easy slut who didn’t see that, you all win, bravo, good fucking job!-you yelled to the empty hall as the tears formed in the corners of your eyes and Niall pulled you inside and slammed the door behind you. 
-What the fuck is wrong with you?-he hissed.-I didn’t say that, calm down!
-You’re asking me that? Really, Niall, really?-you pushed him away.-You made me look like an idiot over and over again and I just hoped there’s a part of you that isn’t awful, but you just don’t have any respect for anyone. Get that arrogant look off your fucking face, you asshole! Jake is your friend, and if you only wanted sex, you could have gotten it from basically anyone else, but no! You had to take the girl Jake likes! I tell you I’m starting to fall for you and that you should stay away, but what you do? Yes, you come here and pretend you care just to get me in bed so that you can gloat about it in front of Jake. You know what? Fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! 
You weren’t the type of person to scream at people, but you just couldn’t help it. If you hadn’t know any better, you would have thought you were having a mental breakdown. You were mad at yourself for letting him screw you over once again, and you were mad for believing there was something good about Niall, and you were mad at him for using that against you and screwing over Jake. And he just stood there with that stupid smirk across his face, it looked like he was enjoying it, that was the worst part. 
-Calm down now, okay?-he grabbed your shoulders.-You’re overreacting. 
-Don’t touch me, I don’t want you here! Get out, please, just go! You’ve got places to be and girls to fuck, just like you always say, goodbye!-you pointed your finger at the door and looked at the side, not even wanting to look at him.
-Hey, Y/N, can you go back to being your normal self for a while?-he asked calmly, as though everything was okay.-So we can talk?
A tear trickled down your cheek as you looked at him.
-Go away, I don’t want you here anymore, you’ve said it all.
He swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. You knew you were second away from bursting into tears because one more ran down your cheek and Niall wiped it with his thumb before turning around and walking out of the room, and the rest of the tears followed.

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