The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


11. Chapter11


Your dad woke up you up for college, stating that you look like a zombie. What he didn’t know is that you went out the previous night, came back home half drunk and then had sex with Niall in your bed. Taking all that into consideration, you looked great. You were a bit late for the first class, so when you got there, everyone was already seated. Niall wasn’t there, but Tyler was and he was saving you a seat. 
-Girl, what the hell happened to you?-he asked as you sat down next to him.
You decided to be honest about it this time. It was obvious that you had a really fucked up thing for Niall and there was no point in denying it anymore.
-Niall Horan.-you replied and his mouth opened in shock, but then it closed. 
-You dumb bitch, what is this fuckery?-he rolled his eyes.-You left the party so you could go to his and have a good fuck, right?
-No, no, I didn’t. I went to mine, and he got this idea about sneaking into my room, I had nothing to do with it.-you shrugged, realizing how stupid and unbelievable it sounds.
-Yeah, and then he tripped and fell and somehow his cock found its way to your vagina, but you had nothing to do with it. Girl, I may not be Einstein, but I ain’t fucking stupid.-he waved his hand at you.-He’s gonna hurt you. I don’t want to let that happen.
-I know, I’m completely aware of the fact that there will never be any kind of romantic relationship going on between us.-you leaned in.-But I love having sex with him, and I want to keep doing it, why not?
Tyler shook his head, sighing. He knew it wasn’t a good idea, he’s done the same thing a hundred times. Two people can have that kind of relationship for a while, but someone always falls for the other one more than necessary and that fucks it up. He knew it, but he couldn’t make you understand that.
-Listen, you know my opinion on that, I’ve told you already, your white ass is gonna fall from him so fast you won’t even notice.-he sighed.-But if you say it’s just about the sex, then alright, who am I to judge?
You laughed when he said that, knowing he probably hooked up with the guy from the club last night, and you two talked about that for the rest of that class, not mentioning Niall anymore, which suited you more than fine.
Since he wasn’t at college that day, you were feeling pretty good. Usually after you two did something, you’d see him at college and he’d be the pretentious jerk he is most of the time, and you’d regret it. But so far, you haven’t regretted sleeping with him the previous night, you actually wanted to do it again. Niall did tell you his house was empty, but you didn’t want to make the first move and talk to him about it, so you decided not to do a thing about it. If he wanted you to come over, he would called.

During the last period, while you were thinking about what movie to watch that night, your phone vibrated, and just like you hoped, it was a message from Niall.
Come over after school? 
You bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling. It bothered you that you got happy about receiving a message from him. He was just calling you over for sex and you knew it, but you just wished things weren’t like that. If he was some regular guy who wanted to have casual sex with you and you liked him as much as you like Niall, things would be great, Tyler wouldn’t be pissed off at you for doing that. But he was Niall. He just used girls, made fun of people and was a total dick to people. He wasn’t a total dick to you right now because you were putting out, but as soon as you would stop doing that, he would return to his old ways, and it was kind of painful for you to think about that.
I’ll think about it
You texted that heavy-hearted, because a huge part of you wanted to go meet him and spend the afternoon with him, but another part of you was telling you how stupid you were for thinking about that. 
Cut the crap, you’re coming unless you want me to come over again
A smile appeared on your face as your rememebered what happened when he snuck into your place. You exhaled deeply and shook your head. This shouldn’t be going through your mind.
I’ll make you come ;)
His persistence was cute ,in a way, and flattering  but it wasn’t because of you and you knew it, which made it harder on you. Just thinking about his smirk, his blue eyes squinted below his blonde eyebrows and that little cocky smile spread across his face made you want to be next to him. And the things he could do to you with his strong hands with the veins showing… You shook that thought off and a couple of moments later, you decided to text him back.
I’m not in the mood for sex right now
The text was so risky and you felt your hand shaking as you pressed the send on the screen. It could be the trigger for just about anything. If Niall was in this just for sex, and you knew he was, there was a possibility he would just give up and move on to someone else, someone who was in a mood. And that would crush you in a way, even though you didn’t want to admit yourself that. But on the other hand, even worse, he could say it’s okay and text you again tomorrow or some other day, making it seem like it’s not all about the sex, that it was about the sex with you, and that would give you false hopes about the two of you and your relationship. You didn’t know which of the two options was worse.
The minute it took him to reply seemed like forever. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of the screen and once it flashed, spelling his name, you shivered. You were scared to read it, but it had to be done.
come on over, we’ll hang out, and i guarantee that you’ll be in the mood by the end of the day ;)
The message was something you weren’t prepared for. He was asking you over for your company, but of course, he didn’t exclude the sex part because if sex isn’t included, Niall Horan just doesn’t want to participate. It send you the wrong message for sure. He could’ve called basically anyone to come over and shag him, but he wanted youto come over even though you told him you weren’t feeling like having sex and that made you think there was something there. And there really wasn’t.

After taking a long shower and getting dressed, you went over to Niall’s. You didn’t text him about it, you just wanted to show up and see what he was doing, hang out with him for a while and go home. You really wanted to stick to that plan. It took Niall a while to open the door, and when he did, he was wearing only his tank top and tight boxers, and he was holding a ladle in his hand.
-Hey.-you nodded and wetted your lips with your tongue.-What’s up?
He chuckled and put his palm on the bottom of your back, pushing you inside.
-I knew you’d come.-he said.-Leave your things here, you have to help me in the kitchen, yeah?
You nodded and put your bag and jacket on the sofa, following him into his large kitchen. He was making brownies. 
-Why do you need the ladle?-you shook your head and laughed.
-For stirring, I guess. Come on, give me a hand. I’ll give you mine later.-he winked and you chuckled.
-Charming as always.-your rolled your eyes and rolled up your sleeves.
An hour later, the two of you were sitting on the floor of the living room, wrapped up in blankets while watching a sitcom marathon. The brownies didn’t turn out to be a total catastrophe, so you’ve eaten a bunch of them. Niall wasn’t a jerk like usual, but you expected that. He wasn’t a jerk if it was just the two of you.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I called her over. I thought it was going to be cool for her to come over, thought we’d have sex, but as soon as she arrived, I knew there’s little chance I could get her into bed, which meant I’d have to hang out with her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with her, she’s a great girl, but I’m not into those things. If you want to have sex and then chit chat, alright. But just chit chat without sex? Fuck me if I’ll be into that, ever. 
Anyway, my mom left with my brother because we had a fight. I told her I’m going to call Child service the other day when I found the kid jumping around in the kitchen while she was passed out upstairs with some dude we’ve never seen before. If she wasn’t my mother, I would’ve kicked her out already, and I’ve told her we’d have it so much better if Dad was here. I’d take him with me and we’d live with Dad. It just sucks like this. And then she got mad and told me she’s so unhappy because she has a kid like me. Every time I think about her, I just get angry, I want to smash someone up. I couldn’t tell that to Y/N, like why would I? So I told her that my folks were out of town. She didn’t even know Dad wasn’t around anymore, and she would never know anyway. 
I tried making myself something to eat because I was living on take out for a while now, and the only recipe I could find was for brownies. I sucked at it, but thankfully Y/N doesn’t so she helped me out. I was thinking about adding some weed to the brownies, but I knew she wouldn’t be up for it. 
We spent the afternoon together and it was actually pretty cool to have someone over. I didn’t invite friends over for a year now, since Mom started acting the way she was. Y/N was cool, I guess, she laughs at the same shit I do, so it’s not uncomfortable to be around her. 
-We still have three Saturdays and then we’re free, we pass English!-she smiled with her mouth full and I couldn’t help laughing. 
-You’re a bigger pig than me!-I told her and she shook her head. 
-Oh, please, just look at your shirt.-she pointed to my chest, and there were tons of brownie crumbs. 
-Shit.-I said and took the top off, and I noticed her looking at me. 
I knew she wanted me, I knew it from the day we met. She has a little crush, but she wouldn’t admit that to anyone. I find that cute, but no thanks. I’m happy we have casual sex, though. Sex is great, casual sex even better, you don’t have to go out and look for other girls. Then I remembered that Jessie from school texted me and asked me if she could come over because the word was I was home alone. I don’t know why exactly, but I told her I had other plans. I didn’t have other plans, I just invited Y/N over. Why the fuck did I turn down an easy lay for her? 
She was eating a brownie and a large crumb fell on her chest and she pouted, saying how fucking clumsy she was and I laughed out loud. She wasn’t bad, not at all. I reached my hand out and took the crumb of her skin and out it in my mouth and she giggled.
I really wanted to fuck her right then. We were sitting on the sofa, and I had a good view of her rack. That’s one more thing I like about her, she has squishy boobs and they are a handful, I could touch them all day, but she wasn’t the kind of girl to allow that. Jessie, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind lying down naked all day near me, she would beg me to touch her. Once again I remembered how I could have gotten laid, but I’ve chosen this friendly time shit over that. But Y/N has better boobs. She has better everything, I guess. The girls I usually fuck are either inexperienced and naive and they think I’d be there to teach them things, or really slutty. The latter are better because they just do what they’re told and you can always come back for more. Y/N wasn’t in either of those two, that’s what I liked about having sex with her. She didn’t expect me to teach her a single thing, she wasn’t naive, she didn’t think I’d be showing any feelings for her, but then again she wasn’t a slut, I couldn’t have her whenever I wanted to. I could most of the time, though, don’t get me wrong. I’m the one that makes her come and she knows it, that’s why she’s always coming back for more, but so are other girls and it’s cool that she’s fine with that.
She was getting tired, I could tell by the way she closed her eyes and then quickly opened them after dozing off for a while. After some time, she just leaned her head on my shoulder and I noticed she smelled amazing, something like strawberry or watermelon or some girly shit, but it was great. I got hard just thinking about the time I was eating her out and she smelled like that. I guess she opened her eyes and saw that my dick was hard because I was wearing just boxers, so she chuckled and I had to laugh.
-You’ve awoken the beast, it’s time to pay the price.-I told her and leaned my forehead on hers, but I quickly moved away, thinking it was a dumb thing to do.
-Some other time.-she shrugged and backed away, rubbing her eyes.
-Oh come on, really?-I spread my arms.-Why?
-I told you, I’m not really in the mood.-she looked at me and made a face which made it clear to me that she was serious.
-What if I get you in the mood?-I asked her, and we both knew I was more than capable of doing that.
She’d always say no to me, but fuck it, I knew very well she wanted my cock. She just couldn’t keep on saying no the minute she thought about having sex with me, and I loved that. She was a great shag, honestly, knew how to move, knew how to get you off, knew how to touch herself the way you wanted her to… After remembering all that, I wanted to fuck her even more.
-I have a good way, okay?-I winked.
-I don’t think so.-she said that and leaned back on the sofa.
-I’m not even gonna ask, you’re gonna say no and I don’t want to play that game all over again.-I said and hovered above her, supporting my weight on my palms which were on either side of her.-We know how it ends.
-And what if this time I mean no?-she asked seriously and for a second I thought she really meant it, but then her lips quivered and she laughed.-You looked so scared! 
I shook my head and lowered it down to the crook of her neck, kissing it with care the first few times, but then I sped things up a bit and started biting her neck, but not too hard. She hated bite marks and love bites and bruises, unfortunately. They were a good sign that someone was yours. For the night, I mean, she wasn’t mine in that way. 
She moved her hand to the nape of my neck without saying a word and she caressed it gently, making me get goosebumps, and that was what I was trying to do to her. I was getting pissed off about this, she needed to be in the mood for this, why wasn’t she? She was always in the mood for me.
-Okay, what’s wrong?-I stopped licking her neck by then and just asked her flat out.
She looked uncomfortable and she tried to squirm out of my reach, but I lowered myself onto her a bit more, so that my weight wouldn’t allow her to move until she tells me.
-I can see there’s something wrong and it’s ruining the mood for me and I don’t want that because I finally have the chance to fuck you on the sofa and on the floor and in my parents bedroom and on the washing machine and I could eat you out in the kitchen to make it more appropriate and you’re not letting me do that, and I want to know why.-I said in one breath, getting excited about everything I’ve told her.-I know you’d want that too, I’ve got a big mouth, but we both know I know damn well how to use it, so what’s the problem?
I was afraid she would talk about her problems at home or with friends or at school. I didn’t want to cope with that, honestly. Those were the things she had to talk about with her friends or her boyfriend, and I didn’t fit into any of those two categories. But then again, I didn’t want to be an ass. She was putting out and she was doing it very well, so I had to show some sympathy, despite being shit at it. She did something worse than I expected – she mentioned us. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. There’s no us, I’m not going to have an “us“ with anybody, women are shit who always let you down when you’re good to them. Just ask my dad.
-I don’t think I can do this.-she bit her lower lip for a second and moved her gaze to my mouth, avoiding my stare.-I think I’m going to be the one to fall for you and you don’t give a shit about me, and I don’t want to get attached to anyone, especially not you. I know we’ve said it’s only going to be about sex, but I think I’m not the person who is able to do that, I can do it for a while, but I guess our while has come and gone, you know. I’ll start to care and you still won’t give a shit and I don’t want that for myself.
Women and their shit. For fuck’s sake, I stopped having a boner as soon as she mentioned the “falling for you” part. She scared the hell out of me, I really thought she was going somewhere else with that. I understood what she was talking about, but I didn’t want this to stop, I loved fucking her, she was something different, I didn’t want her to go and have amazing sex with other guys and fall for them, you know. I couldn’t do that.
-You can’t say I don’t give a shit about you.-I whispered, not wanting to hear myself say that and she frowned, not believing me.-It’s not like that, it isn’t. You’re not like the rest. I just can’t care, I don’t feel things for people. But we can still do this.
She closed her eyes and sighed and I took that as a sign to continue kissing her, hoping she wouldn’t turn me down and leave. She didn’t. I kissed my way from her neck to her jaw all the way to her mouth. At first I took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked on it, but then I let it go and she let my tongue enter her mouth. Since she was having second thoughts, I decided to be better for her today, just this one time. She can’t leave, I’ve got absolutely everything she needs and she knows it. I kissed her gently, my tongue slowly massaging hers as my hands worked their way from her hips up to her ribs slowly. I felt her get tense underneath my touch and I knew I had her where I wanted her once again. 
I traced my fingers along her jaw and then rubbed her cheek and she pulled me in closer. I smiled into the kiss, knowing she wouldn’t leave, there wasn’t a chance for that. My hand wandered across her breasts to the hem of her shirt slowly and then underneath it, touching her soft skin. I sat up between her legs and stopped kissing her, my other hand joining the one which was already under her shirt. I looked straight into her eyes as I moved my hands towards her breasts which were still trapped by her bra. I pulled her up a bit and unclasped her bra slowly, and she was watching me tentatively the whole time, taking in my every move. I helped her get out of her shirt and I got rid of her bra, throwing both of them on the floor next to my feet. 
I ran my thumbs over her nipples and they got hard in an instant and her face got a serious expression all of a sudden, which I recognized as a sign of her being turned on. I pinched both of her nipples next, but really gently, careful not to cause pain, and then I started to rub them with my index fingers and thumbs, making her chest start to move up and down more than usual. The next thing I did was taking both of her breasts in my hands and just squeezing them, watching them fit into my palms perfectly while she continued to stare at my face.
-You like this, don’t you?-I smiled at her and she nodded.-Good.
I played with them for a little while more, but then I remembered that this was supposed to be about her, and not me, so I leaned down and licked her nipple once, making her let out a short gasp. Then I swirled my tongue around her nipple, getting it wet before I took it in my mouth and sucked on it, occasionally stopping so that I could lick it. Her hands were on my shoulders, gripping them tightly and each time her grip got tighter, I got happier, knowing she’s enjoying it, which I wanted her to. 
I moved to the other breast and gave it the exact same treatment, and I enjoyed it a lot, but not more than her. She had goosebumps and she was gripping my shoulders while arching her back, and I couldn’t stop myself from imagining just how wet her pussy was for me, I couldn’t wait to find out.
Once I’ve stopped fondling her breasts, I got back up and kissed her once again, this time biting on her lip, making her moan. 
-Sorry, I didn’t mean to do it this hard.-I apologized, but she said it was okay. 
Her cheeks were flushed, but she was still hot as fuck and the fact that she was half naked and horny didn’t help one bit. I was rock hard and I just wanted that perky mouth of hers around my tip, I wanted to fuck her mouth instead of doing all of this sweet slow stuff, but there wasn’t any time for that tonight.
I kissed my way from her ribs to her belly, leaving a wet trail and then I kissed my way again down to her shorts. I looked at her and she nodded and I started fiddling with the zipper. I was so eager to get them off her that it took me so long to finally unbutton them and get them down her legs along with her underwear. I spread her legs wide apart and smiled to myself, she was exactly where I wanted her to be, warm and ready for me. I ran my finger from her clit between her folds to her opening and then I moved that finger up to my mouth and licked it. 
-You said you weren’t in the mood?-I chuckled.-Your pussy says otherwise.
-Oh fuck you. No, fuck me.-she laughed, and I shook my head.
-Wait a second, alright?-I got up and walked to the kitchen. 
She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me, surprised that I was leaving her then, but I only did it because I had a better plan. I’ve seen this shit once on a porn movie, and I hoped it would work in real life because I wanted this to be good for her. She had to change her mind about this fuck buddy thing, we were the perfect fuck buddies, I didn’t understand why she couldn’t see that. 
I returned with a glass full of ice and put it on the floor next to her before getting in between her legs. As I blew hot air over her pussy, she shivered and tried to close her legs together, but I stopped her with my hands. 
-What are you gonna do?-she asked curiously. 
-Just close your eyes and relax, babe, okay? 
I separated her folds with the tip of my tongue and moved it up and down, making her lose her breath after a while. I lowered my tongue to her opening and shoved my tongue inside of her as much as I could before wiggling it around, making her call out my name. I didn’t touch her clit because I had a better plan. I leaned down and took one ice cube in my mouth and then pressed it against her clit. 
She opened her eyes in shock and looked at me, and I knew it probably wasn’t pleasuring, so I replaced the cube with my tongue for a while, playing with her clit as fast as I could until she moaned and then I pressed the cube against her clit with my tongue again and this time she moaned. I took it in my mouth and moved it across her slit and then back up to her clit once again and her thighs shook as I did it. 
Her fingers found their way to my hair and she tangled them in it, grabbing it tightly each time I hit that right spot. The cube melted and I took another one, repeating everything I did with the first one, and her whole body was slowly starting to quiver, she was still holding onto my hair and digging the nails of the other hand into the sofa, calling out my name. I took what was left of the cube into my mouth and moved upwards to her nipple and did the same thing. Once it has completely melted, I kissed her, hungrily this time because I felt I was about to explode. I was so hard, just the sight of her with her legs wide spread and the sound of her moaning my name and the memory of how tight she feels were almost enough to make me come. 
-Niall… Oh, shit, there…-her voice sounded like she was melting and I loved hearing that, I knew girls melted under my touch and I fucking loved it. 
I licked my middle finger and eased it into her gently. I’d usually just shove two of them right in to get her used to the feeling and then I fuck her hard, but now I wanted to do it better, the slow way, the girly way. 
I pushed my finger inside of her as far as it could go and then I asked if I can add another one, and she seemed surprised by my question.
-Yes, please do it.-she grunted and kicked her head back, her breathing uneven.
I added another finger and they were both wet and sticky with her juices and I loved knowing she was already so wet for me. Her walls were still pretty tight around my fingers, so I started doing scissor motions to spread her a bit, make her adjust to the size because I couldn’t wait to fuck her, I was so hard. This foreplay thing isn’t exactly my thing, except if it consist of a blowjob or a 69, I can live with that.
I curled up my fingers and touched the spongy thing which made bitches crazy and I rubbed it with the pads of my two fingers, making her arch her back and then buck her hips into my hand. I loved it when she did that, she made it obvious she wanted me inside of her. I started moving my fingers in and out of her, and I felt more and more wetness around my fingers after starting to flick my tongue around her clit. She was gasping for air and pulling my hair, but I could take it, as long as she was enjoying it. She tasted so sweet, I couldn’t get my tongue off of her, but it was time to do it.
-Do you want me to fuck you?-I asked her, already knowing the answer.
She nodded rapidly a few times and tried to regain her breath, and I reacted by pulling my boxers down my thighs while standing up between her legs. I couldn’t wait to plunge myself into her and feel her warmth around me.
The tip of my cock was already a bit wet with precum, so I wiped it away with my thumb and stroked it a few times, even though it was already rock hard, from the minute I started touching her. Her chest heaved up and down rapidly with excitement and we both smiled at each other. 
-What are you waiting for?-she laughed and rolled her eyes. 
-I’m just taking things slow, like you want me to.-I shrugged and hovered above her body again, and she gave my cheek a long soft kiss. 
I positioned myself at her entrance, but then I had a better idea. I started to rub her clit with the tip of my cock and she giggled and exhaled rapidly. After doing that for a while and getting sensitive around my tip, I moved it across her slit a few times and it got wet and then I entered her slowly. She felt just as good as I remembered, warm, wet and tight and I grunted as I entered her all the way. She was wriggling under me as I started to fuck her the way I always did, fast and rough, and I enjoyed feeling her around me and below me. Her hands were gripping my arm and shoulder, her lips were a bit apart as she breathed heavily and my cock was more than ready for her. I knew I shouldn’t come fast, I should make her come twice today, just to make her happy about the fuck buddy thing. Nobody could treat her like I could when I tried, we both knew it. 
-Niall!-she screamed as I pulled out only to shove myself right in, and the contrast of the cold air and her warm inside made me shiver down my spine. 
She clenched her walls a few times, making my cock feel trapped, but it was an amazing feeling, she was stimulating every part of it with her walls and my breathing started to get uneven as well. 
-Fuck it, you’re so tight.-I moaned into her ear and kissed her, and she kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck. 
I plunged inside of her once again, saying her name, but then she told me to be quiet. 
-What’s wrong?-I asked, afraid that she changed her mind about it once again. 
-I think I hear a car pulling up on your drive way.-she looked at me questioningly. 
-No way, it’s already dark outside, no one would come to visit.-I shook my head and started moving my hips in circles.-Relax, let me take care of you. 
-That’s what I’m afraid of.-she giggled, but she didn’t seem really amused by what she just said, so I decided to ignore it. 
The feelings talk would fuck this whole thing up and I’ve worked hard for it. I started moving my hips back and forward, but I stopped once I heard the sound of keys fiddling around the key hole of the front door. Mum must be back. 
-Shit!-I said and pulled out of her, both of us cringing.-Get dressed! 
I quickly put on my underwear, but she was a bit slower than me, so I helped her clasp her bra while she put on her shorts. Once we were dressed fully, she looked at me with a sad expression and I rubbed her cheek with my thumb and kissed her, and I still don’t know why I did it, what the fuck was I thinking? This touchy feely shit wasn’t something I wanted to do.
-I’ll finish you off later, no worries, babe.-my words made her smile. 
A second later, Mum barged in, looking as fucked up as usual and the whole place started smelling of alcohol. 
-We’re home, it better be the way I left it.-she glared at me and pointed a finger at my chest, but then her gaze turned to Y/N.-We’re turning this into a whorehouse, are we? 
My fist clenched unintentionally and I just wanted to smack her, but I resisted the urge like always. 
-I learned from the best.-I spat at her.-Where’s Ryan? 
-Getting shit from the car.-she turned around and walked towards the kitchen. 
I faced Y/N and told her I’m sorry. She stood there in silence as I looked around for some shorts to put on. We went outside, I had to help Ryan. She seemed shocked by the way Mum was acting, because she obviously came from a good family where the mother wasn’t whoring around and getting drunk more than her teenage kid. 
Ryan was pulling the suitcase out of the back seat and I rushed to help him. He hugged my knees and I lifted him up. 
-Hey, big boy! Are you okay?-I asked as he hugged me tighter. 
-I’ve missed you, Ni! Scott was awful, he didn’t let me eat fries and they left me alone!-he mumbled into my ear and I saw Y/N frown. 
-You remember Y/N, don’t you?-I asked and he turned around to look at her and then nodded as she waved to him. 
-You’re staying with me, don’t worry.-I kissed his forehead.-I’m sorry, Y/N, we can see each other tomorrow at Jake’s party? 
She nodded and smiled. 
-Yes, I guess I’ll see you around, sorry.-she said. 
-Not your fault.-I winked and took the suitcase in my other hand.-See you

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