The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


10. Chapter10


As you went to meet up with Tyler right after studying with Niall, you knew he was going to get pissed off at you, and he had every right to. You always promised him you wouldn’t drool over Niall again, and each time you got the opportunity to hook up with him, you gladly took it. The worst thing was that you always promised yourself that as well, but you let yourself down again and again. This time you didn’t touch him at all, so it was a silver lining to your pretty dark cloud. However, that didn’t stop you from feeling like a slut once again. The worst part of it all is that you knew you were wrong, you knew you shouldn’t be doing that with someone like him, knowing it won’t get you anywhere.
-That grin on your face is an after sex glow and we both know it. Hoe.-Tyler scoffed playfully as you sat down on the chair next to him.-Niall again? 
You laughed, trying to hide just how upset you were about it. 
-We didn’t fuck, okay? It was nothing. Besides, your friend Becky apparently had the time of her life last night with Niall.-you raised your eyebrow at him questioningly.-You didn’t say anything about that. 
-I didn’t think you would care if he fucked someone else. Didn’t you say you’d never do it again? Lord, you’ve lost your mind.-he raised both of his hands in the air.-That guy’s got you hooked. 
-No, he doesn’t.-you shook your head.-I’m just sorry for Becky. 
-I’m sorry for both of you, you’re both dumb as fuck if you’re letting yourself fall for Niall fucking Horan.-he gave you the face palm.-But you’re far worse than her, she still thinks he’s a good guy and you know exactly who he is, but you still fall for him every time. If I didn’t know you, I’d think you were a dumb bitch who has it coming. 
You sighed, realizing that maybe he was right. Not maybe, actually, he was right. You were falling for him, and he was just fucking around, literally. You understood exactly who he was, but you just couldn’t get enough of him. 
-I didn’t fall for him. I just… I’m attracted. 
-What’s wrong with you? The bigger jerk he is, the more you like him.-he sighed loudly.-We really need to get you a date, okay? Someone nice, someone better, someone to get Niall out of your system. So I’m thinking someone with a big cock. 
He giggled after he said the last one, thinking it’s the only good thing about Niall, but you thought differently. 
-I don’t want to date anyone now, I’m not ready for attachments, okay? 
-Yeah, sure, but you’re ready for the attachment to Niall’s dick?-he rolled his eyes.-Women! 
-Shut up, Ty. It won’t happen again. And if it does, I’m really dumb.
-I can tell you straight up it’s gonna happen. You can’t control your damn hormones, that’s why you should find someone else.-he sighed.
You thought about what he said for a while. Maybe that was the right thing to do, find someone else and have fun with him in order to forget about Niall. You weren’t the kind of girl to cheat, so if you had a boyfriend, you knew you’d say no to Niall. You wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally. Especially not because of Niall, he wasn’t worth it at all.
Maybe you should go out more and find someone for yourself, that was the only way to get over him.

Once again, Niall showed up next to your locker when you were taking your books for the next class. His blue polo shirt couldn’t possibly get any tighter and it really fit him well, it showed off his great torso, and he was well aware of it. He had a huge grin on his face as he was wiping away something from the right corner of his lips. You couldn’t believe how hot a person could look doing just that.
-What?-you snapped, not wanting to get caught up in the conversation with him like usual.
-You look like you need someone to help you relax.-he said as he put his hand on your shoulder and rubbed it hard with his fingers. 
-You’re not that person, trust me.-you brushed his hand off. 
-I think I am, you seemed so relaxed on Saturday.-he leaned in and whispered into your ear. 
-Good for you, you’re so cool once again.-you shot him an angry glare.-How do you do it? Wow! 
-Where do I turn this sarcastic mode off?-he smiled and looked down at your crotch and raised an eyebrow.-There? 
You sighed loudly and turned around, but he grabbed your arm and spun you around, obviously not ready to let you leave just yet. He had something better in mind. 
-Listen, my house is empty for the rest of the week, so come over.-he got serious.-We can spend a few amazing days together at mine. 
You thought about that offer for a second. It sounded so good at first, you could have him all to yourself for three days of great sex, but you knew what it really was. He just wanted someone around to fuck, so that he wouldn’t even have to leave the house. And after that, it would all return to the way it was before, and you weren’t in the mood for feeling like crap again because of him. 
-That’s great, I can’t make it. I’m sure Becky can, though.-you winked and he chuckled. 
-Getting a bit jealous, are you? I told you, all I can give you is this.-he grabbed his cock over his jeans and laughed conceitedly.-No need to get mad about having to share it with others. It’s not like you have any complaints when we do stuff. 
-You’re a pig, aren’t you? Don’t…-you rubbed your eyes and sighed.-There’s no point in this conversation, see you. 
-Wait, will you come? Like on Thursday or something?-he leaned on the lockers and gave you one of his best sucking up smiles. 
-No, I have a date.-you smiled back and walked away. 
-Date? Well, after the date then!-he yelled, but you didn’t turn around.-Fuck the date!

You were lying about the date, but once you’ve said it, you felt like you needed to go on a date, just to avoid the quite possible scenario of you giving in and going over to Niall’s for three days of awesome sex. You just didn’t know who to ask out, you were never really good when it came to that, so you called Tyler and asked him to go out with you, just the two of you. He took you to a club downtown where there was no chance you’d meet Niall, he never went to clubs like that one. You were grateful for that. When Tyler went to get your drinks, you checked your phone to find a message from Niall. 
Come over after the date, you know he can’t fuck you like I can
What a charming lad! You rolled your eyes and deleted the message, even though you felt some sort of satisfaction knowing he was thinking about you and inviting you over when he could’ve could anyone else instead. It was flattering in a way, but you didn’t want to think about him at all. So when Tyler came back with your drinks, you downed it without mentioning Niall and started dancing. When you went to the bathroom, you checked your phone to see if there was another message from Niall. You were surprised to find two.
Don’t even think about going home with him 
You received the second one fifteen minutes after the first one, but you’ve read them just now. Obviously Niall was freaking out about this, and you couldn’t be more happy.
no one can fuck you like i can, you know it
You deleted those messages after gloating about them in your mind, and decided not to mention anything to Tyler about them, as well. You two got drunk and danced your asses off, but you still didn’t even see anyone who could be a potential dating type. Tyler did, but he didn’t want to ditch you, so he stayed with you instead of going over there and talking to the guy. You started feeling bad about it, so you told him that you were tired and that he should go drop some lines on that guy and you went home. 
It was 3am when you got home and you stopped at the door and listened to hear if anyone in your house was awake. Luckily for you, no one was and you headed to your room quickly, thankful that no one would see what you look like when you return after a night out clubbing. You took a shower and went to bed straight away. Just as you were dozing off to sleep, you heard a noise, like something hit your window. You ignored it, but when it happened again, you pulled the cover over your head. The third time it happened, you were certain someone was throwing rocks at your window. 
You got up and walked over to the window, hoping it wasn’t a serial killer or something that happens to people in movies. You turned on the lights, just in case, and then looked out and you didn’t see anyone. You thought it was weird, but you just shrugged it off and went back to bed. After a while, you heard some scratching underneath the window, but you concluded it was your mind playing tricks on you again, and you didn’t do a thing about it. And then your blood froze when you heard a knock on the window. You didn’t know if you should start screaming or just lie there and pray to God the person wouldn’t see you. 
-I know you’re fucking awake.-the voice said. 
-You little shit!-you yelled and then covered your mouth, remembering that your parents were in the adjacent room. 
You got up and walked to the window, pulling Niall inside. 
-What the fuck do you think you’re doing? My folks are in the next room and they would be pissed if they found you here!-you whispered angrily and hit his shoulder with your palm.-Can’t you use phones like normal people do, what the fuck, man? 
He put both of his hands on your shoulder to calm you down and smiled. 
-I did and you ignored me, but I just wanted to see you. 
-We have school tomorrow and I’m sure we’ll run into each other there, this really wasn’t necessary. At all.-you shrugged his hands off of your body. 
-Looks like someone’s having a bad night. The date didn’t go well?-he smirked.-What can I do to make it better? 
He took your face in his large hands and kissed you slowly, his tongue gently licking your lips before entering your mouth and wiggling around for a while, his thumb gently caressing your cheek. 
-You can leave and not let me get caught with a guy in my room at 4am, okay?-you pushed his chest away from yours.
-I’m just glad you didn’t go home with that asshole.-he smirked, even though he didn’t even know who “that asshole“ was.
-Stop this, now.-you looked at his chin, just to avoid eye contact. 
-Why do you keep saying stop when you don’t mean it? It’s between you and me, I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to.-he rested his forehead on yours as he said it.-But I know you want this, and I want it, too and I’m here now, it’s just us. 
You didn’t know what to say to that, it was true. You wanted him and nobody else was around. Except your parents. Nobody else would know and you were really in the mood for him.
Niall threw you on the bed and put a finger across his mouth, telling you to keep quiet, and you looked at him, standing at the foot of your bed. He took his shirt off slowly and you admired his torso once again while he got rid of his jeans, too. Soon he was standing in front of you wearing just his white Calvin Klein’s and you had an amazing view. He shook his hips and made you laugh.He was already hard, and you couldn’t wait to have him inside of you, just the outlines of his cock under his boxers made you want him even more.
He got on his knees on the bed and pulled you a bit downwards with a smirk on his face. Niall hooked his fingers under your underwear and took them off in one swift motion, leaving you only in your t-shirt. He winked and spread your legs wide apart, his hot tongue touched your clit once, and then returned to torture you, making figure eights around your clit and you gasped loudly. Soon his big hand covered your mouth. 
-Shush, we don’t want anyone to hear you.-he giggled devilishly and plunged his tongue inside of you while his thumb started to play with your clit, rubbing it as hard and as fast as he could and the only thing you could do was to lie there and just enjoy. 
As his movements got faster, you grabbed the sheets with your hand and let out small quiet grunts, hoping nobody would hear. Niall replaced his thumb with his tongue, which was even better, it felt warm and soft against your clit and you spread your legs even wider, wanting to feel more of him. Without warning, he shoved two of his long fingers inside of you, and you gasped for air, which made him chuckle arrogantly. His fingers entered you at a fast pace and you brought your knees up, but you couldn’t keep them that way for long because your thighs were already shaking. Your whole body felt like it was burning and the fear of being caught only made the whole experience better. 
-Stop, come on, stop.-you pushed his head away from you and he smirked. 
He positioned himself at your entrance and gave you a big grin after pecking your lips. Soon after, he made his first thrust and it made you moan, but he covered your mouth with his big hand and then he started to move a lot faster, making you moan into his hand. 
-I told you no one can fuck you like I can, you’re so wet around me, babe.-he whispered into your ear and then bit on your earlobe as his cock entered you all the way each time. 
You dug your nails into the soft skin of his wide back as you felt his cock rub your already tight walls. You felt just how wet you were, it was like his cock was sloshing about inside of you, you wanted him so bad your whole body was aching for him. 
He moved his hips back and forth, this time going slower, more sensual and he winked at you, seeing how out of breath and panting you were. 
-I hope you weren’t really thinking about fucking someone else.-he grunted here because you clenched your walls around him on purpose, wanting to get a reaction from him.-You wouldn’t enjoy it this much. 
-Shut up.-you chuckled as he removed his hand from your mouth just to grab your hips and continuing to thrust into you harder and harder. 
He laughed quietly and plunged himself into you harder this time, making your bite his shoulder, but he didn’t wince. He was proud of himself for making you feel like this, and you knew it. Your cries and grunts and moans and bites just made him feel more secure about they way you felt about him, that is the way you felt about his cock, since that was apparently the only thing that mattered to him. 
Your lips were attached to his shoulder, to the place where his neck met his shoulder and as you bit it gently, you breathed in his soft scent and moaned into his skin as he sped up the rhythm. Your lips touched his neck gently and you moved them across his neck, across the vein which stood out from all the strain he was putting into this. When your lips kissed his jaw, he turned his head to face you and gave you a peck on your lips, but then he changed his mind and gave you a long wet kiss and he took your lower lip into your mouth and bit on it, and then traced his tongue along it, sucking on it. 
You started bucking your hips as much as you could, considering he was lying on top of you, his warm body covering yours, the places where your skins touched were burning in such a good way and your knees and thighs slowly started to shake as you wrapped them around his body. You dug your nails into his bum and pulled him up, wanting to feel more of him knowing you were soon going to reach your climax. 
Niall’s tongue hungrily entered your mouth, searching for you tongue and then playing with it, roaming around your mouth and you did the same. You didn’t know if you should be focusing on the movements of his tongue or his cock. Since your legs were spread apart and wrapped around him, his pelvic bone hit your pubic bone each time, enhancing the effect of his thrusting which was already overwhelming. 
His forehead got sweaty at the place where his forehead met his hair, and some of it got stuck to his forehead and his cheeks got flushed as he grunted. 
-Fuck, you’re so tight. Shit.-he sped up his movements once more and you tightened the grip of your legs around him and closed your eyes, moaning loudly once.-See who makes you moan? 
-You do.-you moaned once again into his air and tried to catch some air as your stomach muscles started to shake.-I’m close. 
-I know you are..-he growled.-So am I. 
He grabbed your thighs roughly and plunged himself inside of you all the way, his cock filling you up completely, touching every part of your walls, making you dizzy as you moaned loudly. His hands covered your mouth once again as he told you to keep it down and the thrusts continued. You closed your eyes and your breathing increased rapidly, you were gasping for air and then you reached your orgasm and it satisfied your every need as your whole body tensed up. 
You lay back down, trying to come off your high and Niall shoved himself into you a few times, and then you felt him spill his juices inside of you, his face getting read and his breathing loud. He came with a grunt and then kissed your lips, something which you didn’t quite expect. 
He pulled his cock out of you and then lay down next to you and giggled. 
-What’s funny?-you asked, getting confused about it.
-You.-he replied. 
-It’s just cute how you always say I’m disgusting, but you look so happy every time I fuck you senseless.-he winked as he turned his head to face you. 
-I look happy every time I have sex, not just with you.-you shook your head, but you knew you were lying. 
You were still trying to make your breathing even and you wanted to be able to move without feeling a bit of pain in your muscles. It was that kind of sweet pain which you quite enjoyed. And you wanted him to stay next to you, which was far worse than anything else you were feeling at that moment. That was forbidden in every possible way and you knew that.
-Right, that’s why I’m the only one you do it with.-he giggled.-I so hope your parents heard you moan my name. 
-Idiot.-you hit him playfully on the shoulder. 
He grabbed your arm after you did that and pulled you closer, kissing you once again, his fingers moving up your chest to the nape of your neck where they gently played with your hair, wrapping it around. You stopped kissing and looked straight into each other eyes, and you felt your stomach churn, but you didn’t know why. You couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t like something you’ve ever experienced with someone else, it was Niall, and you knew just who he was, but this time he was someone else and you were okay with it. However, you knew that wouldn’t last for long. 
-You should go.-you muttered. 
-Oh.-he nodded and looked at you for a while, but he sat up at last.- I will. 
You sat up too and watched him get dressed. You couldn’t keep your eyes off his body as he put on his underwear, your eyes took it all in, his happy trail, his firm chest, a bit of chest hair and his face with a grin on it. He gave you a wink when he noticed you were staring at him and then he took his shirt in his hand. 
-Can I leave through the front door?-he raised an eyebrow at you.
-Yeah, sure you can.-you nodded.
You got up, wrapping the sheet around your naked body, suddenly feeling self-conscious about being naked in front of him, while he had no problem with it. He still didn’t put his shirt on, it was placed on his shoulder as he looked at you walking over. When you were at the door of your bedroom, you slowly opened them and you didn’t know how to say bye to him. You actually wanted him to stay next to you, just for the night, you wanted to curl up beside him and breathe in his scent as he play with your hair and his body warms yours up, but that could never happen. He said bye, and so did you, but then he leaned in and kissed you long and hard, pressing his lips against yours. He backed away and winked. He could be really nice when he tried, but what bothered you was that he rarely tried.
-Will you come on over tomorrow then?-he raised an eyebrow at you questioningly.
-We’ll see.-you replied, clearing your throat.
He spanked your bum with his palm and it made a loud noise, making you both laugh.
-Stop that.-you hissed and grabbed his arm.
-Y/N, is that you?-a coarse voice called out from your parents’ room and you froze.
You looked at Niall and pointed towards the stairs. He took your hint and rushed down them, putting on his shirt as he did, while you yelled to your parents that you were just thristy and going downstairs to get some water. You just hoped none of them would come out to see what was going on because you were still wrapped in your sheet, butt naked and Niall was unlocking the door. Once you heard the door quietly clicking, you sighed and went back to the room, locking the door behind you.
if we were at mine, that wouldn’t happen.. see you tomorrow ;)
You smiled to yourself as you read his message, feeling the need to go to his place and spend the day with him, like he wanted you to. You felt a rush of guilt as you remembered what you told Tyler just that day. How come you always broke your word when it came to Niall?


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