The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


1. Chapter1

You were never the popular one in school, but you weren’t at the bottom of the popularity chain, either. To be honest, you didn’t know which of the two was worse because people in the middle of the chain were basically invisible to everyone else. School pretty much sucked for you because you’ve always had a crush on Niall Horan, the handsome jock at school and you never caught his eye, not even once. You didn’t go to the same places as he went, you didn’t hang out with any of his friends and you were very well aware of the fact that he was way out of your league. He had every girl he wanted to have and he usually never called them again, except for the hottest ones, but he’d get tired of those eventually as well. The rumors about him spread like crazy, but his popularity never went down, people still continued to like him, even though he treated most of them badly. He was a jerk, but there was just something about him that attracted you. Drooling over him in the cafeteria became a daily routine for you, since you never found the guts to talk to him. Even if you did talk to him, there was always that fear of being mocked by his jock clique or the fear of just not being good enough for him. So you never did. You had other boyfriends, and you cared about some of them, but every relationship you had would fall out eventually. You always wished that you could at least hook up with Niall.
But now it was time to turn it all around. You were starting college this year and you were going to make sure you climb up that popularity chain. Being a nobody sucked and you weren’t going to take it anymore. You were determined on changing things this year, starting your life all over again.
Your best friend had most of the classes with you and, as you later found out, so did Niall Horan. Maybe now he’ll notice you at last.

-Girl, you’re gonna make a rocking first impression, you’re hot in that!-your best friend Tyler said as you entered his car in your brand new dress. 
Tyler was openly gay and he didn’t take crap from anybody. Luckily for him, he was tall and buff and people didn’t want to pick fights with him because they were destined to lose against him. He used to be really popular in his school and he knew a bunch of people you didn’t, so they’d always come up to you two and start talking to him. You felt left out from time to time, but sometimes it was a good way of meeting people. You two were going to your first college party together and you wanted to make sure everything was perfect. You had a few drinks at a pub and then you walked over to the club your colleagues rented for the night. 
Since this was your first college party, you were really nervous and excited at the same time. You and Tyler walked to the bar as soon as you arrived and drank a few shots, just to have more fun. The minute you walked in, you noticed Niall leaning on the window sill with a beer in his hand. He had a few girls around him, laughing at everything he said, his tank top leaving almost nothing to your imagination, his snapback hiding his blonde hair.
Tyler met some old boyfriend and talked to him and you got out of their way, not wanting to interrupt anything. In lack of other things to do, you watched Niall with those girls. He threw his arm around one girl’s shoulders and you felt your heart sink. What was wrong with you? Why did you think that you could change all of a sudden and become this girl he’d drool all over? You didn’t look good enough for that, you were nowhere near perfect. You turned on your heel and walked to the bar to get yourself a drink. 
There were some cute guys at the bar who wanted to buy you shots, so you accepted. Isn’t this what cool girls do? You drank a lot, but you didn’t feel drunk. You felt happy. The top which showed off your cleavage was obviously a good choice, since the guys couldn’t stop staring at you. Since you were drunk, you became more friendly and flirty with those guys and with time, they formed a circle around you. You felt like the center of attention for the first time and you were loving the feeling. 
You turned around to get yourself another drink when you noticed Niall standing next to you, obviously waiting to get his drink, as well. You smiled at him, but then you remember his girls and shifted your gaze from him to the bartender. 
-I don’t know you, do I?-he leaned his hip on the bar and smiled cockily at you.-I’m sure I would have remembered someone as beautiful as you. 
You blushed instantly, but told yourself to get it together. You were aware of the fact that he probably didn’t mean a single thing he said. 
-We went to the same high school.-you replied. 
-We did?-he seemed shocked.-Where have you been hiding, then? 
-Obviously not in the ugly corner. 
He laughed at your joke like it was the funniest thing ever and for a moment it seemed like it was because his laugh was contagious. 
-Well, that’s for sure.-he winked.-I hope I’ll get a chance to get to know you better. 
He leaned in and put his hand on your naked shoulder. 
-If you know what I mean.-he whispered into your ear. 
Was this really happening? Did your all time favorite crush just hit on you? You felt shivers down your spine just imagining the things you two could do together. But then something hit you. Those girls were still there, waiting for him. He was hitting on you just because his friends were doing the same. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t notice you, just like back in high-school. It was a guys thing, he had to show them he was the alfa-male of the group.
-I’m guessing you meant we should fuck by that.-you stared into his blue eyes.-And I’m not really one of those girls who fall for corny pick-up lines. Better luck next time, though. 
With that, you turned around and started talking to one of his friends. You felt his hand on your shoulder. 
-Sorry, that was rude.-he said.-I just think you’re hot. 
-Well, thank you, then.-you replied.-Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m talking to someone here. 
Niall was visibly surprised. This was probably the first time he was turned down like this. He was always one of those guys who got everything they wanted anytime they wanted. You didn’t want to give him this satisfaction. 
-Can I at least get your number, then?-he raised his eyebrow. 
Should you give it to him? You decided to give your number at last. If he calls, he’s worth a shot. If not, he’s really the jerk everyone thought he was. 
After getting your number, Niall went to give out the drinks he had already ordered from the bartender and you took that chance to run away, not wanting to hook up with him. You didn’t want to seem desperate, but you knew if you talked to him just a minute longer, you’d be dry humping him in no time. 
You found Tyler and you guys went to the dance floor and danced like crazy because of all the alcohol and excitement. Tyler mimicked your movements and you laughed loudly and you guys probably looked like fools, but you didn’t care. Life was good again, it was all good. After some time, Tyler’s ex joined you and you went to the bar to get yourself a drink until they finish. 
-Hey!-some guy took the seat next to yours.-I’m in your math class! 
-Uhm, quite probably.-you nodded.-But I really don’t remember right now, sorry. 
-I’m Dylan.-he smiled, showing off his pearly white teeth,
-Dylan? Sounds familiar, but I remember nothing. Anyway, I’m Y/N. 
-Nice to finally meet you.-he winked.-Want a drink? 
-No, thanks.-you lifted the hand in which you held your glass.-Already have one. 
-Mind if I sit here for a while?-he asked. 
He wasn’t bad looking at all, but you weren’t feeling all that flirty. He had a cute smile with dimples and big green eyes. To hell with it, why not? You should have fun from time to time. 
-Not at all.-you smiled. 
-Which high school did you go to, I don’t think it was mine? 
-No, no, I went to Westborough.-you replied. 
-Oh, with Niall, right?-his expression changed. 
You nodded. 
-Yeah, he was here like twenty minutes ago.-you turned around, but you couldn’t see him. 
-You guys are tight?-he raised an eyebrow. 
-I wouldn’t say that. 
-Cool. He’s my mate.-he smiled.-See you later. 
He walked off. What the fuck? He hit on you, but as soon as he thought you had something with Niall, he ditched you. Fuck it. You turned around and went to look for Tyler, but you just couldn’t find him anywhere. He was probably in the bathroom. With that guy. Great. 
You went to the girls room to freshen up before going home. As soon as you entered the bathroom, you felt the need to pee, like always when you drank a lot. Even though all of the doors were closed, you tried opening them one by one, just in case. The first two didn’t open, but the third one did and you regretted opening it as soon as you saw what was inside. 
Niall was standing up, his boxers and pants in a pool around his legs and some slut’s mouth around his cock. His eyes were closed, but as soon as you opened the door, he looked up at you. Instead of shouting at you for barging in and telling you to get lost, he winked and gripped the girls hair which made her gag. She didn’t even care that the doors were open and that someone saw her giving head. You slammed the door and ran outside. 
Shit, you did not need to see this. You couldn’t get his smug little smile out of your head. His huge hand gripping her hair… That could have been you. That would have been you if you just stayed with him a minute longer. You just realized how slutty that would make you look. He did this all the time, you were sure. Shit, and you actually felt happy about him asking for your number. He only asked it so that he could call you on a date, thinking he gets to fuck your brains out in the toilets later. You hated yourself for being that stupid sometimes, thinking you had a chance. The only chance you had was the chance of being treated like a slut and you weren’t okay with that, even though you wanted to have sex with him ever since you met him.

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