The Frat Boy | n.h

Niall is the popular guy in school who always gets whatever he wants, or so it seems. He’s been your crush for a long time, but you never acted on it and he never noticed you. In college, things take a sudden turn and you meet him. Is the turn for the better or the worse?


23. chapter 23

You spent Sunday and Monday at Tyler’s because you wanted to avoid the talk with your mother again, and you hoped she’d forget it by the time you returned home. There were more important things to worry about, like the trip they were taking on Sunday for their anniversary, their 25th anniversary. Instead of throwing a party, they decided to do something special and go on a vacation for four days, someplace romantic, some place where they could be alone, meaning they wanted to go without you. You didn’t have a problem with that, it just meant you were going to have the house to yourself for seven days and if Niall behaved on their trip, you two could spend those seven days at your place. When you came back home on Tuesday after college, all they talked about was the trip and nobody asked anything about Niall, so you were happy about it, at least something good happened. You were really worried about Niall’s game, even though he didn’t seem interested in other girls ever since you two had that talk.

Niall had football practice everyday after college, starting from Monday, so he couldn’t walk you home anymore and you kind of missed it. Those were the only minutes of the day where you had him for yourself, and now they were taken away from you. You did see him in college, but you couldn’t do anything there except talk, and it would be awkward when it happened because he was always surrounded by a bunch of people and you were with your friends and you couldn’t talk about anything private in front of other people. Sitting next to him without being able to hug him or kiss him was awful. On Wednesday, he showed up in front of your house at 8 pm, completely unexpected, and asked you out for a walk. 
-I just thought how it’s weird that I didn’t talk to you alone at all since Saturday.-he shrugged when you asked him why he was there. 
You walked around the block and you sat on some bench and kissed for a while, but that was all you did. It was nice just talking to him and having him tell you what he was thinking about. You could easily get used to those walks, but you told yourself you shouldn’t, at least not until he comes back.
-Did you talk to Connor?-you asked for the fifth time since Friday, but it had to be done. 
-Yes, I did, he showed up at practice.-he replied. 
-Really?-you laughed happily.-That’s awesome! What did he say? 
-Nothing, we just talked about regular stuff.-he shrugged.-Guy stuff, you wouldn’t understand. He asked me about you, how you’re doing and all that. He says that Jake’s getting on his nerves, and that he met a hot girl. I presume that’s Tyler’s sister? 
-That skank! She probably went over to the coffee place again, Tyler’s gonna kill her.-you rolled her eyes.-Anyway, you’re all good now? Is he going to the game this weekend? 
-Yeah, and so is Jake, who is actually acting weird. He talked to me today at practice, asking if I wanted to share a room this weekend.-he made a disgusted face.-Why would I want that? And then he talked about me and him and Connor being friends for our entire lives and nothing should come in between us. That’s when the coach came and I avoided him later. 
-You talked to him?-you raised both of your eyebrows in shock.-That’s great! You’re friends with them again, that’s amazing. 
He just nodded and looked at you. 
-I knew you’d be happy, that’s what I wanted to tell you.-he smiled.-But I’m not friends with Jake, you can forget about it. 
You felt good about it. He was finally friends with them again, and you had no reason to feel guilty anymore. He had his friends, he was still the football team captain and it was good. You were “friends“, but that’s life. You can’t always get what you want and all that. He walked you back home and he was careful not to go all the way to the porch again, since he was clearly avoiding meeting your mom again. After that text, you didn’t talk about him meeting her. You were a bit hurt by him saying you were just his friend, but you didn’t want to say that, so you kept quiet. He didn’t say a thing about it either, so it was for the best to just stop talking about it.
The next day, you overslept, and you didn’t feel like going to school, so you lied to your mom and told her you were sick. Anyways, it was college and you weren’t obligated to attend all of the classes. Your mom and dad left for work and you took a long relaxing bath and then went back to bed with your laptop, catching up on your favorite show. At around 10, you got a text. 
Not coming? 
Well, at least he noticed you weren’t there
No, I’m having a day in, no parents :) 
I wish I could join you…
The three dots made the thought linger. You instantly wished he could join you, too. It would be great if you cuddled in your bed and watched a movie together and if he held you in his arms and you could rest your head on his shoulder and touch his chest and breathe in his scent. You shook the thought off, knowing it’s not gonna happen, even though you wanted it. 
I wish you could too ;) 
You chuckled, thinking it would get him a bit worked up, and it sure did because he answered so fast you didn’t even blink. 
The things I’d do to you, you have no idea
You bit your lip and thought about what you were gonna write. You were the one who was getting worked up, and not him. You loved everything he did to you, it was different than the other times you’ve done it. You’ve done it a lot of times with him by then and you were used to him. You knew exactly what places to touch to make him shiver, you knew just how to tease him and you knew what to do at what time, and Niall knew the same things when it came to you. 
Like what? 
It took him a while to answer and in the meantime, instead of watching your show, you were lying there with your eyes closed thinking about the things Niall did to you. You didn’t have sex since the time you did it in his car and it wasn’t very romantic or long, no matter how satisfying it was, and you wanted to do it again, but tomorrow was Friday and he was going away. Just when you were starting to think about him going away, your phone vibrated and it was worth the wait. 
If you only knew how hot you look when you’re turned on and you moan, that’s why I’d rub your clit until you beg me to put a finger inside of you and I’d put two and you’d already be wet and then I’d rub in circles until you were close, but I’d pull them out and make you beg for my cock and you would beg like a little slut
Your mouth formed a half turned on, half surprised O as you read his text over and over again. You were wet just imagining him doing this to you, and you knew he’d do it if he was there with you. Unfortunately, he wasn’t, so you had to take care of it yourself, but since he teased, you decided to tease back. 
Funny you should say that because that’s what I’m doing right now and you don’t hear me moaning your name, do you? And we know who will beg me to suck him off ;) 
You were turned on to the point of no return, you didn’t touch yourself, but you felt yourself tingling and waiting to be relieved. Luckily, Niall didn’t reply to that text, probably because he was in class, and you went back to watching the show, but you were still turned on. Five minutes later, you got a text from Niall. It was an picture of what seemed to be his erection covered with his boxers. 
You’ve got something to take care of, I’m on my way ;) 
You screamed out in excitement from everything. First of all, the picture was the best thing you’ve ever seen and you saved it into your files immediately. Second, Niall was on his way to your house and you knew what he was coming for and you couldn’t wait. 
Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door and as soon as you opened it, Niall ran inside and grabbed you, pulling you closer with one hand as he shut the door with the other hand. You wrapped your arms around his neck and jumped up, wrapping your legs around his waist and he grabbed your butt and squeezed it as he pressed his lips against your hungrily. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged on it gently as his tongue explored your mouth. Having Niall this close was something you couldn’t just get used to, it would take time and you weren’t sure if you were going to have that much time with him in the future. That’s why you wanted to use every minute of your time with him. His lips moved down from you mouth to your neck as he gently sucked on it before sinking his pearly whites in. 
-That’s for teasing me and I hope I left a love bite.-he chuckled against your neck.-What do you want me to do to you now? 
You put your hands on each side of his head and removed the hair from his face with your thumbs and kissed him again before speaking. 
-Whatever you want, just do something already.-you grunted and wrapped your legs around his waist even tighter. 
-I was hoping you’d say that.-he giggled and carried you over to the living room.-I’ve been waiting for the day that I’d get to bend you over this sofa ever since I came here that day to study. So you’re gonna get it now. 
He put you down right next to the sofa before slamming his mouth against yours and kissing you roughly, his hands tugging on your shirt and ripping it off of you over your head. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of his face as he got rid of your shirt and bra, he was so into it, his tongue was on one side of his mouth and he had a focused look in his eyes, you loved seeing this side of him. Niall pushed you backwards so you were seated on the backside of the sofa and you were scared of falling down on it flat on your back, but he wrapped his right hand around your waist and spread your legs with his knee before kissing you again, just as rough as he did before. His fingers played with your nipples, rubbing them and twisting them gently and then his hand wandered down to your shorts and he slipped his hands inside, his fingers finding your clit immediately. 
-Uh, shit.-you moaned and lowered your arms from his chest down to his belt and you quickly undid it while his fingers around your clit distracted you. 
You sneaked your fingers inside his boxers and wrapped your fingers around his already hard cock and just as you started to move them up and down, Niall shoved a finger inside of you without warning and you let out a loud moan, which made him chuckle. 
-That’s what I like to hear.-he kissed your cheek and leaned his forehead on yours as you both looked down.
His fingers were quickly moving in and out of you as the back of his hand pressed your shorts away from your body and you both had a good view. The faster he moved, the faster you did and you were both panting after some time and that’s when Niall pulled his fingers out of you and moved them up just to lick them with the tip of his tongue.
-This is how good you taste.-he shoved two of his fingers inside of your mouth and you swirled your tongue around them, knowing it would turn him on even more, and it did.-You little slut, you love this. 
-Mhmm.-you moaned and cocked an eyebrow up, which made him pull you down from the back of the sofa and kiss you once more before spinning you around. 
-Get ready.-he warned you before pulling your shorts and panties down your legs. 
You stepped out of them and he made you lean over the back of the sofa, completely exposed in front of him. You remembered the last time you did it this way and how he left you on that bench unsatisfied and angry as hell. And how far you’ve gotten since then. There was no way he’d dare do that to you now. 
Niall ran his fingers across your slit once before lining himself up at your entrance and rubbing the tip of his cock over your slit. You moaned out in pleasure and he chuckled. 
-You like that?-he leaned down and whispered before nibbling on your earlobe. 
-Mhmm.-you moaned out in response and he started to rub your already swollen clit with the tip of his cock. 
-Do you want it inside of you? Huh? 
He squeezed your shoulder as he leaned backwards and positioned himself at your entrance. 
-Yes, put it in already, come on.-you turned around and winced at him and he winked before entering you all the way. 
It kind of stung, but with the next thrust it got better, and with the one after that, you were already grunting quietly. His hands were gripping your waist as he started thrusting faster and faster. The only audible sounds were the sounds of your heavy breathing, his muffled grunts and the sound of his thighs hitting yours each time he’d enter you. He rubbed your butt with both of his hands and squeezed it, but he didn’t slow his pace one bit. 
-Oh God, Niall, there!-you cried out as he hit the right spot, making you arch your back. 
He ran his hand across your back, his skin feeling rough against your soft skin, his fingers sliding down to your breasts and squeezing them as he plunged himself into you harder. You grabbed the arm of the sofa and held on it as he placed his hands on your hips again, and started moving your body to meet his thrust and you moaned each time he did it because it felt too good. You were dripping wet and he was hitting every single one of those nerves inside of you which made your toes curl. As he started thrusting harder, your hips started hitting the back of the sofa, but the pain was the last thing on your mind, you couldn’t even feel it because of the satisfaction that was overwhelming at that point. 
-Aaah.-you almost screamed out and held onto the sofa tighter as he slammed himself right into you. 
-I wish you could feel how fucking tight you are around me.-his voice sounded husky now and he groaned right after he said it.-So tight and soaking, just for me, pet. 
He squeezed the back of your neck gently and you purred quietly as he did that, enjoying his touch. 
-And now you’re gonna come for me, are you?-he asked, sensing that your walls were clenching around him and you nodded. 
He grabbed your hair and wrapped it around his fist, pulling your head backwards a bit, which made your back arch and you screamed out as he started to slam himself into you carelessly and roughly, just trying to get you off. 
You lowered your arm down to your clit and rubbed it, wanting to get off because the tingling sensation was becoming to much for you to bear, you couldn’t control your body. Your thighs were a bit shaky and you just felt weak and Niall kept pounding into you and each one of his moans and grunts turned you on even more and as you felt you were close, you reached your hands back and grabbed his body as he slammed himself into you quickly. 
-I’ll come, Niall, I’ll come.-your voice was weak, as well as your body. 
-Fucking hell.-he grunted as he kept on pumping himself in and out of you.-You feel so good, fuck. 
You dug your nails into the cover of the sofa as you came, screaming out his name and you heard him giggle happily. You’ve been in the mood for this the whole week and you didn’t touch yourself, knowing it would only feel better once you two finally do it and you were right, it felt a lot better that way. Luckily for you, you were bent over the back of the sofa, you it didn’t matter that your legs gave out and shook, you were still in the same place you were before as Niall kept thrusting towards his release. 
-If you could only feel how wet you are around me right now, this is heaven, fuck.-he dug his fingers into your hips and kept on pumping and you knew he had that same concentrated look on his face as before, his tongue darting out to wet his lips and then rolling to the corner, his brows furrowed and drops of sweat forming on his forehead, covered by his thick hair. 
-If you could only feel how good it feels for me.-you moaned as your breathing returned to normal and you bucked your hips into him. 
His thrusting got sloppier and his breathing heavier and with a few more profanities, he came inside of you and didn’t pull out right away. He breathed in and out loudly a few times before pulling out and pulling up his boxers and pants. You pushed yourself backwards and stood right next to him, completely naked while he was fully clothed. 
He smiled at you and pulled you in for a kiss, his hand going down to grope your butt again. 
-Get dressed, we’re going out to eat, what do you think?-he smiled and looked down at you, but you shook your head. 
-No, no, let’s stay in. We can eat here.-you were determined. 
-This way you don’t have to prepare any food, I got some money from grandma and I want to take you out for lunch, a real lunch.-he removed a strand of hair from the side of your face and tucked it behind your ear. 
-I’d rather stay in, I don’t want anyone to see us.-you winked.-Besides, we’ll have more fun here, I don’t even have to get dressed. 
-You don’t want anyone to see us? 
He actually looked angry when he repeated your words, but he forced out a smile. You knew he was angry because he’d never ignore a sexual reference. 
-Alright, you’ll be the naked chef.-he shrugged. 
You grabbed his t-shirt and slowly pulled him in to kiss his lips again and you breathed in the smell of his aftershave, which you were getting used to. It was your favorite smell in the world. If you could stay next to him all day, you would. His mood kind of changed and you hated it. That day was your last day together before he would go to the game, and it could be your very last time together. If he did something on that trip, you wouldn’t forgive him. He fucked Jessie once, and you forgot about that because you weren’t together then, and even though you weren’t together now, you promised you wouldn’t be with other people and the fact that he’s going to be out of town doesn’t change that. You just hoped he would remember that before doing something on that trip.

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