Love Hurts

Dani's family are moving to Australia after their mom gets married. What will happen when she becomes the new kid?


2. arriving in Australia

Dani's POV


Soon enough, we arrived in Australia. And before I knew it we were already on our way to the house. All I could think about was my first day. I don't even know why I'm so worried! It's not like I was that popular back home but moving to Australia it's made me think differently. New people, new school.

My thoughts are interrupted by Bella screaming

"We're here!!!" she says, climbing out of the rental car. I just roll my eyes and follow her out. I think Bella's mood may have changed about moving, because all of a sudden she's excited.

Gee I do not understand her. I pull my suitcase to the door, following Bella and my mom. My eyes stare at the door as I hear footsteps. Then I see David open it, my new dad. whoo (note sarcasm).

Then luke appears, our new step-brother. ugh. I just need some rest before I pass out..

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