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2. schools a bitch (still chapter 1 )

Yulemas pov

I dropped Christine off at her class and started to walk to mine when I see something I never wanted to it it was ouri he he was kissing another girl ?!πŸ’” I literally just felt my heart break. I ran to the bathroom and felt the tears streaming down my face. WHY? WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO ME? IM SO STUPID! I punch the wall and my fist is bruised I wipe my tears, fix my makeup and head outside I just leave school and decide to go to the park. I sit on a bench and feel the tears start coming back. Why did he do this to me ? "Hey doll, why aren't you in school ?" I look up and see ...

Christine's pov

Ugh finally its lunch last period was so embarrassing for me ~ flash back. "Mrs ortega, what is b plus 53 in square?" I'm so hungry uhh what did he ask, I was about to answer when "GERRRRRRHFHD" my stomach just growled REALLY loud "PIZZA" I mumble and everyone laughs at me..great.~ I face palm when the memory comes back. I was looking around and I seen JENNII!! "Jennii!"I yell while running and embracing her in a hug, she doesn't hug back? She looks sad angry and confused "where have you been ?" I ask "I ran late sorry." she replies. Of course she is always late aha but that's just her."So do you wanna get-" I was about to ask her and she cuts me off!😑 talk about rude "sorry cake umm I'll meet up with you later ima go bye, be safe "she said and hugged me, but before I could reply she was already gone. Wow the only person I knew was gone, well besides Adriel and yulema. Which reminds me where are they I look around and see Yulemas not anywhere I look around again and see Adriel and a girl kissing, Woah what well erg what's this feeling jealousy? No I can't be ugh. I get my food and sit down and hear someone put their trey down on the same table I look up and see a guy he smiles kindly at me "I'm danny " he says "Christine " I mumble back, I don't mean to be in a mood but it's just ugh Adriel and jennii I swear and where tf is yulema. "Tough first day huh?" I looked at him he was pretty cute and his eyes were like brownish hazel Damn. "Yeah" I say while letting out a big sigh "it's okay baby girl I promise it'll get better ." he says gawdd he's sweet I look at him and my eyes water I'm so stressed I'm literally gonna break down I excuse myself and head to the restroom but feel someone grab my arm. Its Danny "look a girl like you shouldn't feel like this, sweety don't cut, don't do anything, whoever brought you down , well fuck them you're better than that don't mope about them, have them mope about you. You are an amazing girl, and I mean that."

Danny's pov

"... I mean that." I say and she bursts out in tears "shh it'll be alright baby girl" she hugs me and I hold her in my arms tight and comforting. God what has she been through I want to ask her but I feel like now is not the time :/. Why do I feel the need to protect her though. "I-I-I'm sorry." she says through her tears "I'm jjust really s-stressed" I wipe her tears and look at her "hey its fine whenever you need me I'm there okay?" I look at her in the eyes "okay." she replies and smiles.

Jenniis pov

I feel bad for cutting her off and leaving like that but I need to look for justice I start texting steven (yes we exchanged numbers) I was about to click send when I fell over "watch it " I say already pissed and then I look and see that it's justice "sorry I - oh jenni. I um see ya" he got up and I grabbed his foot and made him face plant "oof" he says as he falls and all his papers and books fall. "So-sorryπŸ˜‚" I say while laughing he looks at me and glares? Well Damn "what's your problem!" he slightly yells. I feel my eyes water a bit "nothing,what's yours ? And why are,you avoiding me?" he rolls his eyes "Jennifer I saved you from a heart break, and was so nice, and helpful and you just shrug me off. YOU are my problem you're such a selfish ungrateful little bitch who treats everyone like shit and acts like she's the shit!" πŸ’”

Justice pov

"... And acts like she's the shit!" I stop myself and see her in tears...shit she replies "sorry" it was more of a whisper she runs outside and grabs her skateboard and I see her fade away. Three words I fucked up. God justice you're such an idiot why ? Why would you say that? God why do I love her so- wait did I just say that? Fuck. Well this is perfect now I know the reason I did this, not for her for me. Or was it for her too ?

/a.n Woah juicccy! Is Christine and Adriel gonna be together or her and Danny Cadriel or Canny? Hmmm. What about jenni and justice? How is jennii feeling? Does justice fall for her or is it the opposite? Who did yulema see at the park ? Why did cake get jealous? Oh and that fault in our stars moment with Danny and Christy Ooohhh.Can it get worse? Tbc(To be continued) ...

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