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1. school's a bitch no matter what πŸ˜’

/an. Hey lovelies so here's my first book tell me how y'all like it Kay? Thanks. Btw that's Christine and yulema 😍😱 xx\


Yulema's Pov

"Yulema my love, it's time to get up." I hear my boyfriend ouri say. "Mm good morning" I say while yawning, I check the time to see it's 6:00 am. Ugh I have to be at school In an hour. " I made you some breakfast." gosh he's soo sweet I love him, "thanks babe, but I'll eat after I get ready." I say while getting up pecking his nose and he smiles. -6:55 am I finally finish doing my make up and I'm ready so I decide to go back into my room and see that ouri isn't there ? But there's a note.

Sorry my love, but I had to go I'll see you at school though princess. Xx ouri

I smile and start to eat my food once I'm finished I brush my teeth, grab my bag, and head out.

Daisy's pov

"Daisy!" I hear Yulema my best friend yell and I turn around. "Hey yulee " (nickname for Yulema its pronounced like Julie but with a y instead of j) "hey daisy, you're walking today ?" I smile and shake my head "Nah I'm getting a ride from Frankie." she looks confused and smirks "Your boyfriend ?" she says wiggling her eyebrows, I laugh "Nooo he's just a friend aha." we we're laughing and talking for a good 5 minutes when a black Ford Chevy shows up. "Hey beauties need a ride ;) ?"

Frankie's pov

"Hey beauties need a ride ;) "? I say jokingly to daisy and her beautiful friend. "Nah were good " says Daisy's friend who had the most adorable laugh and smile "hey butt head I think you should close your mouth before the flies get in ;)" daisy said to me while laughing and seeing me stare at her friend "what's your name doll?" she blushed πŸ’˜ "Yulema " I smiled "pretty name for a pretty girl ;)"

Yulemas pov

"Pretty name for a pretty girl ;) " I feel my cheeks heat up and daisy says "Alright love bugs we need to get to school " I smile and nod while sitting in the seat. -7:00am we finally arrive to school and we all head to different directions. I was walking to go find ouri when I bump into someone "oh Sorry I-I didn't see you " the girl on the floor stuttered. She was gorgeous she had dark brown blackish hair, chocolate brown eyes, and she was tall and skinny. "Its fine, I'm yulema." I say smiling and help her up. "I'm Christine " she says, she looks like she's lost. "Are you lost?" I ask. "Huh oh no, I'm a freshman and like I'm kinda new, but I'm just looking for my friend jennii." I knew there was something I never seen her around. "Oh okay, well I'll help you find her." I say while grabbing her arm and smiling

Christine's pov

"Oh Okay, well I'll help you find her." Yulema says smiling as she grabs my arm. "So are you new here ?" I ask yulema and she smiles at me and shakes her head "Nah I'm a junior I've been here for 2 years." I feel stupid I should've known she wasn't new."Oh that's pretty cool." I respond. As we're walking down the halls a lot of guys hit on us and we ignore well except for the cute ones aha. Yulema is a really nice person and my only friend here besides jenni who we still haven't found. I wonder where she is? We were talking and laughing until someone yells "Yulema !" wow she must be really popular, I turn around and see a boy. He's cute pretty tall and has an amazing voice. Wait cake what are you thinking, you're gonna start crushing on a stranger. "I'm Adriel." the guy says "I-I'm Christine, but you can call me Christy." he smiles and shakes his head "Nah I'd rather call you cutie ;)." I blush and he laughs " well see you lates lem (yulemas other nickname) bye cutie." he says fuck am I crushing on him?

Jennii's pov

"Shit" I say as I go running to school seeing it's already 7:15 and schools already starting. I jump on my skateboard and head to school luckily it only takes me about 5 minutes. "AHGG" I say as I crash into someone and fall on my arse.

"Sorry babe " the guy says holding a hand out to me, I take it and say "its fine, I should've watched where I was going." he smiles "it's fine, I'm steven." he says "I'm late for school." I say and get back on my board and skate off. "BYEEE STEVENNN!" I yell as I'm riding away. 7:23am fucckk I put my skateboard in my 'hiding spot'and run to class. "And that's why we need to know geome-" I walk in "sorry I'm-" my teacher interrupts me "late, you're late." he says angrily "Damn chill I said sorry " I say and the kids laugh being a softmore really changed me from good to bad. "Go to your seat ms Ramirez." the teacher demands. I go to the seat with my name and I see I'm next to a boy ugh this should be fun. "Hi" the boy says quietly "sup" I answer "I'm justice" he says, I look at him and smile "Jennifer, but call me jennii." I reply. Me and justice were talking the whole period, he's nice sweet and cute, and the first guy who didn't ask for my number. Although we did exchange numbers it was just a friendly way to keep in contact. "Well see you 5th period justice." I say while picking up my stuff I walk out of class and bump into someone Damn first day and I keep bumping into people. "Sorry ba- wait jennii?" I look up and my eyes go wide its steven but how did he know my name

Stevens pov

"Jennii?" her eyes go big "how do you know my name?" I laugh at her "I heard you getting yelled at by Mr night " she laughs and replies "oh that guy, he's a douche." I nod "well where are you going?" she looks at me with that 'really niqqa ' face " to class dumbass " harsh much oh well I grab her schedule and smile she has the next two periods with me . "well looks like I'm going with you baby hawk" (Tony hawk but baby get it no okay v.v) she looks confused and I explain that I have classes with her and she smiles, God she has an amazing smile what are you thinking Steven you can't think that it'll ruin your image.

Justice's pov

"Well see you 5th period justice" jenni says I smile and pick up my things and see she's out the door already? Damn she moves hella quick. I walk out finally to see her on the ground and see steven ugh he's such a flirt and gets all the girls, I'm not mad or jealous of Him getting the girls but Jennifer is different he can't take my best friend away ! I see them talking and see him about to grab her hand and I run and say "jenni!" she turns and her curls whip and hit steven in the face Hah that's what he gets "Oh hey justice " she smiles phew that was close. "Hey I was gonna ask you something before you left bae ." I say I hope she didn't hear me say bae I didn't mean it that way its just, I want steven to think we're a thing "you guys know each other ?" Steven asks and looks mad 😑 "yup " I say and throw my arm over Jenniis shoulder. "Oh, see you at class jennii, later dude." he says and walks off. "Um what ?" jenni asks "oh sorry I was gonna ask if I can walk you to class?" she smiles and says "nah I'm good but I'll text you Kay?" I literally just died. Did she really say that, I protect her and she leaves me "k" I reply and walk off leaving her confused. I go to class and get a message from her, oops I deleted it my finger slipped.

/a.n what do you think will cake and Adriel be a thing or fling? Will jenni find out about steven or change him? Why is justice being a douche? Will the drama increase? To be continued ...\

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