You're not alone.

Tristan is a 16 year old girl with problems at home. Her best friend, Miles, is always there for her. When things get a little too difficult she has to make some decisions.

Life will always have its hardships and sorrows. The only thing you can do is keep going. You're not alone. Ever.


1. Chapter One. Tristan's point of view.

I sit in my chair quietly and listen. I hear my parents yelling... again. They have been fighting on and off for about 2 years now. I'm 16 but I feel like I'm 3 and just want to crawl in bed and hide from the monsters in my closet. I hear struggling and shove open the door.

From what I see inside my father, Edward, has push my mother, Claire, into the glass coffee table and on impact it shattered.

I lunge at my father, furious and tackle him to the ground. He looks surprised although I have no idea why. I punch him hard in the face and blood trickles out of the corner of his mouth. I punch again in the nose. I pull my arm back for another punch, but my mom stops me. Now I am the confused one.

I storm out of the room and run up the stairs, down the hall, and make a right into my room. As soon as I'm inside I slam the door behind me.

I walk over to my bathroom which is connected to my room. In a few seconds I have washed all the blood from my hands. I look around my bathroom. It's small. There is a shower in the right corner that has a blue curtain and across from it, in the left corner, is the toilet which is a regular toilet. Directly to your left when you walk in is the sink.

I look in the mirror; I'm not very pretty. I have long red hair with bangs that go a little below my eyes. My eyes are almost to blue and there is way to many freckles on my face.

I decide after what I've done I should probably leave for a while. So I open my window and climb outside. My room is on the second floor so I have to climb down the tree that is right next to my window. I reach the ground and I start sprinting. I don't exactly know where I'm going right now, just that I have to get away until morning.

I realize I'm running to my best friends, Miles, house (out of habit). I feel safe with him. He lives about 3 blocks from my house so it doesn't take long to get there. I reach his red and brown brick house and ring the doorbell. Miles little sister Jenna opens the door. Jenna is 10 she has short blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

"Oh hi, Tristan." She says "he's in his room." "Okay." I say and walk down to the basement.

His room is actually the whole basement. It's carpeted with white fluffy carpet and black walls. There is a couch in front of the TV which is against the wall on a stand. The stand has shelves that are full of games and gaming systems.

I walk into his separate room that has his bed and dresser in it. He is laying on his bed reading some book. I sigh and flip down next to him.

"Hey!" He says "Hi." I say semi-sadly. "What's wrong?" He says dropping whatever book he was reading "Awh nothing really. Just hard times at home. Ya know?" "I'm sorry," he says and looks at his hands "do you want to talk about it?" "Nah." I say cause I'm not good with feelings. I mess his hair up and run to the couch for safety. He runs and slides on the ground next to me. He tickles me and I cry out with laughter and try to kick him away. I finally hit his chest and he falls back. "Damn, you're strong." He says rubbing where I kicked him. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I say sarcastically and laughing.

He flops down next to me and says "What should we play?" Miles is a year older than me but we both still act like kids sometimes.

He has dark brown hair. His eyes are blue and his smile is perfect with dimples and all. "Call of Duty, infected." I say after thinking a bit. "That it is." He says as he slides on his stomach grabs the game and puts it in his Xbox 360.

We play for a while then decide to go to the gas station for energy drinks. I get a Nos and he gets a rockstar, he pays. We go to the local park and sit on top of the monkey bars. It's 11:00pm so it's dark and the stars are out. I've always been fascinated by them. We sit in silence and it isn't weird. It's nice to not have to say anything.

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