Changed for the Better...? More like the Worst.

"Sary... You've changed." He said in shock. "No, I became me. The true me." I snapped.

(Okay I'm just trying this out guys so yea �� All help/constructive criticism welcome. Don't be afraid to state your opinions ��)


1. What was.

   I looked at the picture sadly, quite ashamed of what I had been. The girl in the photo was at least 15 pounds overweight, wearing glasses, braces, and clothes that were 2 sizes too big. That was me. Emphasize on "was". I'm not that girl any more. 

   Now, I'm Ria Jones, my auburn hair falls in waves mid way down my back, my green eyes bring out the red in it I've been told. I have curves in the right places, but I'm not super curvy. I'm not overweight, but I'm not underweight. I got my glasses replaced with contacts, my braces taken off, and wear clothes that fit. 

   I'd say I was average, if not for the fact I believe everyone is unique. I haven't dated a boy in all my 16 years of being on earth. Yeah, call me weird.

   But, weird as I am, I have an even weirder life. Everyone here knows One Direction, right? Well, even if you don't you will soon enough. 


( Okay so I know this is really short, it's just a "get to know her" thing 😃 Hope my writing is up to standards for ya ;) PLEASE comment if i should continue, i dont care if its the first chapter, i just want to know if this should continue or nah. Anyways, stay lovely all you!)

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