Losing You

This is just a story from Peeta's point of view. It happens after the rebellion so Peeta and Katniss are married and together. Let me know any suggestions you have for the story:)


3. Losing Sanity

It's gotten to the point where Katniss is never home when I wake up.  I don't get as worried as I used to.  I know she can take care of herself, and I know the woods are what keep her sane.  Much like painting keeps me sane.  I haven't had much time for it lately though.  I've been spending a lot of my time baking.  I spend all morning baking, and then around noon I head into town.  Katniss and I have more than enough money, and neither of us feel right keeping it all to ourselves.  It's not as bad as it used to be.  Ever since the rebellion, people don't starve like they used to.  That's one good thing that came out of it I suppose.  All the same though people still don't have nearly the amount of food we do.  So everyday I bake and then take the bread into town, passing it out to everyone I meet.  When I run out, I usually stay and chat for a short amount of time.

Today I decide to go see Greasy Sae.  When I moved back to Twelve, she stopped coming to take care of Katniss as much.  Even now though, when she and I are married, Greasy Sae stops by to check on us sometimes.  I bring her the last of my bread, and she invites me in for a moment.  I've always wondered what she does to keep herself occupied since she returned to Twelve, and now it's plain to see.  Greasy Sae knits.  Everywhere I look I see yarn and knitting needles.  I never would have taken her as one to knit, but she seems to do a great job.  Sweaters, shawls, blankets, and pretty much anything you can think of that would keep someone warm adorns her furniture.  

"Ignore the mess, dear." She says as she leads me into her kitchen.  

"I didn't know you knit." I say as I take a seat across from her at the kitchen table. 

"Yes well, I've got to do something.  You actually inspired me a bit ya know.  I used to just sell the things I made, but I give some of it away now.  A lot of people can't afford it, and it's sad to see people so cold when I have all of this just setting around.  But anyways, would you like something to drink?"


I spend a little while with Greasy Sae, talking about everything under the sun.  When I see it start to get dark outside, I thank her for her time and excuse myself.  I make a note to bring her extra bread when I can.  As I make my way back to the victors village, I see people eating various things.  Katniss must have already come through here, and she must have actually hunted today.  A lot of the time she just goes to the woods and walks around, but on days that she really does hunt, she very rarely keeps the game.  Much like my bread and Greasy Sae's knitting, Katniss gives away what we already have enough of.  

When I finally make it home, I see windows lit up in the house.  I walk up the steps and pull off my jacket.  I'm taking on my shoes when I hear her voice. 

"There you are!" She says walking over to me.  She wraps me in a hug.  She smells like pine and dirt, and I take in the scent.  "I was worried about you." She says as she pulls away.

"You were worried about me?" I ask with a slight chuckle.  "There's nothing to worry about."

"You're usually here when I get home.  I didn't know where you were."  I explain to her about visiting Greasy Sae, apologizing for worrying her.  "It's fine.  I'm just glad you're home."  She wraps her arms around me, and I hang on to her like I'm trying to hang on the my sanity.

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