Losing You

This is just a story from Peeta's point of view. It happens after the rebellion so Peeta and Katniss are married and together. Let me know any suggestions you have for the story:)


5. I'm Okay

I'm so relieved when I finally feel the effects of the hijacking wearing off.  I untangle myself from the unused clothes in the tiny closet and stand.  Katniss hasn't stopped searching for me.  She's still making rounds through the house, calling my name each time she enters a room.  I even heard her on the phone asking if anyone has seen me.  She knows what's happened, what I could do to her in this state.  She still refuses to give up though.  It warms my heart.

I take a couple of deep breaths, making sure I'm incontrol of myself before I open the closet door. When I step out of the closet, I can hear Katniss walking around upstairs.  I quietly make my way up the stairs, continuing to take deep breaths.  Katniss comes out of one of the guest bedrooms and finds me standing in the middle of the hall.  She stops when she sees me, but only for a moment.  She walks towards me, her arms opening wide so I can fit into them.  I close the last couple of steps between us, enveloping her into my arms.

As soon as we're together I feel okay again.  Those evil thoughts are gone, and I feel like I can breathe again.  Katniss quietly tells me that it's okay.  That I'm okay.  I usually push those words away at times like this.  

But this time I actually believe her.

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