Howling at the Heart

Summer is just normal, until them, until him, until love.
When Summer meets the boys of One Direction her and Niall have a connection. Love
But was it a wrong idea when the boys show they true selves?
They are animals, children of the moon, wear wolves.
And then what will Summer do when they change her for good?
What will happen when Summers past haunts her again?
And a new problem will rise, men dressed in black, with wolfsbane bullets.
Wolf hunters.


2. Wonder 'Round the City

Summer's P.O.V


"Uhhhhhhh! Five more minutes!" I groaned, rolling over in my bed. My alarm was flashing and the time was SEVEN IN THE MOURNING! I turned off the alarm and rolled back over, snuggling deeper into my quilt. However the rising sun was not on my side and had started to creep through the curtains and into my room, filling it with an early mourning glow.

I pulled the quilt over my head and tucked my legs into my chest. My bed was so soft and warm, cozy and comfy. I couldn't leave the bed, but I knew I had a rage amount of unpacking and organising to do.

Heaving a sigh I pulled up my quit and dangled my legs over the edge of my bed. It was freezing! I grabbed my track pants and sweat shirt and tired my hand in a bun.

I squinted and grabbed my phone off the bedside table, and checked it. Five missed calls from mum. I sighed and put my phone in my pocket. The room was crowded with overflowing boxes and bags that were in dire need of unpacking. But for the time being I was hungry and that means breakfast.

I slowly dragged my feet past the boxes and bags and down the stairs. As I reached the bottom the sweet smell of pancakes and waffles floated into my nostrils. Ummmmmmmmm yummmmmmm!

Followed the sent of the pancakes into my aunts kitchen. It was a large open kitchen with by folding doors onto the patio, and island bench and marble tabletops and on those tabletops was a huge stack off thick, fluffy pancakes!

I dragged my feet a little faster, grabbed a plate and a pancake and dug in. One thing everyone who meets my will know is that I love food and will not stop eating, ever. I ended up eating 8 pancakes and 4 waffles. And was still hungry but Lizabeth had run out mixture.

"You are such a pig!" Liz said, giving me a discussed look as I bit into my second apple.

"Um humgry." I replied with my moth full of Apple mush.

"Yuck! Disgusting!" She said gagging. I laughed at how my aunt hated my appetite. Ever since I was little I loved food and even more eating it, however my Aunty hated the fact that I was a pig and that I never got all the weight the food should of given me.

After a shower and getting some new clothes on and went downstairs to an empty house and a note on the table;


Work called me and they need me in early today, I'll be home around 5.00pm. Have a good day!


I shrugged and wondered up stairs. My room was partly unpacked, mainly the clothes and toiletries. I grabbed my boyfriend jeans, sailor stripped mid-drift, and a black trench coat and got changed. After that I grabbed my phone, some cash, my keys and left for a walk.

Outside the air is cold and stings my eyes, and my breath comes out as a misty fog. The few on the grass is frosty and crunches under my feet. I pulled by coat tighter around me and start to walk down the pathway.

The snow covered treesglistened in the early mourning glow as small birds awoke and started to chirp. I stopped at a bus stop and waited. Across the road a family was walking a dog. He was jumping around with what seemed like unlimited energy, barking at every passing car. The bus rounded the corner and u stood up getting ready.

The bus stopped and I got on and payed my fee, inside was beautiful but this was a double decker bus and you just have to sit on the top. So I walked up the stairs and took my seat. As the bus rounded the next corner the dog went crazy barking and straining to get if his leash and follow. I laughed to myself.

I watched as the snowy trees and cozy warm houses turned into the city. Everywhere people rushed around trying to get to where there where needed. The stopped and I hoped of. There were shops, cafes, restaurants, and theatres everywhere, there was even a small park across the road!

I think I'll be going for a wonder round the city.

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