Howling at the Heart

Summer is just normal, until them, until him, until love.
When Summer meets the boys of One Direction her and Niall have a connection. Love
But was it a wrong idea when the boys show they true selves?
They are animals, children of the moon, wear wolves.
And then what will Summer do when they change her for good?
What will happen when Summers past haunts her again?
And a new problem will rise, men dressed in black, with wolfsbane bullets.
Wolf hunters.


12. time going by

Summer's P.O.V

~one month later~

It's been a month since I started dating Niall and everything's been smooth sailing. I've met the boys and they all seem to like me. Liam was a bit skittish though. Niall said he was just nervous.

So far Niall's management have been fine with me and Niall dating. And the media haven't found out yet. So alls good in the world.

Tonight, Niall and the boys were coming over and watching a movie with me. So far most of mine and Niall's dates have been movies or him singing me to sleep in his hotel.

I pull my old "bad to the bow" cheerleading jumper over my head. Yes, in high school I was on the school team. It was fun though and there was no bitchyness.

Niall's tour is over and he and the boys are now working on a new album. Niall's away early in the day but comes around constantly at night. He says he can't say anything about the new album, but he came over to my place straight after work yelling and screaming about how he gets to write his own song for the album. I just smiled and bought him a happy meal.

My aunt has grown accustomed to Niall's visits, him and me draining her fridge dry and the late night movie marathons. She's grown very fond of him and always loves when he's over, she says he makes me a happier person. I just laugh and nod my head.

~two months later~

Two months have passed now and I'm starting to understand what my aunt meant. I do feel happier and lighter than what I was.

Niall has finally shown me to the public and the media has gone nuts! All over the news, magazines, and even social media. I've gained so many followers on Instagram and countless numbers of friends on Facebook.

I've grown used to the fans that write hate. I just ignore it and move on. So far I've been called,



Attention seeking dirtbag

Ugly pigs ass

Useless ugly fish guts

And dumbass sluty bitch

So alls well. I do get nice messages saying that I'm the luckiest girl alive and that I'm beautiful and that Niall and I are cute and perfect. I respond to those and say thanks.

The boys are even friendlier than ever if you can believe. Even Liam seems to have warmed up a bit. We hang out heaps and Louis calls me sunny. Harry is one of the closest friend of the boys and besides Niall, we text a lot. I'm so glad that Niall asked for my number two months ago. My life seems so much lighter.

It feels perfect.

*hey. I'm the worst, I know. Sorry for the short and shit chapter. I'm updating more for the time being seeing as I haven't been for awhile. Keep reading.

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