Howling at the Heart

Summer is just normal, until them, until him, until love.
When Summer meets the boys of One Direction her and Niall have a connection. Love
But was it a wrong idea when the boys show they true selves?
They are animals, children of the moon, wear wolves.
And then what will Summer do when they change her for good?
What will happen when Summers past haunts her again?
And a new problem will rise, men dressed in black, with wolfsbane bullets.
Wolf hunters.


10. lunch date with Niall

Summer's P.O.V

I was lying on my bed the night before my date with Niall. I had wasted the day away with hopeless studying of history and archeology, witch were my majors in High School. Next to me I felt my phone buzz.

To Summer☀️;

Hey wud?xx

To Niall🍀;

Hey nothing much just reading the fault in our stars for the fiftieth time. Wbu?xx

To Summer☀️;

Hahaha cool, must be a good book then. I'm watching a movie with the boys.xx

To Niall🍀;

Hahaha it is a good book. What movie you watching? Say hi to the boys for me!xx

To Summer☀️;

The boys say hey and Louis say Yo! Ahaha we're watching toy story(Liam insisted).xx

To Niall🍀;

😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG! I'm getting tiered I'll cya tomorrow!xxx

To Summer☀️;

Hahahaha! Ok good night love😘xx

To Niall🍀;


I put down my phone and plunged into the covers. I wriggled into the covers and closed my eyes.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm so excited for my date! I can't wait to talk to Niall!

~in the mourning~

I woke to the sound of my alarm. I rolled over to check the time? It was eight o'clock in mourning. I rolled back over and comfortable. What was I gunna do today? Oh yes! I have my date with Niall at nine....! OMG!

I jumped from bed and ran to the bathroom. I showered and got dressed. I ran out and grabbed my phone from charge, a bad and some money. It was now....EIGHT THIRTY!! I had Half an hour to get my hair and some make up done!

I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed by blow dryer and my makeup bag. I dried my hair and sprayed some no frizz hair stuff through it. I put some foundation on and some light mascara, only a natural look.

Before I knew what was going on there was a great big knock on the door and my Aunty was calling up saying that Niall was here.

Niall's P.O.V

I knocked on the big, brass, lion head knocker and waited for an answer. I was sweating in my nerves, nope more like I was drowning in my nerves. I heard a voice yell out something then loud footsteps coming down some stairs or something.

The door swung open and Summer stood in front of me. She smiled and I smiled. She yelled out a goodbye to her aunt and looked the door behind her.

I held out my arm and she took it. I led her to my car an opened the door for her. I jogged around the side and hopped in the drivers seat.

"So", I said, starting the car ,"ready to go?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." She said, smiling at me.

The drive wasn't that long and we had the music and talking to fill in the time. This mourning I got up at five o'clock and thought of everything I was gunna ask.

Before long we reached the cafe and we were sitting out the front on a patio, sipping on some ice tea.

"So how is the music business?" She asked, tacking another sip of her ice tea.

"Busy and hectic." I said, sighing. "But it's work and i really love my work." She smiled. Her hand was resting on the table slightly open. Should I hold it? Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! I reach out and grab a hold of her hand in my own.

She looked up and smiled at me. It felt right holding her hand in my own. Our hands fit like to cogs in a clock. We started into each other's eyes and talked about the anything that crossed our minds. Soon the waitress came to take our order.

"I'll have a pumpkin soup thank you." Said Summer smiling, and handing over her Menu.

"I'll have the pork chops thanks." I said fowling Summers motions. The waiter left and looked back a couple of times. Someone finally figured out who I was.

We talked for what felt years, but was only ten minutes until our food arrived. Summer sipped her soup and I bit into my pork. The food was amazing and so was this date. We talked and ate. I was happy this way until the subject changed.

"I saw on the news that some people saw a pack of wolves of in the woods not far." She said, sipping her soup.

"Yeah. I hope they find the wolves." I tried to say it normally but a slight tone of nerves came through. Summer looked at me and then bake at her soup. At first I thought that she was a little annoyed at my sudden disinterest but then she smiled and went on talking.

Our time was coming to an end, I need to ask now or never.

"Um...Summer." I said, she looked up and smiled.

"Yeah Niall?" She asked.

"Well you see, the thing is...that we may of just met...but well...umm." I stammered, she raised an eyebrow at me. "Thing is....that I wanted ask...if you maybe...wanted to be my girlfriend." I said at last. She looked at me a blank look on her face. "Summer, I love you. And from the day I bumped into you I wanted you to be my princess."

Her face stayed blank and unreadable. I sighed and looked at my feet. Her hand still in mine I knew she only wanted to be my friend and now I've stuffed up.

I felt a soft hand lift my chin. Summer was smiling, her eyes sparkling.

"Yes." She said plainly. I smiled back.

*😱😭😍OMG! They are so cute! I'll update asap. I wonder what Liam will think. In the next chapter summer needs a friend who is a girl anyone wanna be Liam's girlfriend? If so please comment the following;



How you met Liam

Why you want to Liam's girlfriend

And some traits you want the character to have.

Hope you win!


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