Howling at the Heart

Summer is just normal, until them, until him, until love.
When Summer meets the boys of One Direction her and Niall have a connection. Love
But was it a wrong idea when the boys show they true selves?
They are animals, children of the moon, wear wolves.
And then what will Summer do when they change her for good?
What will happen when Summers past haunts her again?
And a new problem will rise, men dressed in black, with wolfsbane bullets.
Wolf hunters.


4. hotel room

Niall's P.O.V

Later that day in the hotel~

"Hey guys!" I said happily, walking through the door. They turned from the couch looking at me in a weird way." What?!" I laughed asking them.

"Well," said Liam ,"when you left you were really mad. We thought you were going to be real grumpy." I laughed and they gave me another weird look, ma king me laugh harder.

"Nothing could dampen my spirits now, Li, nothing at all!" I said spinning into the couch. Liam looked at me with a worried look." Liam I haven't been taking drugs." I said with a straight face.

" I wasn't gunna say that!" He said looking shocked. "Niall what the hell happened out there?" He asked. I smiled thinking about it.

"Well," I said smiling like an idiot ," you see I went for a walk through the park to clear my head and get some air, the weather was really nice and the sun was out and everything like that." They nodded. "I was paying so much attention to the weather that I wasn't watching were I was going and I smashed into someone."

"Were they hot?" Harry asked smiling, he winked at me. Liam frowned.

"Harry shut up Niall's still talking." He shushed at harry.

"Thanks Liam." I said. "Anyway, as a matter of fact harry they were hot, she was hot." I said smiling. Harry winked a greedy look was in his eyes. Harry would love to get his hands on a hot, young girl like Summer.

"Details Niall please." Said Louis

"Well," I started,"where to start? Oh! She has waist length blonde hair that looks a lot like silk, she has crystal blue eyes, bluer than any ocean or sea, she's thin and curvy at the same time and her face, man, it's like it was carved by Aphrodite or something! She was the single most beautiful girl I have ever seen!"

"You sure it wasn't a stone face?" Asked harry laughing. Liam looked outraged.


"I know, I know, geez Liam calm down. I was just joking." Harry said riling his eyes. An science filled the room. Figuring out that it was time to leave, I got up and walked to my rom. Inside I changed into some pyjamas and fell asleep on top the bed, with summer as my last thought.

* this chapter is still short sorry but it was just some of Niall's thoughts and a hint about the story :)

Cya I'll right a longer chapter next time

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