Howling at the Heart

Summer is just normal, until them, until him, until love.
When Summer meets the boys of One Direction her and Niall have a connection. Love
But was it a wrong idea when the boys show they true selves?
They are animals, children of the moon, wear wolves.
And then what will Summer do when they change her for good?
What will happen when Summers past haunts her again?
And a new problem will rise, men dressed in black, with wolfsbane bullets.
Wolf hunters.


17. birthday Present

Summers P.O.V

"NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Niall yelled at harry, jumping to his feet. His very body radiated anger. His hands were scrunched in fists, and his chest was rising and falling heavily. Harry looked calm but his eyes were glazed with fear. The other boys rose slowly.

"Niall calm yourself." Liam whispered, slowly lift his hands in front of himself. "We can't you going all wolf shit on us and summer." Niall glared at him. Obviously when wolves were angry they changed.

His breathing slowed, but he continued to glare at Harry. "Are you fucking crazy? That could kill her if not done right! And not to mention her body could reject the process and just die!" Harry laid further into his chair, still looking scared. Louis looked panicked, almost as if he thought Niall would attack Harry.

"Niall, it wasn't just Harry's idea. We all agreed that it was a good idea." Louis said, trying to divert Niall's attention away from Harry.

"Well then your all bonkers." He huffed, storming out of the room. The boys all exchanged nervous glances. I sighed and stood up.

"I'll go talk to him." I said walking to the door. Just as I got to the stairs I felt an arm on my shoulder. I turned to face Harry.

"Be careful, ok." He said, looking at me with worried eyes. "He's still probably mad, if he shows signs of anger and agitation, get out fast and call to us ok. We'll go up and calm him."

"Ok. I promise." He smiled and walked back to the lounge. I walked up the stairs, at the end of the hall the light of our bedroom was on. I slowly opened the door and stuck my head in. Niall was sitting on the bed, his head in his hands.

"Hey, you." I said playfully. He looked up at me, a small smile danced on his face, but is was gone as fast it had arrived. He looked into his hands.

"Hey.." He whispered. I went over and sat next to him, pulling him into a big bear hug (or was it a wolf hug?). I started to feel his body shake. I poked at his face, tears were brining his eyes and he was starting to sob.

"Hey, it's ok." I hushed. I gently rubbed my thumb on the back of his neck, pulling his head closer towards my chest and rubbing his fluffy hair. His tears wet arm and I pulled him even closer. "Shhhhhh, it's okay. Everything's okay."

He pulled away and looked at my with his big, blue eyes. "No summer, nothing is fine. Your gunna die. I'm gunna live, but I can't live without you. My friends want to do the worst thing possible to you and your the one comforting me after you saw me turn into a wolf. I should be comforting you. I'm so sorry." He says, sniffing and holding onto my hand.

Then I realise that he's right. And I cry. Not just because he gave all the reasons and that in scared and that I could lose him, but also because of my whole life. I let it all out. We hug and he holds me close to him. When we finally pull apart, he laughs and whips away a tear.

"I'm sorry I ruined your birthday, babe." He said.

"You didn't ruin it. I wasn't doing anything anyway." I smile. He smiled back. I yawn and stretch out my arms.

"Go to bed babe," he smiles, getting up, "I'll wake you up later, ok?" I nod my head and crawl under the cozy covers, wrapping myself in warmth. He slowly closes the door, but I'm already asleep.

Niall's P.O.V

I close the door gently as I here her soft snoring and I smile like an idiot. I'm so lucky to have her. I'm also lucky she didn't pack her things and leave. I turn And start down the stairs, a frown forming on my face.

I jump the last few stirs and storm into the lounge where the boys all sit watching a game.

"No need to look at us like that Niall." Liam said not even turning to face me. Stupid wolf scenes.

"She's asleep." I said, standing still in the doorway. "I need your help." I whispered. The TV turned of and all the boys looked over to me.

"What with?" Asked Zayn.

"It's summers birthday, and I want to get her something special and throw her a party." I said. "Just a small one." The boys smile.

"That can be arranged." Louis said smirking.

Summers P.O.V

My dreams were blissful. A sticker dream of blissful and hopeful peace. But I woke up and realised, nothing was as blissful as it had been bake in dream land.

I got out of bed and dragged my feet to the ensuite. The clean white benches shined in the light. I squinted and turned on the shower. As I'm get undressed I think about the events of last night.

My boyfriend was a werewolf. Niall Horan was a werewolf. Niall Horan, my boyfriend, was a werewolf. One direction is a pack of werewolves. My head hurt.

I stepped into the warm water and let it wash my body. It was refreshing. As I shaved my legs, Harry's idea crept it's way into my head. It was a good idea for keeping me and Niall together, but if it really could kill me, should I go on with it.

In was pretty sure that Niall would never let me go ahead with it. I mean it's a drastic idea, turning me into a werewolf. I know that Niall would never want to talk about it, but I really wanted to talk.

"I'll ask Liam." I thought to myself. "He'll know enough to tell me about the process."

I freeze when I suddenly hear a bang downstairs and a muffled cuss word. What were the boys doing? I turned of the water and hopped out. Rapping the town around my body, I slowly snuck into the wardrobe.

"Ok," I mumbled, "what to wear?" I picked out my baggy ripped denim jeans, a white flowy top and a leather jacket with no shoes.

I dried my hair of with the towel, brushed it and then flipped it around everywhere. I didn't put on any makeup, and snuck downstairs.

It was to quiet, to quiet. I laughed to myself, never thought I'd actually think that sentence before. I crept into the kitchen and slowly looked around the room. Nothing. Now I was worried, if Niall wasn't in the kitchen eating, where was he?

There was I loud crashing sound out in the back garden and a voice yelled out, "shit!!" I smiled. That voice sounded exactly like Louis.

I slowly walk towards where I heard Louis' voice coming from. I walked through the kitchen and opened up the bifold doors to the outside patio.


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