5 Nights At Freddy's

Will the new security guard be ready for her new job..? -I DON'T OWN FNAF!!! I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTERS- Lux desperately needs money, food, and a home she just got fired and her boyfriend just broke up with her


4. chapter 4 Voice soft as silk


 Lux's pov


  A woman with 5 children and she was singing "come lil children i'll take  thee away into a land of enchantment. Come lil children the time's come to  play here in my garden of shadows. follow sweet children I'll show thee  the way through all the pain and sorrows. Weep not dear children for life is  this way,Murduring beauty and passions. Hush now poor children. It must  be this way. to weary of life and deceptions. Rest now my children for soon we'll be away into the calm and quiet." the woman was leading them

to....to the storge room and I'm there as a child.....the woman took off the freddy fazbear head and held up a knife and said in her sweet voice "who wants to go first" I was one of the 5 children first there was Gabe then poor chichi she was my best freind they disapred or killed after the lights went off then gone after they flicked back on she turned to me i was the only one left my 4 best freinds killed the lights flickerd off

-end of dream-

Foxy's pov

The lass woke up screaming "ye ok lass..?" I asked her she nodded it was 5:59 she got her stuff and left and i went back to me cove.

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