5 Nights At Freddy's

Will the new security guard be ready for her new job..? -I DON'T OWN FNAF!!! I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTERS- Lux desperately needs money, food, and a home she just got fired and her boyfriend just broke up with her


2. 2

 lux's pov

 I guess i was to kind to him i told him to go home so I went to the guard's office and sat down i must of zoned off because next thing i new it was 2:00 so I decided to put my missing sister on my mind and i sang "i dunno what I was thinking leaving my sister behind now I suffer the curse, and now I am blind... It wont be long now before i become a pupet" the doors were closed but it was still 99 pecent battery. 0.o (<-- my face) (for those of you who ask who is gonna listin to her sing about hed DEAD sister imma think about it RIGHT NOW SO BRB) I didnt notice some one was in here 



Foxy's pov  

I an listining to lux sing "i dunno what i was thinking leaving my sister behind and now i suffer the curse and now i am blind.....it wont be long now before i become a pupet I wish i didnt leave her behind then none of this would happen" 'dont worry lux foxy's gonna protect you. i promise' i thought. she fell asleep so i turned back to human form (red messy hair, one of those pirate this on the sims a red one red fox ears and red fox tail) I gone to go get a blanket once i came back i put it on her and sat beside and leaned against her and fell asleep

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