Bad influence


1. Chapter 1

Smiling, I tucked my mobile phone between my shoulder and ear and rolled my eyes. My best friend, as per usual, was having a rant over the band's new single and how he, 'really didn't think there should be a harmony before the chorus'. And, as per usual, I was having to calm him down.

"Niall chill" I muttered. "I'm sure it'll sound great, harmony or not, it always does".

"You're just saying that, but trust me, you haven't heard it!"

"Whatever, I bet you're over-reacting". I could hear Niall sigh over the phone and automatically realised he was shaking his head. I knew he wouldn't drop it. "I'll come listen tonight okay?"

"I thought you had dance practise?"

"I can miss it, it's no big deal". It was a big deal, but Niall came first, and I didn't know how much more I could take of his harmony dramas.

"Thank you Lib, love ya". He made over exaggerated kissing noises and I dropped my phone in mock disgust.

"Did you just drop the phone on me?!" He exclaimed.

"Of course not" I grabbed my phone again and gave him innocent smile, that obviously, he couldn't see.

"Whatevs Lib, are you ready yet?"

"Shit" I whispered, peering sheepishly at the clock.

"Hurry up, I'll be at yours in ten!"

"Alright, alright, see ya".

I hung up the phone and ran manically into my bedroom. Niall walked with me to school each morning and every day that he had arrived at mine this week I'd been faffing around. I threw on some skinny, low rise jeans, shrugged on a cropped jumper and stumbled into the bathroom as fast as I could. Peeking into the steamed mirror I cringed at my knotty blonde hair and the dark circles under my brown eyes. I hadn't had the best of nights last night. I'd become really restless and ended up facetiming Niall until 3am. School was really stressing me out, but I was glad that I had such a good best friend, we were stupidly close.

After a meek attempt to liven my appearance I found my black Kanken and raced down the wooden staircase. Just as I unplugged my white iPhone from it's charger, Niall peered round the front door and gave me a shocked grin.

"Actually ready for once" he chuckled in disbelief.

"I'm extremely proud of myself to be honest" I laughed.

"You should be". He brushed his fluffy blonde hair behind his ears and stole an apple from the fruit bowl.

I glared at him evilly. "My mum told me to tell you that if you eat all of our apples again then you're buying us new ones".

He smirked. "I'd buy apples for your mother any day".

"You're so innapropriate" I cringed, ushering him out of the door and grabbing my set of keys from the counter.

"And you love it".


We walked briskly towards our favourite coffee shop 'Delaney's' whilst chatting about Niall's band. On the way I couldn't help but admire his cheeky smile and the twinkle in his eyes. He'd had very few girlfriends, who had all felt severely threatened by me, but he was really attractive. Anyway, I totally would. Not saying that I liked him in that way at all, just a bit of harmless BFF appreciation. He had called me pretty hundreds of times anyway. And I was pretty sure that deep down he had homosexual tendencies.

When we arrived at Delaney's we both ordered vanilla lattes to take away and then quickly made our way to school. This pre-school tradition had lasted for years and we'd managed to try every single drink on the menu a multiple number of times. My favourite was the gingerbread latte and my least favourite was the double expresso with three extra shots. I'd found this out the hard way and ended up spitting it all over Niall. He wasn't impressed.

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