Falling for them both

Maddison and Luke are enemy's when maddis best friend starts dating him, Maddi starts to get feelings will someone better come along.


1. Chapter 1

Falling for them both

Chapter 1

Maddison POV

"Maddi" I hear a couple meters behind me.

I turn around to see my best friend Hannah stood there hand in hand with my enemy LUKE.

"What is he doing here!" I yell glaring at him, Hannah went silent and looked at her feet, of course Luke loved to break the bad news to me.

"Me and Hannah are dating" Luke said confidently smirking at me.

"WHAT! Hannah is this true!"

I half hell half whisper, Hannah looked up at me and nodded her head once. Luke just stood there with his arm around her.

Me and Luke he a bit of a stair of as he just smirked. I stormed out of the school gates not really giving a fuck if i was ditching. I ran home not upset but really disappointed and angry.

***skip to next day***

Maddison POV

I walk up to my locker and grab my science book, I'm running a little late so I run down the hall I turn the corner and I run into someone not looking at their face I start to apologise,

"I'm so sorry I was not looking where I was going" I look up to see him put his hand out to help me up I look at his face and notice it is Luke. I had never noticed that his eyes were a deeb blue colour. I look down and see my hand was still in his, I quickly pull my hand away and snap out of my day dream and continue walking. I get to science class and take a seat, I thought Luke was in science class but he must have been ditching. after about 5 minutes I look at the door and see Luke stood at the door,

"Nice of you to join us Mr Hemmings" the teacher said looking Luke up and down. he walked over to the empty seat next to me, I could feel his eyes starring at me. All of a sudden I feel Luke's hand on my knee I could feel it raise up to my thigh, I knock his hand off Straight away. I could see him out the corner of my eye, he was just sat there smirking at me.

***skip to after school***

Maddison POV

I get home and walk up to my room, my mum walked into me

"Maddison me and your dad are going out and won't be back till the morning" she says

"Okay bye" I respond.

***later that night***

It was about 7:00 at night and I herd a knock at the door.

I ran down the stairs and opens the door I slowly looked up and saw Luke standing there starting at me, all of a sudden he pushed me inside and started kissing me on the lips, I open my lips a little in shock and he takes advantage and sticks his tongue in letting it wonder round my mouth. Luke grabs my hand and pulls me up to the room he pushes me on the bed and crawls on top of me, I turn my head and he kisses me on my neck slowly working his way up to my mouth.

"Luke get off me" I yell.

I sit up as Luke gets off of me,

"I'm sorry I just can't do this to Hannah" I cry.

"No don't be sorry" he said looking into my eyes I quickly look away.

"I should probably go" Luke said getting up from my bed.

"No don't go sit down we can just talk" I say while patting the bed next to me.

He slowly sits back down

"So what do you want to talk about" he says playing with his long fingers.

"How many girls have you had sex with" I ask smirking at Luke

"Ummm like 40 I don't know" he says proudly, I just sit there with my hand over my mouth.

"What about you?" He asks

"One" I say looking up at him


"Noo I have had it like 30 times just with one person, we were kinda fuck buddies back in high school." I say looking back down Playing with the bottom of my top nervously.

"WOW! You had a fuck buddy" he cheered.

"I thought you were a virgin"

He adds

"Well you thought wrong" I say with a smile on my face.

I roll over to look at Luke i

See him staring right back at me. he leans in and kisses me but it turns into a full on make out session, my hands messing up his amazing blonde hair. Next thing I knew he was putting a condom on it all went so quickly.

Afterwards we both laid on the bed beside each other out of breath.

"Well you are definitely not a virgin" Luke chuckles

"Yeah" I said laughing.

***next day at school***

Luke POV

I walk in to school and see Maddison getting her books out of her locker. I walk over to her

"Last night was fun" I whisper

She sees me and closes her locker.

"Look Luke, last night was fun but I can't do this to Hannah, lets just pretend nothing happened" she says looking at me with a small smile.

Before I can say anything Hannah walks up to us,

"What are you two talking about" she asks.

"We..." Maddison interrupts what I was going to say,

"I was just telling Luke that if he hurts you I will hurt him." Hannah chuckles. Maddison puts her arms out pulling Hannah closer to her then wrapping her arms around her. Maddison looks up at me all I do is smirk.

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