Looking for ... myself

You went through the journey with Pudge and The Colonial as they found Alaska.

Now, it's Alaska's turn.

Walk through Alaska's journey of self discovery with her. Help her get through the labyrinth...


1. my name is ...?

Tiffany? No. Rachael? No way! Meaghan? Meh. I need something original. Something unique. Something ... Something different. Yeah, that's it! Something different! I don't want my-parents-are-ex-hippies-so-now-my-name-is-MoonChild different. I just need something that's me. Now arises a totally different question ... who am I?

I decided that I can't answer that question just yet. In order for me to answer the BIG question, I first have to answer little questions. Hopefully the answers to my little questions, will give me my answer to my big question. The little questions acting as little monomers strung together to make the big polymer.

Well what's monomer 1 you ask? I've decided my first monomer will be Alaska...

My name... My monomer...My choice ... Alaska.

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