Shy Kisses

Hey, you... The one boy keeping me alive... Catching me when I fall. Saving me from myself. Never leaving my side when I need you. Pulling me close when I push you away. Telling me I'm beautiful when I say I'm not. Hurting those who push me around. Keeping me safe when I'm afraid. Making me feel like I'm always home. Holding me when I cry. Telling me you love me and holding my hand. Playing with my hair until I fall asleep. Saying you want to be more than my boyfriend. Kissing my open wounds. Cuddling and watching movies with me. Joking around and having endless fun with me. Making me smile when I don't want to. Forcing a laugh out of me when I think I can't be happy. Teasing me. Cuddling with me for no reason except that you just want to. Making me feel special. Calling me ridiculous names. Tickling me until I scream at you. Giving me sweet kisses. Never letting go. Dying inside when I am. Never lying to me. Dying for me. Loving me. Whispering sweet things to me. The boy I love.


3. Sat beside him

"You gotta eat something." Ross said for the ninth time. 

"Ross, I'm not hungry. I told you, Hayden and I ate a lot for lunch." I said, pushing my pizza away. 

He stood up and slammed his hands onto the table. He gave me the most serious stare I've ever seen, making me sink back a little. He took a deep breath and picked up his phone, calling someone. My eyes widened. 

"Hey, Hayden. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything. I just need to know something... What did you and Iris have for lunch?... Oh, she did? OK. Thanks." He said, hanging up moments later. 

I looked down and he knelt beside me, lifting my chin to look at him.

"She said you didn't eat anything because you had a lot for breakfast. You barely ate your toast." He said, his eyes filled with worry. 

I tried to look away, but he held my faces still. His eyes bore into mine, wanting an answer.

"Why aren't you eating anything?" He asked. 

"I just haven't been hungry." I lied, looking to the side. 

"Look at me when you say that." He said. 

I couldn't look at him even though I wasn't saying anything. He pulled me into a soft kiss, but I pulled away quickly. He kept his lips on mine, pulling away when he was ready. 

"I love you so much, cupcake..." He whispered.

"I know. I love you, too." I said, hanging my head. 

He picked up my pizza and casually took a bite, pecking my lips. 

"There. I started it for you. Less to eat, but still what I want you to eat." He said, feeding it to me. 

I smiled and he kissed my cheek, smiling right back at me. I slowly began to eat, soothing the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. 

"You're beautiful." He whispered softly, pecking my neck. 

He placed a few more kisses on my neck, being gentle and making a chill go down my spine. I giggled nervously, blushing. He gently put his hand on the other side of my neck and pulled my neck closer. I blushed harder as he gently sucked on my neck, making me squirm uncomfortably. 

"Ross, stop." I said, but I leaned on his lips slightly. 

"I love you." He whispered. 

I carefully pushed him off, wanting him to stop. He gave me a soft smile, making me sigh. 

"I love you, too." I sighed. 

He smiled and pulled me into a soft kiss. He sat back down and ate his pizza while I started to eat mine. He just kept smiling, watching me. He loved me and I loved him. 






"Babe... Wake up..." Ross whispered. 

As he poked my face, I slammed it away. 

"Come on, gorgeous. It's time to wake up, sleeping beauty." He said. 

"Go away..." I muttered. 

"I'm sorry I was so crazy... I know you weren't comfortable." 

"My neck is marked, Ross! What will people think!? They'll think I'm a slut!" 

He looked hurt that I yelled. I sighed and hugged him as I sat up, making him sigh. He had been biting and nibbling my neck all night and my neck was bruised. I looked like we had heated sex. I didn't want sex yet. 

"I'm sorry..." He whispered, getting up and shuffling towards the bathroom. 

I sat up, feeling bad. Maybe we should've been living together. Maybe we weren't ready to yet. I got up and walked over to the locked bathroom door, knocking softly. 

"Go away." He mumbled. 

"Ross, please come out... I'm sorry... I'm tired and hungry... I didn't mean to yell..." I said softly. 

He didn't say anything. I sat outside the door with my back to it.

"I'm not moving until you come out. I'll skip school if I have to." I said.

"You can't. You've never missed school." He said, sounding hurt.

"Than come out."

"I don't trust myself."


"Because I love you too much. In a good way, of course, but... I want to do so much with you and we've been... So... Weird lately... We've been snapping at each other and arguing... It's worrying me because I love you so much and I don't want to lose you." 

I was silent, turning the doorknob as I stood up. I never liked just walking in when he was upset. I liked to let him come out on his own so I'd know he was feeling better. I saw him on the floor across the room, watching me. He began to blush and I sat beside him, making him follow me. 

"You won't lose me. It's because we're together all the time now. We're not used to it. I love you." I said, kissing his cheek. 

He quickly grabbed my arms and pinned me to the bathroom floor, kneeling above me and making me gasp in surprise. He kissed me roughly, so I kissed him back as he seemed to just seem to loving at the same time. As he pulled away, I began to blush. He looked embarrassed by it, but dove for my neck. I squirmed.

"I have to go to s-school..." I managed as I felt my mouth becoming dry.

I was beginning to not want to go. I wanted to say with Ross for the day.






I slammed the door as I got in, soaked. 

"Baby? I was just about to get you. Why'd you walk?" He asked, going to kiss my cheek. 

I pushed his face away and kicked my shoes off, pushing passed. 

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked, following me. 

"No." I sighed.

"Than tell me what's wrong..." He said, following me and putting his hands on my hips. 

I stopped and he hugged me from behind, not caring if I was soaked. He kissed my cheek.

"Can I take a shower then talk?" I asked.

"Of course." He said, letting go. 

I went into the bathroom and closed the door, stripping down. Once I got into the shower, there was a soft knock on the door just as I closed the curtains. 

"Hey, I know you're going to hate me, but I just want to talk." He said.

"Ross, seriously." I said, making sure the curtain actually stayed closed. 

"I'm sorry... I just... I want to make sure you're OK..." 

"I'm fine. I'm just tired." 

"Come on, babe. You suddenly stopped telling me things. I'm getting worried." 

I was silent. If I told him, he'd hurt someone. The curtain was suddenly pushed aside, making me scream and use my arms to cover myself. 

"Ross!" I shouted at my fully clothed boyfriend. 

Without a care in the world, he walked under the water with me and grabbed my waist. I screamed again, trying to push him away. He started to kiss me. His kiss always relaxed me, so I leaned on his lips. 

"I love you to no end. You need to trust me, babe..." He whispered. 

I didn't respond, I just kissed him again and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands slowly slid down my legs to my thighs, squeezing gently. He moved to my neck and kissed it softly. I pushed him off, making him stare at me. His eyes were dark with lust. 

"Condoms?" I asked.

"Tons." He whispered, kissing my shoulder.

"Earn it. Than we'll talk." 

"You're so on. If your virginity isn't gone by tomorrow night, I'll do whatever you say for a week. If your virginity is gone by tomorrow night, you'll do whatever I say for three days. It's only far since I'd be getting what I want to begin with..." 


"Now just kiss me." 

He did so, making me smile. He was so attractive and I was in love with the sweetest guy on the planet. 

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