the dragon tamer


1. mr seto

The room was engulfed in roaring and flames, scales of all colours drowning the room but suddenly, silence. All heads of the mythical beasts turned to the door as you saw a silhouette standing there, still as a vacant house and giving off a cold atmosphere. The mysterious man lifted a flute to his mouth and began to play a song known to none but himself, the dragons began to lower their heads and relax, laying to the ground as he slowly paced to the center of the room. His harmony grew louder and the dragons grew calmer as he began to lower his flute. A small child ran in and hugged the mans leg, "Daddy!" she yelled looking happy to see him. "Hi Yuno." his vacant frown he had while playing his flute became a smile that could cheer up anyone. "im sorry sir, she ran off." a man in a black suit ran in panting, Yuno's grip on the mans leg tightened as if she was scared, he began to speak, "its ok, i dont mind that she is here. now leave this place!" , the suited man stood up straight and stated, "yes, mr seto.".

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