Chronicles of Eltheryon: The Awakening

Robyn Quacey never knew what was awaiting her in life until the day she took a wrong turn home. Crossing the borders to the newly found land of Eltheryon, shes uncovered by elemental royalty whom are desperate to know her identity and what brought her there. Little does she know of the darkness which seeps over the kingdoms and her role in all of this.
An adventure unravels before her eyes, an adventure held within the walls of war, love and betrayal.


5. The white desert


Robyn was barely able to look at the unknown setting before cold took over her lungs, violently piercing them. This cold was unlike the one she was experiencing earlier that afternoon or during the mornings events. Unlike other source of cold, this one was freezing her body in a crucial way. Unlike others, this one was preventing her to move. Unlike others, this one was causing her to scream in a voice that she never knew she had, a voice of dreadful searing pain. 

Robyn screamed more, unable to withstand the pain taking over her body at a frightening speed. Everything felt unbearable.

She tried to think of something, anything, to do in her situation, but just like earlier on, her mind was blank, her only instinct was the one to scream for help, if she could even mutter words.

She tried.

It didn't work.

Her screams maintained the agony and this time she couldn't stop them from coming out of her, they were automatic, as if driven by something greater. Her body twisted.

Desperate, she tried looking at her hands but realized that they were turning ice blue before her eyes. The piercing cold now taking over her bloodstreams, she attempted to move, but she couldn't. She was paralyzed. Without warning, her throat contracted, her voice shut down as if forced so by an invisible set of hands strangling her.

All trace of Robyn's voice dissipated into the nonexistent snow like desert. The last trace of heat and hope escaping her blue lips, leaving her in a void of billowing darkness, darkness and cold.

Her eyes were forcing themselves shut, her knees were failing her.

She crumpled to the ground, unable to sustain her body any longer.

She fell in the paralyzing snow, seeing a silhouette approaching from afar, but before she could utter a word, her world withered before her and all she saw was a paradox of black.

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